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Updated: Nov 14, 2017
2.252 · 5 REVIEWS
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2.252 · 5 REVIEWS
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Nov 14, 2017,

Stay away

Stay away. All seems well in the beginning. After a while you will experience losses which will finally result in a complete meltdown of your wallet. Criticism is not allowed, posts will be removed.
Jason Parkes,
United Kingdom,
Mar 20, 2017,

A scam ultimately

Started out showing great promise around 2012. Was a bit like an investment club, with great communications from the managers via it's own website and forum. Sadly, like most things that sound too good to be true, it really was. Balance increased greatly, between 100 and 200% in the first two years, unfortunately this was mostly based on opening equal and opposite trades, and keeping them open deep into the red. The best increase in equity made around 20% at it's peak. I really should have got out here. After that is was all downhill. And fast. Equity as well as balance plummeted. Excuses came thick and fast from the managers, who quickly became revealed as scammers - they blamed everything but the system or themselves. When it became clear things were only headed one way, the relationship between managers and investors broke down completely. All critical posts were deleted and everyone who dared ask why they were losing all their money were labelled trolls. Investors who withdrew what they could were even blamed for the collapse of the system (in the style of a classic ponzi system). After the several millions that were invested were lost, the managers (who always hid behind internet personas and were careful not to reveal true identities) went to ground and only communicated via Facebook, where it was much easier to delete all dissenting posts. They have basically started again, looking for new victims. You will again find outlandish claims of doubling money every 12 months. Seriously, do not invest with these guys, you will, like I did, lose everything you invest. Please avoid
singapore, Singapore,
Apr 7, 2016,

Stay away from these guys. They are not professional at all. I lost all my money with them. I lost everything within 5 months of investing. They are just gamblers doing grid trading and martingale. I have proof to show
, Mexico,
Aug 15, 2014,

If you are looking for a good long term invesment, this is a good long term system. Customer service and daily updates are highly to beat. Everyday you get a report of the account and also of every trade by the bróker where you put the money. So you always now what is going on with your money.
Kevin Russell,
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 31, 2014,

A good system that is set to deliver consistent profits in the longer term. It will NOT make you rich overnight but will deliver a steady longer term income. A friendly a highly communicative account manager who keeps everyone informed with daily posts of what has happened on the accounts as well as his thoughts on where the markets are going
, Portugal,
Jul 31, 2014,

Hi. I'm invested in Greenzone since april 2014 and until now I am very happy with it. All works like planned. Its a longterm system and I agreed witj it. No real (widhrawable) gains at the moment. It is part of the system. It has to grow (build up) first. Grow in position size and that is achieved by multi-hedging, are matematically controlled and supervised. Profits are over 50% now, but the main target is 100%, will take maybe another 6-8 months to get there, but after that starts the nice part. Controlled withdrawings as real widhrawable profits will increase at this area, and as the system grows further moore withdrawable periods will happen. The support and daily updates are great and keep you on track on what is happening and where we are going.