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What is Prefer Forex?

Prefer Forex is a forex signals provider that sends out signals via WhatsApp and Email at a subscription fee.

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Prefer Forex

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For the Maximum benefit of our subscriber, Preferforex comes with new trading style where one take profit is used. Now there is no multiple take profit, only one take profit.
Preferforex is a Leading Forex Trading Signals Provider since 2013. Having Financial Market Expert Team who Analyze Market In technical, fundamental and other related aspects. We keep honesty, integrity in any circumstances. We show all or our forex signals performance, whatever its profit of loss. Consistence profit is a vital Key to be a successful trader that we maintain. PreferForex also provides some advanced and effective technical analysis, trading tips for FREE.

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4.342 · 20 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia,
Oct 5, 2020,
Registered user

One of the top forex signals online

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I will be honest , i have tried over a dozen forex signals that will promise you the moon but never deliver.

This preferforex service is reliable indeed , you don't have to take risk on subscribing on it like other service you can have 15 days trial for 1$ so it's a risk free trial this is how they are confident in their service this alone just shows how great their service is.

I been with them for a while and gained over 2000 pips now and lose less than 200 pips. i advice you guys to join this service .
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 16, 2020,

Impressive Service

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I was a member a couple of years ago and recently returned when I saw that PreferForex were now using only level for TP. I'm not a fan of multiple TPs as it is easy to skew the results to make them look better than they actually are. I have tried many signals services over the years and it is great to find one that is honest and shows their monthly results as they actually are. There is nothing hidden and all their results are shown on the website as well as in the Telegram channel where the trades are given. Communication has been excellent with Mr Roy and most important of all their results have been excellent since I rejoined. Highly recommended !
Gujarat, India,
Oct 1, 2019,
Registered user

Fantastic fabulous unbelievable, elegant perfect

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

It has been the first month with them and I can say based on my 15 years of experience that they are truly genuine, capable and worth giving a try . Their calls give you the confidence once you enter. They are selective and they provide risk return ratio 1:2. I recommend this to anyone who is struggling with their trading to opt for preferforex.
United Kingdom,
Aug 8, 2017,

Have been a member of PreferForex for about 2 years and satisfied with their overall long term performance, Works perfectly with my trade management strategy as there is now only 2 TP levels, There have been few monthly losses but still profitable in the longterm.
Customer service is fast in response. Performance page has always been 100 real pip results.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Feb 4, 2017,

Pips not same as $ return!

Be Aware: Pips results are totally different than $ results in your account. They use TP2 to enhance there overall pips for the month but in your account the result is not the same since the majority of your position 60% is exited at TP1. I had a long conversation with them and I proved them right! There claim was they care about total pips and not total $ return! Really?! Dah!!! They refunded me just to shut up!
Reply by Peter submitted May 24, 2017:
Thanks for your review. First of all I can’t recognize you as our customer. Anyway, we use two tps for the better use of a signal and we close 60% of position of first tp to get a quick profit and secure the position by setting sl at entry then let the trade run for 2nd tp. It’s true that the total pips of a signal is not the equal to the $ due to partial closing, spread or slippage but we provide guaranteed pips to cover everything and serving thousands of happy customer. We have also clearly stated this matter in our website. We never says that we don’t care $ as forex is the business of making $, but a signal provider we can only count the pips as it’s not a fund management service. If the market moves 100 pips no one can say its move less than 100 pips. Earning money can be different as here involve some factors. I hope you got the point.

F. Ryan,
Nov 4, 2016,

I subscribed to PreferForex Signal Service in October last, with a very low expectation of any kind of improvement in my forex trading. I have been looking for a reliable Forex Signals Service Provider for a long time without any success. Every Provider that I tried had a magnificent advertisement on the internet, promising outstanding results that never materialised. However, that all changed with PreferForex. In the 3 weeks that I have used this service, I have made a steady profit each week. The support offered is excellent and queries are dealt with very quickly. Peter the Manager is very helpful and I would have no hesitation in recommending forex traders to avail of the services of this first class company.
Paul Collier,
, United Kingdom,
Jun 3, 2016,

I've been a member for a couple of months and very impressed with results so far. Peter is very helpful at answering any questions and the trade signals are sent by email and SMS and updates provided as the trades progress. I've tried a lot of different services over the years and Prefer Forex looking like the real deal !
Houston, USA,
Apr 15, 2016,

Though I only signed up for the trial period so far, I definitely love the result. You won't win every trade but the overall performance is solid. I made 100+ pips in a week. Peter provides great customer service. He will answer your question promptly. I highly recommend their trade alert service to anyone who is interested in trading forex. Thanks.
Bandung, Indonesia,
Feb 16, 2016,

I am using the service for several months. Great service and customer support, though I expect live chat support beside email support. They mostly send pending order and I love their long term pending which works for me well. So per I have found them professional in service.
Constanta, Romania,
Jan 4, 2016,

I have been with Prefer-Forex from July 2015 ! First thing there price is very good . The service is good , with messages on your mobile phone and email there were some typo mistakes from time to time .
Now with there Take Profit strategy , i WOULD highly recommend them to place only 2 Take profits , that would stop people from complaining about the real results . They update there website with the performances 100% REAL .
This service is 100% the real deal , they have a guarantee in the FOREX market ( CRAZY ) , if they finish the month on minus they update your membership until they reach the intended guarantee ............... The DOWNSIDE : you must have a PC at your disposal , and check your email for any updates on the order , the updates of the order are not send by msg on phone ( understandable ) basically if you wok from home this is PERFECT for you .
Keep in mind when they lost -356 pips in August i lost the profit for 2 months with them . That is why i am saying that they need to implement Take Profit for only 2 targets .
And yes there will be losing months because with every strategy in the Forex Market there will be times when it will not work , unless you are Warren Buffet :)
Reply by Peter submitted Feb 19, 2016:
Hi Tudor, Thanks for your review. One thing you forgot to mention that you have many days extra along with other members to cover the losses that you have mentioned and back in profit. We send signal on specific time duration of a day and most of are pending order. Regarding tp management, members have the freedom to use any method what is good for him. Yes, as we are trading on forex market we have to pass curtail time but to back in profit need consistency and hope you have found this on Preferforex. Finally, thanks for your trust on Preferforex that you have showed by joining again with 3 months membership. Regards Peter