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Updated: Feb 8, 2018
3.625 · 6 REVIEWS
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2015-07-12 Michael, Germany, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

The RevTraderPro MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor.  The Rev Trader Pro automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested by Forex Peace Army.  The RevTraderPro.com forex robot trades on the 1 hour timeframe.

RevTraderPro.com (Doug Price)

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StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
REV Trader PRO+4.193.4+4,149.99

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3.625 · 6 REVIEWS
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Jan 2, 2017,
Registered user

I have tried several of Dougs product offers and unfortunately, eventually, all of them led me to losing thousands of dollars. Initially I would experience some profits but in the end it was always losses. I finally stopped buying his products when I wasnt able to get a refund on his most expensive offer at the time, I think was around $1100. And ended up being something that wouldnt even work on my system without great compromise to my systems ability to function efficiently. And to be honest, it was simply 4 levels of support and resistence levels which I already had...I was very very disappointed he wouldnt offer a refund for such a simple basic thing. I no longer use any of his products, hopefully my great losses will save someone else money.
western aus, Australia,
Mar 25, 2015,

I have been given this EA on a free trial. Im a beginner in this field. At the moment the market seems to be bit erratic. I have emailed doug on a few times and have received answers. In a nutshell im happy with the EA
Mar 22, 2015,

I attempted to purchase this... my credit card flagged it so I had to call in and verify the purchase. Here's the odd stuff. On the site it said the price was $697. They told me the real charge was for $750. They also told me that this was from a vendor (with a name that was nowhere on the site) from China.

While the EA might work, I'm concerned that there's this deception. Has anyone tried to get a refund? if so, how easy is it to get?
Smiling pips ,
Barcelona, Spain,
Mar 16, 2015,

Hi there fellow traders. I just wanted to share my experience on the REV trader PRO with you, so you have yet another reference when buying this EA. At first sight I fell in love with this robot, so when analysing the results on FPA a bit, after months I decided to buy the robot, which I did via Paypal. Funny enough, once I had the EA installed following the instructions, I started to backtest and once I saw the performance of the EA, I discovered this strategy simply doesn't suit me. I didn't feel comfortable with it despite its' incredibly good results. Doug helped me on all the questions I had on this robot within 24 hours, so I consider his customer service as excellent. When I told him the REV trader PRO was not made for me, he refunded my money without any delay and hassle. In trading it is all about confidence and Doug gave me that, so I will without a doubt try his other robots as well.

Thank you very much for your professionalism, Doug!
, Brazil,
Mar 8, 2015,

Why did it stop working? I'm following your EA since the start and now its not working anymore.... It's very sad because I was willing to buy a copy... I guess the owner stopped updating it.
Jimmy B,
San Diego, USA,
Mar 1, 2015,

I have been using this EA since December 2014. I am giving it 4 stars now since I have only been using it a few months, I will come back and update my comments in a couple more months. It started running right out of the gate and then we had a DD, but I had those with my manual accounts. It has since recovered and moving along nicely. I have email and Skype support from Doug and he has been quick to respond during normal trading timeframes. For Angela, if Doug didn't use a picture at all then you would have bought the EA? You haven't used the EA, but you still give the EA negative ratings because he had someone else's picture as the spoke person.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Feb 26, 2015,

This EA is good and Doug is professional. We all can see his performance live testing on FPA and constantly the EA stays around 6 % profit and not to forget , this EA is trading since 2013 which means he is very dedicated and long lasting.
He trades with his own money too.
New York, USA,
Jan 24, 2015,

I was interested in purchasing the Rev Trader Pro. However, there are some negative comments regarding “Doug Price” (picture on the website is a headshot of an actor). Please go to http://www.headshotsnyc.com/guide-to-great-headshots/what-is-a-headshot/
also check out review: http://www.jltrader.com/2015/01/02/dont-buy-the-hype-rev-trader-pro/
Rev Trader Pro may actually work…. but this left a bitter taste in my mouth. I find the site not trustworthy. If the owner(s) of the product used a fake picture of an actor on the website… then they may be misleading with other things…. I will also forward this to forexArmy….
chicago, USA,
Jan 20, 2015,

Doug has been a great support and he has created something that will make u a millionaire eventually. The EA is safe and the profits are consistently outpace losses . Doug has always been available for help. I have been manually trading for 12 years now. But i do not know much about tech side of computers. He has consistently helped me with installation and never made himself unavail to any of the questions i have had! Thank u Doug! Excellent job!
San Diego, USA,
Dec 17, 2014,

I love this EA. I even recovered from a major mistake... At first, I didn't set up the risk correctly, and lost $500 on my $3k account. After talking with Doug, who responded quickly, I set the risk at 5, which is a low risk setting. Six weeks later, my account is now at $4k! Something not apparent in the marketing of the EA is that this system has a great trailing stop feature to lock in profits. Love it! Thanks Doug!