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Updated: Apr 14, 2017
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1 · 10 REVIEWS
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Jan T Rossouw,
Vereeniging, South Africa,
Sep 14, 2016,

Amber Option is a scam from the beginning till the end,I still got my account info I did lost a total of $11000 + if you send me a email adress I can

How is it possible to lose $ 4860.00 in Three days by your expert Magic Thomson with his 12 year experience,and that because I do want to withdraw my profit and money that was deposit on the28/01/2015 and 15/02/2015 10days before he started to do trading

Regards J T Rossouw
Tom Liptak,
Aug 26, 2016,
Registered user


They don't even deserve one star! The web site does not load up. The last time I attempted to get my money out, they would not release it because I had not used the account for 2 or 3 months.

Simply, a bunch of crooks.
, Hong Kong,
Apr 23, 2016,

Amberoption is owned by the same company as for Binary Brokerz. I am the victim of BBz. You can tell what Amberoption will be!
Divonne, France,
Apr 4, 2016,

I used AmberOptions and managed to make $6039.00 however when I checked the account it is now down to $5193. I tried several times to close it but to no avail. The only honest one was a man called Med but he left. He built up the account from my $2500 deposit and gave me $500 but I cannot get the rest out. I have tried contact them several times and was contacted by a trader asking me for more money but I said no and since have not heard from them although I have e-mailed them several times.

catalonia, Spain,
Jun 12, 2015,

I also had a bad experience with AMBEROPTIONS , let me not withdraw my funds . If anyone knows how to denounce I will be grateful for doing so.
Devin D,
Toronto, Canada,
Feb 7, 2015,

One word for this broker... TERRIBLE!!!!

My ordeal with this scummy broker started back in mid 2014 and like most of you when you signed with a ‘push button’ binary option platform that would produce amazing profits in a short time. They linked my profile to AmberOptions (I throat up bit in my mouth every time I think of their name and think of the countless frustrated days I could have saved if I didn’t sign up with them)…

Mar 2014 - Started trading the binary robot and of course it losses money immediately. I tried to make it work and it didn’t seem to work for me. So I decide to pull out my funds. This where the crappy support begins. Amber will do everything to not give you your money back.

July 28th, 2014 - After months of complaining someone from Amber noticed my agony and said they would get it some action. They finally got me connected to my ‘new’ account manager that says he will give me trading signals that were 85% accurate and fully automated. Stupidly I accepted their offer since I have lost with the binary robot.

Sept 5th, 2014 - After trading they were actually able to make money in my account. This was only since they felt I had poor customer service and needed to do something to ‘keep’ my funds in play. Feeling good I decided to withdraw all my funds since I was ahead. But oh no, Amber is not going to let you actually take profits out!

Oct 7, 2014 - After numerous requests to honour my withdrawal requests since they were not trading my account, someone passed orders my account to some idiot on the trading floor and they lost 80% of my account in one day!!! After yelling at them why they traded and didn’t execute my withdrawal they told me since I didn’t tell them explicitly to stop trading the signals on my account there was a block on my account from any withdrawals. Why nobody from the customer service or my account rep contacted me to tell me that when I called, emailed, and submitted numerous withdrawal requests I have no idea. Actually I do have an idea… since I won that means they lost funds and they would have to make some ‘bad trades’ which they were taking the other side with my trade. They executed and I lost and those funds go back into their account.

Oct 27, 2014 - After fighting with Amber support (or lack there of) to replace my lost funds since I didn’t ask nobody to continue trading my account and to replace the lost funds. I gave up and just decided to withdraw the remaining 20% of my account. No account was taken until account replied back to me saying I couldn’t withdraw any funds since my account was only $2.50!!!! WTF AMBER!!!

Nov 10, 2014 - Amber replays they were checking the wrong account and I actually did have funds. Their bad, but they couldn’t execute the withdrawal b/c they would need a live voice confirmation from me. When did this procedure come into play? But then they delay contacting me to answering the support helpdesk number. They then said my ‘new’ account manager would contact me soon as my old account rep got cancer and that was the reason he never replied to me.

Dec 1st, 2014 - After more emails and calls from myself to support to get an answer on what is happening to my withdrawal request I finally get a ’new’ account rep that is assigned to my account. He is outraged on the trading support that has happened on my account and vows to take care of my account and would replace ‘some’ of my funds only if I stay and let him trade my account with a new trading system he uses for his clients. I decided to give this idiot a chance… another mistake on my part.

