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Updated: Mar 8, 2016
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Marvin E Philipp,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada,
Mar 6, 2016,

After trading the Markets for years found myself like many traders of feeling of giving up, winning many trades, thinking I was the king and then only too have all your profits taken away and more, searching for new info on the web, buying every book and many courses on the subject, learning by so call Guru with expensive trading coarse, losing thousands of dollars over time(consider it the cost of education). Trading is one of the hardest things to master. You hear it all the time, 95 percent lose and 5 percent winner. So one how can I be in the 5 percent, study fundamentals I have learned a lot, but the day trades go total against them, I hold to my position but they keep pushing opposite while I loose my money. Finally I close my trade with a loose and my emotions take over, feel depressed after how many years I still can't get this right. Well that has all changed, I meant Chris Ferreira, back in 2013 in Calgary and took his fast track coarse meet him in person in a Café and we went over the coarse, more interested in stock market and no clue of the forex market, Chris introduced me to the FX market, The Fed , the Banks and world economics which I love now, NFP what was that before. Coarse was excellent and Chris was reasonable with fees. Then I went off opened a live account. starting following some of the material but I thought i knew better play huge risk position and winning at times but soon the loosing happening. Just as fast i was in profit and was loosing money just as fast. Mindset not correct. I contacted Chris just recently about 3 years after i first meant him and you know, he answered by email and offer to help me out, really made my day. One thing nice about Chris is his coarse is reasonable coming from a real Trader, so many Guru out offering the world and huge fees and not sure if these People are actors selling you the dream and taking your money. So I have been Dreamworld Forex advance coarse and i find its Got is All. Mindset, Real strategy of a pro trader with years of experience. Web site is nicely done and easy to navigate. I like the examples used and explains, it nice to go back and review also. so much info in the advance coarse and its from a real trader that is profitable. That says a lot and if you got questions, just email Chris, he really wants to help you. Other coarse out there might be also good but they are charging in the thousands even the last one i reviewed 14000. I thinks Dreamworld forex coarse excellent value and anyone that is looking for a good teacher and a coarse that has it all you have found it. This coarse is for the serious Trader!
florida, USA,
Sep 29, 2015,

Its a good education course. He talks about both the micro and macro perspective of the course. Learned a lot.
Calgary, Canada,
Apr 22, 2015,

Chris is a great teacher, I first met with him in person during one of his group courses and then he gave me access to the members section of his website for free. Course was a great value and still learning through the private forum and website material.
Bacolod, Philippines,
Mar 18, 2015,

DWF's program has greatly helped me in understanding the ins and outs of the forex world. The lessons were straightforward and there was never a dull moment.

I highly recommend DWF if you want to increase your skills in forex trades and the like