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Updated: Dec 13, 2018
3.44 · 7 REVIEWS
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ForexOptimum is a forex broker. Forex Optimum offers the MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. ForexOptimum.com offers over 5 forex currency pairs, commodities, cfds and stocks for your personal investment and trading options.


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2015-1152015-06-24AnarG vs forexoptimum.comresolved


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3.44 · 7 REVIEWS
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Aug 18, 2018,


Forex optimum is honest and complies to all the standards of a good broker. There is also a cryptocurrency account with the min. deposit of 1mbtc. No need to tell how convenient it is for those who deal with crypto. You don't have to do all this annoying currency changing, you save your time and money. Commissions can be very high sometimes. By the way, this broker doesn't charge commission for depositing and withdrawing. There are more than 200 various assets, including more than 20 cryptocurrencies. This broker has narrow spreads. All the trade requirements are mentioned in advance. I didn't use leverage for a long time (it's up to 1:500 with this broker), but then I realised I wasn't right.
The risk doesn't depend on the size of the leverage, but it actually depends on the size of the lot. And of course money withdrawals also happen without any problems. I don't like the fact there aren't a lot of cryptos that I need, like ripple, monero, nod.
Apr 29, 2017,
Registered user

I trade in ForexOptimum since 2016. On April 2017 they suddenly cut my profit without warning and proof, they said I violated the rule, so I wanted to take my money that left after the cut back. First I cant withdraw my money because I have not verify my phone number. After I verify my phone number. Then they just refused withdrawal with no reason. I am trying to withdraw my money again but now the sms verification code not sent in my phone so I can't withdraw my money
Russian Federation,
Mar 22, 2017,
Registered user

fast, normal

It's fine as far as brokers go. I think all brokers look the same nowadays, none of them stand out with their special conditions. I went with Forex Optimum because I liked the fast withdrawal, as well as accessibility of trading options.
Oct 4, 2016,
Registered user


Current experience: not any news about my withdrawal request for a week ? Perhaps I 'll recover my deposit, but not sure. By chance it's only with 76$ to test their trading conditions: Not good at all. My EA don't work in these conditions.
, Ukraine,
Mar 13, 2016,

I’ve been with the company for about half of a year. I’ve had some ups and downs here, and even had “stop out” triggered sometimes, but all mistakes were made by me. The broker has never bothered trading and has never played with quotations. Currently, I’m trying to trade almost every day and cash out regularly, By the way, there are no any problems with cashing out.

2015-10-28 4Star I really like these 2% adds every month for those who has premium accounts. At the end of the day I have 25% of profit + 2% bonus – pretty good, huh? I really like this idea!

2015-09-29 4Star Everything is cool, but I wish they had binary options. In fact, they have it under test, and I think these options are gonna be available soon. In the meantime, I’ll just trade on forex.
, Ukraine,
Feb 15, 2016,

I’ve been trading on Cent account a bit more than a month. They have an award for the best Cent account trading conditions, that’s why I’ve decided to try. The award is completely deserved!
, Russian Federation,
Dec 9, 2015,

The broker cashes out and doesn’t hinder trading. It’s very easy to trade with him.
Baku, Azerbaijan,
Sep 14, 2015,

