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Updated: Feb 12, 2024
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Andy Hawes
Northamptonshire, United Kingdom,
Aug 6, 2014,

I recently have been using R J O'Brien following a meeting with 2 of their guys in their London office.

My contact in Derivatives Sales, Richard Gray was extremely helpful, open and honest about how the broker operates (I hadn't realised RJO were a hundred years old, and a founding member of the CME Group itself).

I also got to meet William Gunn, one of their broker/traders who discussed and even showed me the various trading platforms, and explained to me that the CQG platform was the most cost effective and fastest for the scalping I was planning to do.

Having tried a few brokers in the past, I found these guys to be honest and helpful, funds went in no problem, and I've since extracted some money also with a 2 day turnaround - pretty impressive since the funds are actually stored in Chicago since that's where the parent broker company is based.

The CQG platform was fast, and did everything I wanted, including a standard DOM trading window.

There are fees for the platform, and commissions for trades placed, as with every other broker, but these are negotiable based on the amount you plan to trade.

I would definitely recommend these guys, and have had no complaints as yet.