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4.15 • 11 REVIEWS
Out of business
Updated: Oct 19, 2023
Please be careful submitting reviews.  Many sites have similar names.  The FPA has removed several reviews from this page because the referred to products or services not offered by EA-Builder.net

Note that EA-Builder.net only codes custom EAs.  It does not sell software or wizards for creating EAs or indicators yourself.
Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
Out of business
4.15 • 11 REVIEWS

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Manila, Philippines,
Feb 10, 2020,
Registered user

Philip have asked my friend to make an EA job outside MQL5 and scammed us

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Hi my friend and I were wanting to make an Expert Advisor, Philip asked my friend to do the job outside MQL5 and to pay upfront, my friend who is a newbie did itto make the story short we provided all the complete description for the EA then 1 month later a supposed version of the EA was delivered but nothhing matched the requirements given and the EA is not able to open any trades according to our requirements, my friend blocked the payment via paypal but after arguing with the Coder named Philip and after he theatened us to hack our youtube account etc we dicided to release the payment , also because the input parameters of the EA was making appearing the input we wanted...After releasing the payment 2 days after since it was the week end we tested the EA and there is not a single function that works, basically he made appears some lines in the input parameters to make us believe the job was done but nothing at all works . So to end this review Stay away from this coder he doesn't know how to code properly and basically Scammed us asking payment upfront the job
Zagreb, Croatia,
Oct 22, 2019,
Registered user

Updating my review ,

Service use: Other Length of use: over 1 Year
I will be as unbiased as I can in my review of Philip. Although to be honest it is not possible after my experience with him.

I had initially made a bad review , after I have given up on getting the full versions of what I paid him to do ,

After I made a review. ,he contacted me , told me he will send me an ea free as an apology. But then I should change the review.

I thought that he is back on track and I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Although I had lost a lot of money. I changed the review and gave him a better rating.

But that was a mistake on my part.

Absolutely nothing changed , here is a full list of what to expect when working with Philip ( and if you wish for more details , you may contact me )

1. His prices are way above the normal for developers. Anyone can make an ad for a developer for 100 dolars and find great skilled developers who will finish in a matter of days. I paid only for 1 ea , 450 dollars in advance , and to this day I don’t have it complete. I even decided to forget about it.

2. You can expect to hear that he is sick and has emergencies. I have even read the reviews of other clients. And found that he used that same excuse with others. With me , he told me he was sick over 30 times , and more than 30 emergencies . Over the course of a year. I have the utmost respect for people who have medical issues. But lying about this just to avoid working. Is shameful.

3. The code he uses and inputs are complicated , he was the first developer I had worked with , at the time I didn’t know better. The inputs were confusing at times.

4. He doesn’t concentrate on the description, just one example of many , lately I asked for him to fix a problem on one of his eas , I didn’t want to complicate it , so I said , I will state the problems one at a time.

After the 3rd mail , he answered me asking to be specific , so I sent a fourth mail explaining the same problem in the same words I used before.
He will blame the user for not explaining well , not that he doesn’t read the descriptions.

5. Deliver times , I waited OVER 6 MONTHS for one of the eas to be done. And till this day it is not done.

6. He is disrespectful, he has no problem sending mails saying words that are disrespectful, when I was explaining the last problem. I received a mail saying not to bother him with this nonsense.
How is fixing the eas that I paid for nonsense ?
He also will ask for extra money to fix problems. That should be included in initial price

Over all. I made a mistake giving him benefit of the doubt and thinking he will make things right.

DO NOT MAKE SAME MISTAKE I DID. , do not waste your money and time , there are so many skilled. Decent and respectful developers out there that do great work. This business of forex has so many traps to fall in if you are not careful. I fell in most of them. I just write this review. So a new trader doesn’t do the mistakes I did.

Philip might have been a good developer at one time
But to be in any business. There are rules and guide lines. Which he does not follow.

The most important three aspects of a developer are.
1. Price. ( he asks for advance money , and from what I have seen , it’s 3 to 4 times the price of what you can pay for another developer in an ad )
2. Delivery time ( you can wait months and months for him to finish , and he will not refund your money , I tried )
3. Patience and respect , that he can read the description , understand it and have patience with the client , not all of us are good in explaining, but that Should not be an issue.

In one of his mails , he is telling me not to bother him with nonsense , that nonsense was me explaining a problem on his ea that needs fixing.

And there were many others.

Ofcourse now I will fix them else where. Even though he was paid in full on advance. And he was supposed to fix all issues and give me correct versions.
Everything I have mentioned here is In his mails , and messages documented , I see. I reason to post all that here , but I will if anyone needs to see it , or if anyone made the mistake it also paying him money and not getting what he paid for.

Like I said in my first review which I should not have ammended.

Maybe at one time he was a good developer.
But now , please avoid at all costs. You will loose your money and your time. And your nerves.