Dec 17th, 2014 - The trading system started to lose money like a leaky bucket. I decided I better stop he bleeding and take my money and run. I requested the account rep and support to stop the system auto trading my account. What a shock, no action taken until Jan 17th until they finally confirmed they would deactivate the trading on my account. What was there reason for the huge delay, they said they had limited suppose over the holidays. Why is that my fault and why should my account suffer for their lack of competency? After it was said and done their trading robot lost my an additional -30% of my portfolio. I was down -50% from the start. When they replied back there was no mention of my withdrawal or my losses and if they would do anything about that. Once they have your money is it like trying to get gold out of Fort Knox!

So after Jan 17th this is where I stand, I am STILL spending countless days to try to get a reply or an update on my withdrawal request of my remaining funds for weeks and all I see automated messages that 'someone' will contact me shortly. Nobody is actioning anything over there. They still have my money and refuse to let me go from their scummy hands.

I have come to the conclusion there is no real support at this broker, or at the very least the refuse to treat you like a normal customer. I don't know why there isn't a zero star' rating on this site as that is what I would put for this broker.

This broker is by far the WORST broker on the planet. Please if you value your time and money do not…. i repeat…. DO NOT… invest a dime in this broker. They will suck the life out of you and keep your money until you give up and walk away. That is their tactic. Their support, business, and especially their ethics are seriously below industry standards.

I think they need to change their name to something that is more appropriate.
Instead of AMBER OPTIONS, they should be called “I AM GOING TO BURN YOUR OPTIONS”
John Andrew,
Paphos, Cyprus,
Dec 22, 2014,

In September I was lured into lacing a deposit of 250Euros with Amber Options. A telephone call from John Francis reluctantly persuaded me to add a further €2300 to trade with their Bot Millionares Money Machine. For a couple of weeks this showed a modest profit and I added a further €2300 in November to trade Webinars. This again made a decent profit of €2400 and by now I had €9485 in my account. €5000 was taken for long term trades which are still running ,they mature at the end of January. About a month ago I asked John Francis if I could withdraw €4300 required for other purposes and he said write the withdrawal request and he would organise it for me. Since then I have heard nothing, no answer from my e-mails to their Support ( Gavin McRaven ) or John. I have tried telephoning but which ever Country you choose to ring you get the same answerphone and all agents are too busy to talk to you. Have tried pleading,threatening and quoting their own adverts but of no avail. I have now come to the conclusion as the rest of your reviewers that I have been scammed well and truly.
M. Tamura,
Kita-Kyushu City, Japan,
Dec 19, 2014,

End of August 2014 I made a deposit of $ 1,000 (no bonus). After the auto trader lost 8 trades in a row (@ $ 25) and 10 out of the first 12 trades I urgently requested them to stop trading (which they did) and to close my account with refund of the balance of $ 758.
No response whatsoever. A few weeks back they suddenly and without my authorization started to trade my account @ $ 250 per trade. Within a week they blew the account. Bye bye my $ 1,000

2014-11-20 1StarI have the same experience as the other reviewers.
Amber Options are a bunch of thieves who do not honor requests of funds withdrawal. They should be tagged as a SCAM broker.
David A,
Jos, Nigeria,
Oct 15, 2014,

Amber Option is a TOTAL FRAUD, i deposited$250 but i got a call to increase it to $1000 which i reluctantly did, the first trade by a robot resulted in loss of $250, i place for withdrawal of my balance of $750 they refuse to process it.
If you think of AMBEROPTIONS think FRAUD
G Lim,
Singapore, Singapore,
Sep 24, 2014,

I subscribed to getrichinseconds and they linked me to Amber Options. I put in $250, but a customer service officer called to say that I should put in at least $1,000 to make meaningful trades, which i stupidly did. She then said she would give me a bonus of $400 but did not draw my attention to their rules, Of course the robot lost my money - about $400 before managed to stop it, I wanted to close my account, but Amber Options refused to allow me to do so unless I made a ridiculous number of trades and lost more money. They REFUSED to give me back MY OWN MONEY (excluding their $400) and this is plain and simple THEFT . !!