They called me today and requires me to withdrawal of funds to the trader,with whom I do not have a real agreement, they have created a fictitious contract for me! Now they are calling for the withdrawal of funds to the trader,but when the password o metatreyder has been changed and were open transaction without my knowledge, they wrote, "Our company have not managing traders.Treyder that trades for you it has been given to you only according to our recommendations,and only you decide to trust him your account or not! " And what now? You are calling instead of a trader and require from me withdrawal of funds to him?! 2015-09-10 1Star So,it is the work of the trader,which was provided by your company,because I did not carry out the trade! They changed all my passwords which are possible, and they don't even want create conditions for withdrawal of funds! In every possible way,they are doing their best to hinder my withdrawal!!! 2015-09-05 1Star You can write anything, you can not provide me evidence that the password has been changed from my IP address or the IP address of my trader, because you fraudulent organization! They changed my password without my knowledge, and not in a hurry to restore it. They put 10 lots on a losing deal!Only an idiot would put the deal while instability is on the gold in the 10 lots a fall! It is obviously, you made it, that would drain my money!!! Five days ago, I sent them request for restoring my password on metatrader, which has not yet been restored, and I still can not connect to my account and this transaction is currently still remains open!!! I demand the immediate restoration of my password !!! 2015-08-31 1 Star It FRAUDSTERS - do not mess with them! My name is Leyla.I am also from Baku,Azerbaijan.I have the same problem with this company!! ForexOptimum branch in Baku,Azerbaijan has been closed for more than 6 month.I can't get my money 11544$ ! I add an image of the document (ID), and each time forexOptimum staff declined it.They didn't withdraw my money 11544$ since march 2015 till today!!! They without my knowledge changed the password in MetaTrader and made a deal to decrease !!! Although, I said to the trader that he did nothing! I demand the immediate cancellation of trades that have been made since my last password change August 26 !!!
Forex Optimum,
Moscow, Russian Federation,
Sep 9, 2015,

Dear, Leyla!

We have sent you the password, though there is evidence that you and your fund manager(s) (trader(s)) that were opening trades from the beggining of your joining as our client have had passwords all this time, while you tried to spread information that Company is opening trades instead of you or your traders.
This was deliberately false information.

But if you decided to blackmail and spread deliberately fake and false inforation, intentionally telling lies using lack PR methods, here is a screenshot of your trading, where everyone can clearly see (as you had mentioned before that "Only an Idiot can open trades during unstable market"), that your trader is opening trades on Gold all this time, and when the trades were not profitable and brought you loss you decided to blackmail the company denying any responsibility, as it was with the 4 lot trades for the first time, which were actually closed with profit in the end, then you did the same with the 10 lots trade, which were floating minus, and finally closed with profit at the end, and needless to say that you just kept silent after that.

The screenshot clearly shows that all the trades were opened and closed from the same IP addresses, which proves that the mentioned trades were opened either by you or somone (trader) you have intrusted to do so.

Admitting that, Dear Leyla, we kindly ask you not to confuse all the members of this online community and website, telling them lies using deliberately false information concerning your trading account activity.

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This is the 3rd time we have posted this note. Are you having difficulty registering as a representative?

Sep 3, 2015 - No Rating Dear Leyla,
We would like to mention, that our Technical department has checked and has proof that trading on your account is being performed from the same IP addresses as before -,
We also didn’t change passwords from your trading account and you are the only one person who has access to your trading account. So we don’t understand the point of your claim.
Thus we would like you to notice that your attempt to blame company in opening trades has absolutely no reason and real ground, moreover there are facts proving that trading is performed from the same IP addresses you have been using from the beginning of opening account in our company.
We have suspect that you try to use this deliberately false information in order to cancel the results of trade made by your trader, that is currently floating negative balance.
In case you trusted your personal secure data to anybody we recommend you to request to change your passwords immediately to restore control over your account. That would be far better than trying to blame company and use blackmailing on internet resources.
We would also like to remind you that delay in withdrawal of funds is connected directly with Azerbaijan government and regulation, which is not a company responsibility, we do want and try to provide you help with getting your money as soon as possible. And asking you to be patient, because this situation is being affected by the powers we can’t influence directly or not directly, while we are finding more legal ways to help you to receive your withdrawal without making problems with your government and avoid blocking this money by Azerbaijan authorities and banks (as it actually happens now with several clients).

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Boris Holov,
Moscow, Russian Federation,
Jul 30, 2015,

Dear forum members!

The situation with client has been resolved. The company has paid for client his money. Remind that the situation with the delay of withdrawal was linked directly with the state authorities of Azerbaijan, which obliged with the January 2015 to have a license to carry out activities on their territory.

The company apologized to the client for this situation once again.

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