Thank you for reading my review.

Sep 25, 2019 - 4 Stars Updating my previous review.

I was contacted by the developer , he apologized for the previous problems.

He made up for it by offering a free ea , he mentioned he had personal issues that prevented him from working.

That now he is back on track and all will be good from now on.

Aug 2, 2019 - 1 Star I started working with him a few months ago, at first he delivered a few eas I asked for , I did notice that sometimes concentration on what I described is not good , that I had to repeat the description several times , but that was not a big issue , the real issue started after he repeatedly said he was sick and has emergencies , that was after I paid alot of money for a large ea I wanted , I waited now for over 3 months , every few days he sends me a message saying he will deliver today , and then nothing , after a few months , he sent me a version that was no different than the initial version he sent that was not working well , I gave up on asking him to send me acorrect version , the excuses don’t stop and if I were in your place , I would find someone more responsible to work with , and if you do decide to work. Pay after he is done not in advance. He is not professional and he won’t refund you money if he doesn’t deliver. Maybe he was once ok , but currently. Avoid or you will end up losing money or time.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Aug 30, 2019,
Registered user

EA delivered

Service use: Demo Length of use: over 1 Year
I am happy to inform the forum that my EA has been delivered according to specifications. Phillip is an excellent coder with good approach to requirement and delivery. He is vast in trading automation with good customer relationship. I am recommending him to anyone who want to execute projects to contact him. His service is budget friendly. He can also offer some consultancy service on ones strategy and this is very rare.
 I give him complete 5 stars for his service now.

Aug 5, 2019 - No Rating Hello Moderator, I have posted on this forum on the project awarded to Phillip (www.ea-builder.net). I paid $250 on 24th September 2018 for an expert advisor and a costume indicator. Up till now only the costume indicator has been delivered. He always promise that he will deliver but he is failing on his promises. Kindly activate the case again. (The EA has not been delivered). Kindly help to reach him.
Florida, USA,
Jul 24, 2017,
Registered user

Highly Recommended!!!

Phillip does excellent work at reasonable prices.

He stays in touch long after delivery of project. Phillip is also a trader, so he can also help finetune your strategy.

Highly recommended!
Parana, Brazil,
Jul 17, 2017,
Registered user

Update Review about eabuilder.net

A couple of weeks ago I wrote one review suspecting that eabuilder.net was a scam and had promise to update the case here. At first, the events suggested one thing, but later they revealed unfortunate facts and problems with communication, which I describe below.

Few days after my testimonial here, Phillip email me (without knowing about my FPA review, it had not been published yet) explaining the gravity of his illness and compromising himself to deliver the EA. Two weeks later, he kept his promise and send the EA working exactly as I had asked him before.

In short, the communication problems was the real deception here. Without reply, I thought that was being conned (like many of us had taste once in life). Fortunately I was wrong: Phillip is an honest and talent coder. Despite the late, the work was great, at very good price. And, of course, was not his fault to be that sick.

I wish that my last review dont hurt his good and deserved reputation.

Best Regards to all FPA Comunity.

Jun 24, 2017 - 1 Star I found ea-builder.net here in www.forexpeacearmy.com and thats why I would like to give my statement. Look like other people had good experience dealing with them, so I thought the same would happen to me: well...I was wrong.

I contact ea-builder at their site (www.ea-builder.net) asking for a simple EA, with only 2 indicators. The intial answer was quite fast and cool (someone named Phillip), But it last just until I made the payment (at May, 29). At Jun, 06, I broke the silence asking for news about the work (the initial deadline was 4 days). He said that was sick, but would deliver at the end of that week.

Well, I send 3 emails after that, but he never answer again. I have all the emails/Invoice to prove this. I asked for my money back today (without reply until now).

I dont know what you think, but it look a lot like a SCAM to me.

If there are any answer, I will keep you updated.
Bucharest, Romania,
Jan 25, 2017,

Satisfied with the quality of the resulted project, as well as with price and delivery time

I asked for a quote for my custom indicator with www.ea-builder.net and they got back to me within a couple of hours. We proceed for a decent price and 2 days later I got my indicator - much better than expected! I think they must be the best Metatrader programmers, let me know if you find other similar services cause I haven't found any like this yet.
Jan 2, 2017,
Registered user

Completely satisfied with all the indicators I have created. Soon I will start creating my own EAs.

Florida, USA,
Dec 18, 2016,
Registered user


Excellent EA Programmer. Efficient, Sufficient, Superb. Communication and understanding is on point. Highly recommend. Best EA Programmer Ever.
Aug 29, 2016,
Registered user

EA Builder review

Excellent job 2 EAs work exactly like I wanted them to. Highly recomended

Quick response times and good comunication
Volker. A.
, Germany,
Mar 10, 2015,

Great service from Philip!
Quick coding with high quality. Always helpful and quick responses!
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