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Updated: Dec 5, 2016
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Montreal, Canada,
Mar 8, 2016,

I felt I needed some personal help with my trading. Not a course or a chat room filled with a bunch of newbies. In my searches, I stumbled upon jltrader (Vlad). He ticked all the right boxes with me: no empty promises, no BS, no trader porn. What really impressed me is that he has verified performance - what other mentor can show that he really trades ? The fact that he doesn't shy away from showing losing months convinced me he's the real deal. I said to myself: here's this guy that tells it like it is, not selling a get rich quick scheme or illusions.

He helped my with my trading plan, reviewed some of my trades and showed me things that could be improved. He reinforced some of the stuff I already knew from books. No magic formulas, no secret holy grail, but a refreshing feeling of being in touch with someone who walks the talk.
, Sweden,
Jan 12, 2016,

Happy with my decision to go for a mentoring with Vlad. I very much doubt you can get that kind of access to a real trader for such a low price.
, Romania,
Jun 21, 2015,

I like the site and the owner,s no-nonsense approach to tading. Feels like a breath of fresh air in a sea of bull****
Tel Aviv, Israel,
Sep 12, 2014,

This is a decent blog/website with lots of valuable information. I particularly like how he goes after the charlatans who are so numerous in forex.
, Romania,
Aug 26, 2014,

I have found this website to be informative, and better yet, free. The guy behind it seems to be genuinely into trading, unlike all those hucksters out there who call themselves traders and charge hundreds or thousands $$ for regurgitated, useless material.