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Updated: Aug 20, 2018
1.542 · 6 REVIEWS
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June 2014  WARNING:  The owner of Ultra Pips, Teria Seah, has threatened to sue the FPA.  She appears to not appreciate that the FPA spotted the convenient blocking of access to the test account during a deep drawdown or the fake review left from her location.

Based on what appear to be deliberate efforts to hide true test results, posting a fake client review, and then attempting to conceal her actions by a legal threat, the FPA recommends AGAINST purchasing any forex products from UltraPips or Teria Seah.  Click Here for more information.

2014-05-28 UltraPipsTradingSignals Performance Test ended. The password changed during a time when there was a large floating loss. Teria Seah, the owner of UltraPips, provided an incorrect password 3 times in a row and then she promised to provide correct one within a reasonable timeframe. In the end no correct password was provided as promised.  Instead, the owner asked the FPA to delete the test.

The FPA does not delete tests to hide losses.  This test is considered to be abandoned.

Teria's signals site was down, but is now back up as a broker claiming to have been in business for 10 years.  Under these circumstances, the FPA feels the existing warnings should be applied to the broker site, since its claims indicate it is part of the same business.

UltraPips is a forex broker. Ultra Pips offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile forex trading top platforms. UltraPips.com offers over 5 currency pairs, cfds, stock, ETF, future and option for your personal investment and trading options.

UltraPips.com (Teria Seah)

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1.542 · 6 REVIEWS
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Kolkata, India,
Aug 18, 2018,

Fraud Company

Ultrapips is a fraud company and the the owner is mother ****er person. The board has to cancel their license
Giritharan S,
Bangalore, India,
Apr 17, 2018,
Registered user


I complete agree with Pushkar Patil and arunvu. **STAY AWAY FROM ULTRA PIPS**. Couple of deals they provide to make small profit and rest all deals will be in loss. They complete rely on technical analysis and they do not react for news that will make all deals go negative. They do not bother if your equity is reducing. They will call from UK number and the local number they give you will be switched off or no answer if deals are going against you. They said they will call if trade is going negative so that they will do hedging to increase equity, but they never call. If you call them, you will not get hold of them.

Do not believe example statements you receive from them. That will tempt you, but that could be completely a fake statement.

Just to make small brokerage they make investors loose a lot. BEWARE.

Pushkar Patil,
Apr 10, 2018,
Registered user


When I was open account that time account manager was Kaunakar G. & after 2 month my account manager was change & new account manager assign to Mr. Amit Kadam.

Mr. Amit Kadam provide me good Forex calls & I made good profit but in only 2 deals that told by Mr. Amit had totally loss my account balance. After that Mr. Amit told (force) me to deposit some amount & I will recover your total loss. As per Amit said I had deposit some fund & he take my MT4 User name & password, then he trade himself in my account in 15 days Mr. amit generate good profit but after my equity strong he trade himself & big big deal open beyond account capacity. After my instruction of don't open big trade size lot but he is not listen me & in one trade my all account balance he had wash out.

Mr. Amit is totally responsible for my 2 time loos. After my account wash out he did not pick up my phone & not any response from your Ghansoli Mumbai office. He has not knowledge of Money Management, Risk Reward ratio etc.
stay away from ultrapips
Bangalore, India,
Apr 2, 2018,
Registered user

Better don't Trade with ULTRAPIPS.COM STAY AWAY!!!

My number was referred to Ultrapips sales guy by a colleague, he said there is no issue in withdrawal process and it is fast.
So I thought will give a try, they had assigned a so called manager who won't speak Hindi.(that's alright). But he was never giving good deals and was trying to convince me to put money in bitcoins. So I started trading by myself by checking news and was doing good. Also made good some of profit but 2 deals were in negative.
Since 2 deals were in negative I was trading cautiously, but then this so called manager (AMIT) called me and said those 2 deals will come to profit today and he has got confirmed news about few deals and asked me to open those deals. MY MISTAKE that I believed him since he was my assigned manager, and I opened the deals which he said and the same day evening all the deals went negative and my account was WASHED OUT!!.
Then I checked with my colleagues who were trading with Utrapips, and came to know that even their account was WASHED OUT by their(UltraPIPS) deals. After that I had sent a mail to them. They never replied to that mail. In fact they never reply to emails.

So I recommend to STAY AWAY from Ultrapips or you can do your trading with them, but never take their deals.

Below is the copy of the mail which I had sent to them. No concerned person from Ultrapips replied.

E-Mail Starting:
Hi Akshay,

I had called you to inform about the status of my account. After calling to your personal number which you had provided, first it was busy and second time somebody else took it. Then I got to know that the number which you had given saying it is your personal number was not your personal number.

The reason why I called you was to inform you about the Manager you had assigned me for trading. Before that, I had raised a concern about the number of deals which I need to open to cover my bonus amount. The number of deals which you had told me and my manager said were both different with different lot size. At that time itself, I was pretty sure that, your company (ULTRAPIPS) is no different from my previous broker. You had also told me that you would get back to me, which you never did.

The manager you had assigned used to call me only to ask me to invest in bitcoin or to convert my account to classic. He never gave any good deal. If I take the entire history of the number of deals which he has given, the total profit wouldn't go more that 15$. After talking to you and Amit(my manager) I understood that you people are not interested in giving deals, but was just looking forward to convince me and make my account classic. So, later I started analyzing news and opened deals by myself, because of which I made a good some as profit. Seeing that Amit called me again and asked me to invest in bitcoin. I did not agree because he wasn't supporting much for my current account and deals which he gave was also not good/properly analyzed one.

Two days before he called me and gave me 4 deals saying he is very sure about it. I opened those deals because he was very sure about it. Afterwards, when I checked the news it was negative, but I believed he had done a good analyzes. But I was wrong, my entire account washed out just because of his stupid deals. All the profit which I had made and my deposited amount is gone.
My colleagues had warned me ULTRAPIPS is no better than AXNFX(our previous broker). But I believed Amit's deals.

I am writing this email, because you did not pick my call/called me back and also to WARN my AXNFX colleagues who all are there in the mail chain to be aware about ULTRAPIPS. I would be soon writing a review about your company too (will also ask my ULTRAPIPS colleagues too to write).

Just before sending you called me, because of which I have removed my colleagues in the loop. But will surely be passing the information.


mo - hit,
goa, India,
Dec 7, 2017,


i would like to share my experience with ultrapips

pro's :- i would like to give 5 start for withdrawal process. withdrawal is less hectic and swiftly you will get your withdrawal on same day within 4 to 5 hours
* since they have their Indian number, communication barrier is just a unicorn(never seen) in their case
* "PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SERVICES' PMS service are quite impressive, if you can't spare time forex then this go for this service blindly, where your funds can be secured.

con's :-
hence if people are actually making "some" money, so rarely in peak hours their phone can be engaged (but i never faced problem due to this since i was already informed in morning
* since they're STP BROKERS, you cant expect a big amount of profit in single deal, because all they are concerned is about brokerage , if you want good amount of profit then you need to invest good amount of $ and theyre even not going to ask you to deposit till there is any need to fullful the margin

conclusion :- you can trust them, but since it is forex market you need to be sure before investing, they will play their part in providing you the knowledge and its up to you how you work on news and event.
Robert (Really Teria Seah pretending to be her own client),
New York, USA,
Apr 11, 2014,
Registered user

I've been making consistent 20 pips per trade with Ultra Pips, Inc. The company releases one to two trades each morning at 8 EST. I've won six out of eight trades with Ultra Pips trading signals. I'm up 80 pips for the week! Finally a realistic 20 pip target system.

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