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Updated: Aug 13, 2019
Lead Capital Markets, Formerly ForexYard.com Safecap Investments Ltd
2.2 · 67 REVIEWS
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July 2, 2015:  Cysec has fined Safecap Investments Ltd €168,000.  CLICK HERE to verify.

NOTICE:  December 2014.  Safecap Investments has threatened to "pursue action" against the FPA if two forums threads about Markets.com are not removed.  The FPA does not hide member complaints or negotiate while under legal threat.  The two threads are HERE and HERE.

The FPA recommends against doing business with companies which use legal threats to try to hide information. 



Was ForexYard.com.  Later renamed to Finq.com

Was owned by Safecap Investments Ltd.  Then moved to Lead Capital Markets.

Other websites of this company include Trade.com, Stock.com, LeadTradeLTD.com, ForexYard.com, ForexYard.com.eu, and Finexo.com

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Finq.com profile provided by Forexyard Representative, Dec 11, 2012

Founded in 2005, Forexyard has utilized the experience of professional forex traders, as well as internet and financial sector specialists in order to successfully establish itself as one of the premier online brokerages. We offer a secure, dynamic, intuitive and user-friendly trading platform with superior order execution, advanced reporting and analytical tools.

During March 2011 Forexyard.com was acquired by, and became a trading name of, Safecap Investments Limited.


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2.2 · 67 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Feb 13, 2019,
Registered user

Withdrawal also very lowly for the method via Neteller and very poor customer service and live chat very disappointed.
Varghese, Bahrain,
Jul 14, 2018,

The bonus that they offer to attract new prospective users or for more investment has a condition that they do not advertise. Please beware. Once you have the bonus and you make any withdrawal before the target for bonus is met they will take deduct the bonus.

For eg: if you deposit 500 USD , they provide 150 USD as bonus plus 25 USD for joining bonus. To make this 150 USD as your money you need to make 15000 USD in earnings. Before that if you withdraw the money they will deduct the amount. Hence sometimes you might find yourself with lesser fund on the bids you have done and at higher risk of losing money. It's more of a marketing gimmick hence please don't jump into it based on bonus amount.
There mobile application has a lot of limitations.
They only deal in USD while there are many other apps which let's u do your business in your local currency which avoids conversion losses.
akib chowdhury,
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Jun 18, 2013,

I had 2 a/c with FOREXYARD in 2010-2011 and all of them are lost..... i was very new to FOREX at that moment.... but now i understand that THEY ARE MARKET MAKERS, each and every time of trading you will see re-quotes again and again.... because of their dealing desk all the trades went to false position..... and there customer support is also BOGUS... a/c managers are not professional at all.....
thank you everyone....
, South Africa,
Jun 4, 2013,

I had an active account with forexyard and the account was growing nicely when suddenly i received a message that i had received a call margin therefore lost 150 . I disputed this and asked to be paid the balance of the money in the account but even to this day i have not been paid
Riga, Latvia,
Apr 9, 2013,

I have opened account with forexyard in (february 2013) through GLOBEGAIN rebates company. Currently they are not paying rebates to GLOBEGAIN for february. GLOBEGAIN has removed them from their web site and are waiting till they resolve this issue. I will make post about further events.
, Canada,
Feb 22, 2013,

Their customer service is terrible!! I have had to wait hours on chat, hours by phone and not gotten to speak with anyone. Emails are not returned. Their mirrortrader platform is a joke...terrible spreads and slippage which is ridiculous. They don't care about their clients at all. Stay away!!!
Laércio Fernandes,
São Paulo, Brazil,
Feb 19, 2013,

The problem was solved, the deposit was in my account this morning. I suggest that the forex yard improve your communication with your customers, we customers we are afraid, when withdrawal request and the broker did not inform us about how our process this withdrawal, with many brokers cheating clients out there.

2013-02-15 1Star Hello, I have a brokerage account with this a few months (account number 133 880), but had never requested a withdrawal, day 02/12/2013 (Tuesday) by Moneybook valued at $ 111.00, but today 15/02 / 2013 got no confirmation whether if my withdrawal is being processed, the site does not have the status of the operation, tried several times since the day 12/02 contact by email and live chat for the broker but nothing, not chat serves, and the emails are not answered. I hope to have answers and my withdrawal request granted.
Sorry my English I'm using an electronic translator.
Thomas Ewing,
auckland, New Zealand,
Feb 18, 2013,

I am a real person facebook/tomzbeast

I was scammed by forexyard affiliate program

Owed money and am trying to get it back

Junayed Ahamed,
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Oct 16, 2012,

I have got $1000 from forex yard as bonus. 100 lots required to withdrawal the bonus. I have traded 112 lots. when I made withdrawal they don't give me the bonus & told me I have multiple accounts & I have traded sell & buy both accounts. If I do this why I need to trade 112 lots?
My email to their support:
Why you have cheated with me? I have traded 112 lots with you. I gave you $3360 as spread. Why you scam with me? Why you do not inform me, you will remove my bonus? Your support said, I have traded multiple account. Have you seen my trading history? You shouldn't make this type of comments to me.

** You have told me by telephone, me & my friend opened 2 opposition from same please as sell & buy. If I do this I have no need to trade 112 lots.
** Please send me that's account where has been traded 112 lot as similar with my account.
** There are many forex trader in my country may your client, may the trade be similar some time not all time. Will you say, they are making sell & buy?
** Some days ago My balance reached $4500, I could withdrawal my balance that time. but I don't do this. I am trying to reached my balance more. Now I need money for eid, I have made withdrawal & I have made all because I have seen that you have a re-quote problem.

** If you see a balance has been doubled in 1 trade, will you say, it is scam? If you say that I will say, you have no Idea about forex market.

I have right to claim for this balance (bonus) although you provided it me.

You proved that....................................You have cheated with me & you are going to be a screamer. I have known that you have made corruption with 1 client for other client.

I have no experience about English language. for this I can't express my voice clearly.

, Portugal,
Jul 19, 2012,

They offered me a 50€ no deposit bonus to try their platform. I lost 49€ but, as I didn't found any problem, so I deposit 50€. They give me no bonus. No problem till here. I traded and lost 40€. So, to keep some of the money i ask for a withdraw. They rejected because I haven't completed the minimum of traded lots of the 50€ no deposit bonus that they gave to me.
Reply by Forexyard Representative submitted Nov 26, 2012:
Hi hart_killer, I would like to point out that our Terms & Conditions clearly state a certain number of trades must be completed before traders are able to withdraw their bonuses. This is standard policy among many brokers so that people do not take advantage of the bonus policy (for example, signing up, receiving a bonus and then immediately requesting to withdraw the bonus amount). However, we'd be more than happy to do what we can to make it up to you. If you like, you can contact support@forexyard.com and mention my name. One of our representatives will do whatever is possible to make sure you are a satisfied Forexyard trader. Hoping you have a successful and profitable day of trading. Perry