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Updated: Feb 14, 2019
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March 2018:  There are now 2 FPA Traders Court guilty votes against this company.  The FPA recommends extreme caution dealing with Trade.com and all related websites unless this issue can be resolved.
July 2, 2015:  Cysec has fined Safecap Investments Ltd €168,000.  CLICK HERE to verify.

NOTICE:  December 2014.  Safecap Investments has threatened to "pursue action" against the FPA if two forums threads about Markets.com are not removed.  The FPA does not hide member complaints or negotiate while under legal threat.  The two threads are HERE and HERE.

The FPA recommends against doing business with companies which use legal threats to try to hide information. 

Was owned by Safecap Investments Ltd.  Then moved to Lead Capital Markets.

Other websites of this company include BoomXChange.com, Finexo.com, Stock.com, LeadTradeLTD.com, ForexYard.com, and Finq.com

Trade.com is a forex broker. Trade.com offers the MT4 and WebTrader trading currency platforms. Trade.com offers over 45 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, gold, silver, ETFs, bonds, commodities and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

Trade.com (Lead Capital Markets)

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Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2018-0202018-02-13Bollebeertje vs Trade.comguilty
2018-0092018-01-13VilmarK vs Trade.comguilty
2017-1562017-12-28fireiceviper vs trade.comresolved


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1 · 12 REVIEWS
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Abruzzo, Italy,
Dec 4, 2018,
Registered user

Avoid Trade.com

By the end of August I have sent some money in my new Trade.com account. I did one month of trading with very little support from Eugenio Attanasio thus I diced to try to get my money back. Here started all the problems. My money disappeared after the withdraw and I did not managed to receive my money back. No help and no support from trade.com in the person of Monica Ferrari to find out where the money disappeared. I will have to sue the company losing time and money to get back my money. Be aware Trade.com cannot be trusted with your money! Marco
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Feb 11, 2018,
Registered user

Shut down your account after making profits, and put you on radio silence for over three months.

Issue escalated to Traders Court Bollebeertje vs Trade.com | GUILTY
This company is one of the worst I ever experienced.

TRADE.com (Lead Capital Markets LTD) welcomes you with a very warm welcome and a "dedicated" account manager.

Then you deposit and withdrawal and everything is still fine.

Until you make (huge) profits. First they raise the spread, then they increase the margin (up to 100%).

And eventually when you want to withdrawal all your money, including the profits you made, they put your account under investigation and set a radio silence for more than three months now.

If I try to call them, they always tell me "he" will call me back, but he never did so far.

I am hopeful still, but I would never put my money after when this is over again with them. For your information TRADE.com owes me over €350K+
Purmerend / Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Jan 13, 2018,
Registered user

Trade.com is freezing my funds for more than 3 months now without any reason.

Issue escalated to Traders Court VilmarK vs Trade.com | GUILTY
They've suspended my account and put it under investigation almost 3 months ago after I tried to withdraw my profits. They've never answered my questions about why they've suspended my account or why they've put it under investigation. I've been trying to contact them for 3 months now without any results and still haven't transferred my funds.

Dec 13, 2017 - 1 Star He guys my name is Vilmar and I'm new here. I'm not sure if this is the right way to make this public and reach out for help but I'm starting to get a little bit desperate about this situation.

In the past few months I made some nice profits with CFD trading in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash on Trade.com after investing almost 10K of my own money. Since they've put the spread to big hights and I was experiencing some troubles on their platform I wanted to withdraw my funds. The day after I requested the withdrawal I received an email from Trade.com telling me they had suspended my account and had placed it under investigation. Without telling me why, they froze my withdrawal, suspended my account and a few days later even blocked my account.

I'm able to get back in my account now but I can't do anything. I've tried all the different phone numbers they own. Replyed to all their email addresses. But got to talk to no one on the phone, no replies to my emails or whatsoever. So I talked for days in the LiveChat and saved all the transcripts. All I got was the same promise: result from the investigation by the end of the week.

It's almost 4 weeks now and I still hear the same promise. Does anyone know what to do or does anyone have some experience with issues like this?

