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Updated: Dec 13, 2018
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September 2017:  Lee Elbaz, the CEO of Yukom, has been arrested by the US FBI for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.  Yukom is the parent company of BinaryBook and BigOption.  CLICK HERE to confirm.
May 2017:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a high level of caution dealing with Binary Book unless this issue can be resolved.
April 2016:  Binary Book was added to the CFTC's RED list for illegally soliciting U.S. Residents. CLICK HERE to verify.

BinaryBook.com (Yukom)

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2017-0392017-04-17KOIMBURI vs Binarybook.comguilty


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1 · 26 REVIEWS
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Dec 13, 2018,
Registered user

Department of Justice site for victims to contact regarding Binarybook/BigOption

This announcement was recently put out by the Department of Justice and is intended for victims of Binarybook.com and BigOption.com


You are encouraged to contact the US Department of Justice here:
If you have any questions, please call the Victim Assistance Line toll-free at (888) 549-3945 or email us at victimassistance.fraud@usdoj.gov

United States v. Lee Elbaz
Court Docket No.: 18-cr-00157 (D. Maryland)

Court Assigned: This case is assigned to the Honorable Theodor D. Chuang, U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, United States Federal Building and Courthouse, 6500 Cherywood Lane, Greenbelt, MD 20770.
Nairobi, Kenya,
Apr 17, 2017,
Registered user

Terrible company full of uncooth characters and wholey unproffesional

Issue escalated to Traders Court KOIMBURI vs Binarybook.com | GUILTY
In my earlier thread they ended up sending half of the money while i had filled a request for all of the money. The half got to me but the other half which they called "profits" was held back in my account and they immediately locked it in the name of "investigations." It's been 8 weeks now and i haven't been able to access my account. Also, my expert has completely ignored me and the support team always say that they'll get back to me. This company has totally frustrated me beyond words.
Nov 30, 2016,
Registered user

Will send your personal information to everyone who will buy it!

After reading reviews I decided not to sign up for an account with this company, but shortly after giving them my personal information (email and phone number) I have been receiving at least 3 to 5 calls per week from different companies stating that I had signed up indicating a 'work from home' interest. I am also being sent emails from other binary options companies.

Because this company is the only one that I have given that phone number to in the past 12 months, I know that these annoying calls and emails have originated from them. I am not happy! They had no right to disseminate my personal information. Do not deal with these people. I have tried to email them and contact them but it does not go through so hopefully they have been shut down.
Sep 28, 2016,

Bb review

If I could give 0 stars I will this broker is totally scam, they reqote your position and don't let you withdraw your money
James Saxton,
Leicester, United Kingdom,
Jul 14, 2016,

On 14 March 2016 a Winding-up Order was made by the High Court in England to put WSB Investment Ltd; a company which formerly traded under the name of “Binary Book”; into liquidation. The Official Receiver was initially appointed to deal with the liquidation and the investigation of any misconduct in the operation of the company’s affairs. On 11 April 2016, Liam Short and Graham Wolloff of this firm were appointed as joint liquidators of WSB Investment Ltd, with a view to trying to recover funds for those owed money as creditors of the company.

Please see here for more details: http://www.ewsllp.co.uk/cms/content/view/1141

Anyone who has concerns and believes that they are a creditor of the English registered company, WSB Investment Ltd, should complete the relevant creditor questionnaire available at the above link. Additionally, creditors are requested to complete and return a ‘Proof of debt’ form . Once completed, the documents can be posted to our Leicester office or sent via email to James Saxton at j.saxton@ewsllp.co.uk.
K Shammaa,
Egypt , Egypt,
Jun 26, 2016,

Not Spam but crooks ....you will never get your money back. I visited their office in the UK at The Apex, 2 Sheriffs Orchard, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 3PP, United Kingdom found nothing ...just nothing a company that lease address and PO Box ..so they don't exist .....dont think about it ....
Peter Johansson,
Stokholmc, Sweden,
May 29, 2016,

I open a acount with Binarybook i wanted too test a new autotrader recomended by michael freeman. The autotrader did not perform the way it was suppose too soo i stoped the autotrader. I order withdraval of the money left 216 usd. First Binarybook refuse too accept withdraval before i talk too the acount manager. I told them i CAN NOT TALK.
They acceped the withdraval but instead of paying me 216 usd they took 216 usd from my creditcard on may 9 on may 9 they payed back 216 usd.

Now Binarybook.com means the 216 they payed on may 12 are my payment. Netteller means it is a chargeback.

I can not ask chargeback again and binarybook.com means the 216 usd they paid are my payment from them

Really wise boys.
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 13, 2016,

Dear Friends, as an epilogue and closure to my last post, I questioned Binary Book as to why I received £1,000 less than I should have. Namely, £3,915 in the account less £1,700 'bonus'. leaves me with £2,215.
I received £1,185. Yes, they had taken a £30 charge to send the money. They replied that the 'bonus' was £2,700. So they must have added another £1,000 so-called 'bonus' AFTER I'd requested the withdrawal. We all have to die, and one day these awful fraudsters will have to stand before their maker.

