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Updated: Jun 28, 2018
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Smith, USA,
Jun 27, 2018,

Don't get into theses SCAM. They are Rookies!

so far I can tell I have lost about 72% of my portfolio. Traders that are is US time zone needs to be very aware as this will be your true nightmare. Don't every trust these guys. I heard from a lot of ppl that they are a SCAM. Sends just random signals only during London session and out of 10 trades 8 always hit Stop Loss and also if you gain 20 pips they ask you out while if you lose, you lose 100 pips. Save your money and stay out these SCAM.
UAE, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 21, 2016,

Bad experience, he is very shady and unprofessional

I have joined Forxguru's weekly signal service on the week of August 1st 2016 (Aug 1 - Aug 5). He sent me 3-4 signals everyday throughout the week (except one day there were no signals). According to his policy, if he doesn't achieve 200 pips per week then you would get a refund.

So at the end of the week, I look back at the trades and weekly statement and I see it didn't reach 200 pips, (as a matter of fact, if you followed his risk management recommendation of closing half position at TP1 and leaving the rest for a potential TP2, you would've barely made any money, if not lose..) - But let's focus on the pips for now:

So he doesn't even bother looking after his clients.. let alone send me an email with the results at the end of my subscription time. So I went ahead and emailed him saying it didn't achieve 200 pips and I should get a refund as he promised and he replies with a bogus result sheet claiming he made over 200.. I see that he recorded one of the trades as +145 pips BUT IT ACTUALLY MADE +35 only! I went over and looked at 3 different brokers to compare their prices and charts, and that trade made only 35 pips AND NOT 145 as he falsely claimed.

He dodged my emails and replied late most of the time, then in the end he stopped responding at all. I didn't make any money that week, I actually lost money if you consider the fees (which aren't cheap : $290 for a week...)

I just wanted to put this out there to save people in the future from falling for the same mistake. I researched about this guy but nobody had any feedback or reviews, I guess I'll be the first one and I hope nobody else falls for any fraudulent practices in this shady business.

Best wishes to all and good luck in your trading journey