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Updated: Apr 26, 2016
3.029 · 7 REVIEWS
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3.029 · 7 REVIEWS
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Medellin, Colombia,
Apr 24, 2016,

Stay away, you will find him also as http://www.trprofitsystem.com/ and http://www.trprofitsystem.net/ when you ask him for third party verified results of the statements of the webinars he will moderate the comments so no one can see them, I asked gently to show the statements via myfxbook, mql5 or fxblue and he first said he will think on that,
Then another member agreed with me and asked the same and he got upset and evaded the question, I quote him: "WOW.
Seems that I will stop showing you what I am doing in terms of money, Sorry."

Later I kindly requested again because its a 2 steps process and it will growth my confidence, of course he deleted my comment of the private members forum.

100% repainting indicators, on his webinars you will not be allowed to ask, he will invent easy questions and will answer himself, I'm waiting to receive the DVD's and immediately ship back and ask clickbank for refund. I lost time and $70 ship back money.

PS: Don't surprise if my review be overshadowed soon with 5 stars reviews from his team using VPN to change their location
Peter Akani,
Sunshine Coast, Australia,
Feb 7, 2016,

Some of these reviews make me laugh. There' nothing wrong with an indicator repainting if it makes money. There are many systema and methods that use indicators that repaint, that's why the exist.

I have NSOFT and it is by far one of the best and most profitable systems I have ever traded.

If I have one frustration is that now and then it can be hard to understand Toshko because of his accent. But there no question he is a great trader.
Colorado, USA,
Jan 27, 2015,

NSOFT shows some possibilities but does not run very well on windows 7. Some of the indicators do not display well and it is difficult to get technical support. The support was okay in the beginning but has gone down hill quick when they can't fix the problems you are having. I have submitted numerous screenshots and have not heard anything back as far as a fix. Only one person that I chatted with seem to know what he was talking about but as of lately I have not been able to make contact with there tech support. It is there system you would think that they would have all of the bugs worked out and give better support. I'm starting to feel as though I have been scammed. At this moment I'm afraid that I can not give them a very good rating.
Texas Sandman,
Texas, USA,
Dec 2, 2014,

I have used this system long enough now that I feel I have a track record. In my opinion it is solid. Yes, the indicators repaint. However, if you use this as the author directs, it doesn't make much difference. I am using the trading assistant, manually verifying each trade before placement on 27 pairs with an M15 chart. My results aren't as good as the author's, but are respectable with roughly 65% winners, a profit factor of about 2.3 and roughly a 4% daily return. I think this is a good product.

2014-11-24 No Rating It's still early days for me, so I won't leave a star rating yet. However, I will say, while the critical reviews are correct (repainting indicators, promised trade assistant late in coming), they may not do the system justice. They do not view the product in its totality including instructions for use from Toschko himself. Under those conditions, I'm able to make money with this system, so the repainting indicators don't really matter. The lack of a trade assistant is less of an issue if you're using it in an H4 or longer time frame as I was. And in that regard, it's important to remember, the system being offered is valid in all time frames and for all pairs. In other words, it's robust. In my experience, that statement is, in fact, true. I've used it profitably in M15 and H4 time frames. I'll leave a star rating later.
L Ritz,
UK, United Kingdom,
Nov 25, 2014,

My Observation and Emails which were never replied except when you ask easy questions.

1. Where does it say that this guy is No1 Forex Trader.

2. Biggest Joke of all, forget repainting etc... Leverage: This Guy is trading in 10s & 20s lots and aim for 10 -15 pips. Seriously, that`s not the rape but what is the real rape is if you look slightly carefully at his trades on his main page, you will see (for the slightly more experience traders) that he put NO STOP LOSS and use the famous Martingale Strategy, sometimes holding for over a day while keep buying the same pairs at the tume of 10s & 20s lots... this is enough for the WWW to HEAVILY Blacklist him

3. That is it folks and please dont BEWARE but dont make a fool of yourself and leave a scar that will last.

Long Live to those struggling as a trader but this (Tosh) is not it!!!
, USA,
Nov 20, 2014,

Exellent product and member area for learning to trade the system.I am having excellent results with trades.
Forex Trader,
Charlotte, USA,
Nov 13, 2014,

I would like to add some information to my previous post about this trading system. I almost made the leap and purchased this trading system. Thanks to the reviews here on FPA, I made the right decision and stayed away from it. But for those who DID purchase this system and working to get a refund, let's make sure this guy "Toshko" doesn't get another chance to sell his junk! When you contact Clickbank for a refund, please give them all the details of Toshko's 'sales tactics'. I know Clickbank's primary purpose is to make money, but hopefully they will ban this guy from selling his garbage through them. I clicked on one of the links in his marketing emails and he was standing in a white shirt in front of a stained-glass window inside of church! He's got another failed trading system with bad reviews here on FPA. Thanks FPA for being such a great resource for revealing the truth!

2014-11-05 No Rating If you want to try this trading system please be aware that the owner, Toshko Raychev, is going to ship the DVDs to you. In this day and age of computer technology, I can only see this as an obstacle for receiving a refund if you decide this trading system is not for you. If your return shipment gets lost or arrives past the 60-day trial period, he will have grounds to refuse your refund. And if you are shipping it from an overseas located outside of the United States, then expect a hefty shipping cost out of your pocket that you will not get refunded.
Washington State, USA,
Nov 11, 2014,

This had a big ad campaign making it so attractive because, Toshko emphasized over and over again

"What you’re about to see makes it possible to accurately trade the system even when you can’t be in front of your computer....

(The Smart Trade App) analyzes ever last minute piece of information and when all the rules have been met, it alerts you. Then you just push one button to enter the trade."

As it turns out, however, he doesn't give you the Trade Assistant for the first 3+ weeks. No alerts, just repainting indicators, so you would have to sit in front of the monitor for hours in order to do any testing at all.

Any other easy-to-use software has some kind of alerts, but none with this without the trade assistant. This big delay effectively reduces the money-back guarantee period from "60 days" down to less than 4 weeks, since you are required to return the DVD's and manual within 60 days of the time you ordered it, and it took a week before they were delivered.

At best this leaves a really bad taste in your mouth for poor business practices.
Nevada, USA,
Nov 7, 2014,

Very deceiptful advertising. All the custom indicators repaint badly! Big Scam!