2016-04-11 1 Star I am in London, UK and an elderly man living alone. I'm a voluntary Verger in the Church of England. I joined Binary Book in June 2015. Over that time they have had £13,950 from me. This was nigh on my entire life savings. Today I requested my first, only and last withdrawal after which I planned to close the account. All that was left was £2,215. That equates to £3915 (less £1,700 bonus). Over time I was passed from one 'expert' trader to another. Their names are Jack Cowen, Paul Chase and David Brandon. Just leave the trading to us they said.
They were all made aware that in my humble way I was trying to raise money to help with urgent repairs to my church. Within an hour of my of withdrawal request this morning I was locked out of my account, they stopped my Skype contact (my only contact with them) and all communication ceased.
I am devastated that all my hard years of savings have gone, and may God forgive me for my foolishness. I was so trusting and gullable believing the goodness in people and the 'honesty' of those traders at Binary Book. Now as a pensioner I have to live with this huge loss. I also ask God's forgiveness on these fraudsters and pray that they will see how many good lives they have left in ruins and may see the error of their ways. Please feel free to publish this on your website as a further warning to others.
Today (date of this posting) after much effort they closed my account and sent me £1,185 which has arrived in my bank account. My binary account finished up at £3,915. But there was £1,700 as 'bonus'. Deducting this should leave me £2,215. So why am I £1,000 short? Stolen? I have lost £12,765. My fight is over. I'm too tired and worn out to do more.
London Real,
London, United Kingdom,
Mar 20, 2016,

I was directed to use Binary Book when I signed up to use Social Tech Trader Robot. I initially deposited £300 and thought I would allow the Robot to trade on my behalf and to see if it would perform the same as the reviews I have watched on You Tube. Immediately after sending the money to the brokers I was called immediately and introduced to an senior broker or equity strategist. I was not interested in speaking to anyone as I only wanted to use Social Tech Trader Robot. Well the person who was Thomas Schneider gave the smooth talk that I should allow him to trade on my behalf and gave a number of reasons. It came to the part where he was painting a picture where I could be earning £1500 a month but I would need to deposit additional funds of £4700. I explicitly made it clear that I was only testing out the Robot and really I have no intention of playing around with that kind of money. Thomas was quick to sell the idea that I would be getting a bonus of a couple of grand to help him trade with so there was plenty of margin. There appeared to be an attitude that £5000 is not much money and what's the problem with me stumping that kind of cash. At the end of our conversation I agreed to let him trade with the £300 but what I did not realise is that he thought he got a green light to take £4700 from my debit card. I was utterly furious when I checked my account and saw that the money was gone even after saying time and time again that I was not interested. Being so mad I had to speak to his boss who was busy when I first called but later called back where he was able to play back the phone call with Thomas. I was lucky that my Smartphone records all my conversations and so I was able to play back myself and there was clearly a lot of confusion and misinterpretation. After speaking with Thomas's boss I made it crystal clear that what had happened is fraud and all my money should be returned. I completed a funds withdrawal request on-line and I was refunded £4700. I am still waiting to receive my additional £300 and hope it comes through soon as I read that the company behind Binary Books has gone into administration. My advice to anyone contemplating of using Binary Book to stay well clear or be prepared to get your fingers burnt or your money.
Elmer Henderson,
Homestead, Fl, USA,
Feb 17, 2016,

They have contacted me again. They use tactics to try to get me to put up $20,000.00 and act like i am lying if I tell them they took all the money I had to invest. The guy who called today was giving me the same BS that Jessica gave me. I am scared to give them money because it appears they have someway of taking the money and then telling me it was a problem with the market. I have saved all my emails because I got an email that was identified as "Support". in the email it discussed their Bonus system. They had put a Bonus on my account without my signing an approval. They say they put $7,500.00 in my account but all I see is ledger entries. I have no way of verifying if they put real money in my account. There was no "meeting of the minds" on any of these transactions except my initial cash deposit. All extra money deposited in my account was without my approval. I did monitor it and have emails discussing the situation with the broker. These people are scammers.
2016-01-16 1Star I was told by my Broker Jessica that a small amount of money would not allow her to operate. She kept asking for more. I eventually gave her $5,000.00. That was the middle of the summer. They have even added money to my account.I guess this was to way lay any investigation. Anyway they have lost my whole five thousand dollars. They do not use stop losses and they do not diversify the buying. For instance they have bought all apple twice and lost the whole amount both times. If they are legit they cannot prove it by me.

2015-05-07 1Star I deposit their minimum. The bot made a trade and the account was charged $25.00 They continue to give me the run around. They asked me to create a withdrawal. I did and they called me from the England number that won't accept my dial. I call the American number and the phone line is garbled . The person on the other end doesn't speak English very well.