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Updated: Feb 8, 2018
3.034 · 6 REVIEWS
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Commodity Robot is an expert advisor with modules for online trading of Gold, Silver, Oil, Copper, Palladium, Bitcoin, and Coffee.


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3.034 · 6 REVIEWS
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, USA,
Oct 15, 2014,

Yup, August and September sucked. It's doing good again now in October...up close to 30% so far this month. Those were the only two bad months since started.

The trades are matching for most part but I missed a couple October Gold trades because of my VPS. That's not the CR's fault. I do wish it was placing sell trades in August, would have been great. Well, long term is what counts and if you account was blown then you are trading too big of lots.

2014-07-31 5Star I am very excited about the long term passive income from the CR. It's so nice and stress free not having to place SL and TP watching and managing trades. Just overseeing the action and making sure your VPS is running smoothly. So make sure you have an extremely reliable VPS!

2014-06-21 5Star I am using this software and so far very happy with it, hey...the proof is all recorded live and if you use FX Choice like they are your trades match almost always except if a trade did not go through on your end because of slippage or the like...that is just the way MT4 works.

Here is my review of the Commodity Robot:

Brand New Commodity Robot Released With Fully Verified Proof Of Constantly Updated Live Trading Accounts!
This fully Automated Multicommodity Earning Robot Trades: Gold, Silver, Oil, Copper, Palladium, Bitcoin and Coffee.

Anyone interested in automated trading (Expert Advisors "EA's") of any type needs to read this Now.

This 100% automated tool is 7 times better than any forex "EA" in existence and it's not anything to do with Binary Options. If you have been around a while you know the problem with the constant rehashing of Forex EA's (Robots) and false promises of Binary Trading Software. The way it works regarding Binary Options is the marketer makes money by giving you so called free software but to use it you have to open an account with the recommended broker so they make affiliate commissions every time you trade. That might be okay if the majority of trades were actually profitable but unfortunately they are not. Regarding Forex EA's it goes like this: Robot Released --> Low Price --> Hype = Robot Fails Miserably After Days.

So now we have the exciting never been done before "Fully Automated Multicommodity Earning Robot".
I would like to make all traders aware of this amazing and extremely lucrative software before all licenses are gone. The developers are very serious about limiting the copies sold. At this writing there are not many left so you must act fast.

Okay, I know you see hype but I see great things ahead with this bot. This may even be the best trading system in the world!

George V.,
Athens, Greece,
Oct 1, 2014,

I bought the Commodity Robot in June. I started with 2000 dollars deposit. At the beginning it worked well and it made 400 dollars profit (2400 total). But the August was huge disaster, with Silver and Gold modules, and until the first half of September, i lost the whole of my account !!!! I have now only 0.71 dollars !!!!!
I had believed in these guys and their robot, but now i feel very upset and angry, because i lost everything ... Please stay away from this scam for the good of your pocket !!!
Peter T,
UK, United Kingdom,
Sep 28, 2014,

Like the previous reviewer I did well on my account for 2 mths then lost 70% of my account in 6 weeks. There have been no winning trades for 3 weeks just loss after loss so starting at £2200 I'm down to £680!
New HApshire, USA,
Sep 23, 2014,

I bought the program in June. It did well for 2 months then blew my account (lost 70%) in the silver downturn in August. It actually had 3 trades open. I asked support about my account and they said it should not have opened 3 trades. They had no explanation why my account blew. If you look they had a 30% loss in May right after they launched the product. I believed in these guys but dont anymore. They must have massaged there data on the sales page. I wont buy anymore products from them again.
russia, Russian Federation,
Jul 28, 2014,

works great so far! i am up 38% (1731 usd) since 7 weeks how i started.

I know roman and anton people of intergrity, i saw them on the last Expo conference in moscow here. I yes, like them and their robot too.
austria, Austria,
Jun 25, 2014,

i tend to agree with review from Mike, USA. i have been trading since release and maybe missed 1 or 2 trades due to my VPS went down. all other trades match their live results, so far i am up 21% on my live acc. pretty conservative so only 4 stars but at least not losing like other eas!
Adrien P,
, France,
May 20, 2014,

I bought it due to all hype here and there even when it seems another scam. 7 days trading and all goes good for me. 741 usd profit on my 7k account by now.
portugal, Portugal,
May 20, 2014,

i started on my live account since release. so far it made 4.9% profit on my live account .

it trades 7 commodities which is good sign, the developers are russian guys from the conference.

will update more later!