Here is a link to my thread on FPA: http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/trade-com-scam-not-giving-back-my-money.53108/
United Kingdom,
Jan 1, 2018,
Registered user

how are they allowed to get away with this what a disgusting company froze my positions cant close them and would be about £65k in profit beyond belief what a shit start to the year!!! what can be done about this?? im am utterly speechless how a company can just get away with doing this
iom, United Kingdom,
Dec 24, 2017,
Registered user

Trade.com IS A SCAM

I signed up for the app then I must have had 25 misses calls from them when I answered an American woman asked me about my trading but I was busy at work and couldn't be bothered answering the phone to them but they did seem real and I had no idea that online trading apps are such an unregulated scam. so then a few days later I foolishly put $100 on and had a go at trading. I spent a few days trading and made and lost but then all the markets wouldn't let me trade and when I tried to withdraw my money it just stayed in my useless account. they won't answer emails and the live chat has been disabled for my account.
this is a total scam. they offer 300/1 leverage if you deposit $1000 I feel sorry for people who do this . I can't understand how Google play allow these people to put their scamming app on their site.
Dec 18, 2017,
Registered user

Trade.com ( Lead capital markets ltd ) scam ! if you lose you lose if you win, you still lose

Issue escalated to Traders Court fireiceviper vs trade.com | RESOLVED
The FPA is pleased to see this issue has been resolved.

Trade.com or Lead Capital Markets Ltd is horrible scam broker, when you start trading with them your "account manager" will be contacting you with how to deposit funds and if you need any help with anything please feel free to contact him...

And then you start actually making money, they start by widening your spreads a little bit and then a lot.. at that point you might want to contact your account manager... don't bother you have officially become a bad client who is not loosing enough. in other words your account manager will never pickup the phone anymore, the entire company will not pickup anymore (perhaps they put my number on their internal block list? )

Then you try and withdraw your funds and get a message that your account is under investigation and your profits , trades , and most importantly your withdrawal request is suspended, and you will never have contact with anyone in the company that knows whats going on.

The support only ever have one answer for your: Your account is still under investigation and your request has been sent to the relevant department.

I hope this sounds good to you because it is all you will ever hear. please do your self a favor and trade with a reputable broker who is not out there to make sure you lose your money or your profits.

To sum Trade.com or Lead capital markets up: if you lose you lose and if you win you might get to keep your deposit but not your profit. sounds great right?

You can have unlimited losses but never a win.

Please stay away.
Read more about my case here
Dec 15, 2017,
Registered user

Dont trade with this site. They are market maker and manipulate order, stop loss and take profit and add pending order without notification.
I trade the Welcome Bonus, and I see that they modify my order.
I trade with a TP and when reach Doesnt close it, but automatically open a Sell Limit.
Glencoe, South Africa,
Jul 13, 2017,

Trade carefully

This broker claims but doesn't provide as well as provides misleading information from there agents with bad advice from account managers.

For beginners I'll say don't take your chance
May 10, 2017,
Registered user

started trading on trade.com since January 2017 without any problems, there have been several weeks in which my positions have been negative, when at some point my account is getting a positive economic return, I get an email from Part of the support as well
Composed: "We contact you about information about some of your questions on your account since at the time of registration you stated in the introductory questions that she has a gain
Annually less than EUR 25,000 a year and this can not correspond to the reality and we called her in order to be able to decide with her by telephone a further response to that question.
We also kindly ask you to send us a document certifying your income tax return for 2016 and a bank statement confirming its reliability as a customer. "
This email was followed by a response email I asked for a justification for this request, especially because I deposited with Money bookers, moreover,
It concerns the questionnaire, when I opened the account with the company, I informed my account manager that the questionnaire had a purely informative nature and that the answers
I would give was not relevant.
On all these grounds, the company decided to close the account and its open positions with a total loss of € 13,684, I believe that this situation is a reason to complain to the authorities
Its competence and, if necessary, to the legal authority, as the information requested is confidential and private and that the closure of the positions on their part and without my
Consent has led me to a substantial loss of a possible gain or other yes of the loss that I had the right to exercise until I considered it appropriate.
I note that at my request to receive (as described in the Cysec Rules as well as your Regulator) the IDENTIFIER CODE ONLY to proceed to its
Complaint to you was notified to me by email and by telephone that I was not entitled to receive any code as my complaint was not deemed valid by them.
I therefore believe that the company LeadCapital Markets Limited CIF License No. 227/14, has acted fraudulently for the reasons listed above, so I require immediate repayment of the positions they have
They closed themselves.
To date 8/05/2017 the account is still open but the positions were closed with a total loss of 13,684 euros
Feb 8, 2017,
Registered user

There are better brokers

Some things to consider

- offer bonuses for trading activity
- reduced spreads when investing 10000 € or more

- withdrawing money takes a long time
- withdrawn money (profits) sent to credit card account while I requested bank account
- market activity starts Sunday night 5 minutes later than what I see with other brokers
- being contacted regularly to make me invest more money
- waiting since weeks for a statement I need for my tax declaration
- processing of trades is slow (up to 3 seconds)