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Updated: Nov 17, 2016
2.702 · 5 REVIEWS
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2.702 · 5 REVIEWS
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Jacabo Palacios,
Madrid, Spain,
May 30, 2016,

I receive my money back from SEB 1 year ago (330.000 EUR) and today i receive my money back from MBank (38.000 EUR) 2 years later.

IPS is a white label from MBank (at initial) and later from SEB Bank. So nobody get scammed and it´s not good for IPS only 1 star review, because IPS get forced to close for a bank conspiration. If the phone don´t work or they don´t reply emails it´s because SEB takes the control of the website. SEB it´s a market maker so they don´t allow any good manager - profit.

Now im a little happy because Mbank give me all my money back (deposit + interest) and all my friends receive all his money too.

MEstre, Italy,
Jul 7, 2015,

Don't invest to this Broker, it is unregolated!!!!

they are vanished with my money and i m not alone.....

2015-03-03 1Star Dear Mr. Vianello,

Please be advised that following the review of the FSA’s records and further research undertaken it is hereby confirmed that International Pamm Services Limited is not registered/authorised nor regulated by the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”). As a result, the FSA has found it necessary to post a scam alert on its website ref: FSA/PW/01/2015 which is accessible through the following website link:


Kindly note, that the FSA will be forwarding the matter to the Financial Intelligence Unit (“FIU”) for further investigation. Any queries regarding the matter can be further discussed with the FIU on the following contact details:

Director of Compliance
Seychelles FIU
P.O. Box 701
Telephone: +248-4282000

2015-02-28 1Star Please pay attention.

the phone not exists, nobody answer

the broker is not registrated, even they have declared it!

Don't use this broker, i'm still waiting my money back from their PAMM (Leivamat manager - Juan C. Leiva Amat)

2015-02-18 1Star Don't use this broker, they are SCAM.

i invested 10k with PAMM manager LEIV (as Leivamat) but they are not honored my withdrawal request. They don t reply to email

Please pay attention!
Israel, Israel,
Mar 3, 2015,

a shame of broker, absulutley SCAM.
i was too in Private pamm of leiva, they 3 months claimed that they cant withdrawal money because of the traders didn't closed the trades.
in this morning all the huge profit were blown away!!!.

no service, no mail response, no broker.
Selim Khalsi,
Djerba, Tunisia,
Jan 20, 2015,

Brocker not responding to emails and withdrawal request not honored from one week , i think that this site is a scam
Madrid, Spain,
May 30, 2014,

Incredible broker!! Very, very good services.

I have a real account with IPS, and i trade in Public PAMMs and Private PAMMs. There are very good managers in Private PAMMs, im in one Private PAMM with lots of profits in Gold, and broker pay me without any problem. In Public PAMMs, its very difficult to see PAMMs that win money to long term, lots of them LOOSE money to long term, but you can SELL the PAMM (Make a Short in PAMM) and i win money when the PAMM get down. Its very easy win money here if there are a bad manager trading one PAMM. There are ETFs too, and can trade in reverse mode (long and short) We can set up leverage in Public PAMMs (not in Private PAMMs) if one Publi PAMM loose 3% in one week, you can win 30% if you make a short with leverage 10. You can trade 24 hours in real time all Public PAMMs and ETFs.

Im very happy with this broker, one problem is that only allow bank transfer and not virtual currency or Bitcoin. Bank Accounts in USA and Europe.