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Updated: Oct 28, 2016
1.357 · 3 REVIEWS
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1.357 · 3 REVIEWS
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Alberto Enguita,
, Spain,
Oct 2, 2014,

I was one of thier customer, several months ago. I agree with Shizzler Gauteng: at the begining they were professional and profitable. But something changed. They had a Spanish site, call ForexTotal.com. Try to contact them there. Iam afraid, they are into bankrupcy, because the results of their trading from June were horrible. I supposed they waste all their money and blow their account. Simply. Anyway, good luck
milan, Italy,
Sep 29, 2014,

I invested about 1500 in the guaranteed fund 2% like shizzler.
But now dennis bocker (the owner of guaranteedpips.com closed the site and the email. HE said that the site was in maintenance but now is really closed. I sent an email to his gmail account. But i don't believe he will show up. We have to do something!
Gauteng, South Africa,
Aug 20, 2014,

(FOREX SIGNALS | MANAGED ACCOUNTS | FOREX FUND). They send forex signals, which they do, but they also offer a managed forex account service, and a forex fund in wich they gain 2% a month for you on your invested capital. If you deposited $1000 IN THE PAST (that amount has since risen to $1500) in the forex fund, you receive the signals for free. I invested the $1000 in the past with them. It has grown to an amount of $1319.47 at the date of 24/07/2014. I emailed them several times now for which I have proof to withdraw my full amount, but no response. They ALWAYS replied, but suddenly since my request to withdraw, they do not reply to me. I have tried about 5 or 6 times now. I even have a contract which they send me upon deposit.