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Updated: Nov 12, 2018
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WARNING:  "Risk-Free" trades are not really risk-free.  Compensation for losing trades comes in the form of a bonus, not as direct cash compensation.  Read the terms carefully before considering this offer.

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Nov 4, 2016,
Registered user

Unethical trader - you won't see your money again

After paying in money, they issued me with a 100% trading bonus without even asking for my permission. The bonus effectively meant that I would only have been able to withdraw once a trading volume of 30x the bonus was reached. I moreover was offered the opportunity to join a "secure trade" (in case of a loss, te deposit would be returned to me) which required an additional pay-in but I was asserted that I would be able to withdraw it right after the trade is finished. The trade went successfully, but withdrawal was rejected (on the grounds of the bonus). But I was offered help to reach a high volume in short time (the only way to get any money out) which failed right in the first trade. I guess they realised they wouldn't get any more money out of me and wanted to get rid of me.
Should add that the official company address (Hithcliff Ltd., 159 Kenmore Avenue, Harrow HA3 8PB, United Kingdom) appears to be an ordinary terraced house.
Pavol Vesely,
Vsestary, Czech Republic,
Aug 20, 2014,

Zoomtrader manipulated with my money on my trading acount and did machination with Bonuses and so called "risk free trades"
Just I try to summarize this issue:

- Before opening VIP account I got a deceptive information or promise from account manager about cancellation bonus turnover condition – it was in that time bonus 4 500 + 500 EUR – it means my money weren´t fixed and I can use it according my needs. I was cheated by them. They didn´t cancel this condition and after achieving this turnover they calculated me additional 17.000 EUR bonuse !!!!!!, about I had no idea.
- After opening VIP account I was cheated by them with no explanation of risk free trades – I told them, no bonus anymore – and they answered- it is OK, i tis a standard package for VIP account...Only from this reason I did trades 1000 EUR each...
- I was cheated by different results on expiry time – I wrote higher
- I was limited by non working platform – option one touch – limits and I got losses from this –documented
- I was cheated with „bonuses“ – I mean, for each testing of platform I had to invest for test 500,300 or 200 EUR – and I gave it back to my account- but it was not trade,it was testing- I only follow direction of account manager. No idea that it could be a bonus.
- I was cheated with bonus conditions - turnover – 30.6. I got confirmation from account manager about the rest of necessary turnover – 50.000 EUR, together 180.000 EUR – this I achieved on 15.8.2014. After I informed them, they told me I have to do additional 480 000 EUR, because I got a bonus 17.000 EUR. Absolutely logicall is a question –didn´t he know on 30.6. about next bonuses, if he agreed with turnover????
- I am cheated, because they took out all my money – 17.000 EUR – without any discussion and my agreement with this – they took it, because they have in their calculkation bonus 17.000, also included bonus, witch was traded on 15.8.2014 – they couldn´t it deducted from all bonuses, because system
- I am cheated, because till now, he didn´t write me back to my trading amount of 500 EUR from system testing from 12.8.2014
- I am cheated, because more than 6 months I was kept as a slave and the knew what they will do with me..
- They absolutely didn´t communicate from Tuesday-3 days – didn´t answer to my e-mails, Skype messages etc...
Be carrefull. Pavol