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Updated: Feb 9, 2018
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NAS-Broker is a forex broker. NAS-Broker offers the MT4, MT5 and mobile forex trading top platform. NAS-Broker.com offers over 65 forex currency pairs, cfd indices, spot commodities, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.


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Luts'k, Ukraine,
Feb 7, 2018,
Registered user

Avoid work with them.

I want to complain about this broker, advised by comrade, as the order triggered instantly, Everything was excellent trading mainly on the news, sometimes there is also trade by intuition. So for a few months everything was fine, but when the deposit increased in three and problems began, It seems that before the trade was not with a real forex, but with a demo type, delays began when the order was opened. Half of the deposit flew on inopportune orders at the wrong time. I wanted to withdraw the invested money (without profit), and then bigger problem began. The first problem, the application was rejected because of the absence of instructions, on their site office I did not immediately understand what was the instruction, but phoned - they told me - filled in, then rejected for the second time with a wild wording: According to clause 4.9 of the public offer, your application can not be processed. Such a decision was accepted because your trading operations are similar to the arbitrage trading strategy that is banned by the Company.
I tried to contact them, by phone number which is on their site. They dont pick up phone. Also the contact person does not responds to my skype chats.
So I am very disapointed by work with them. I want to warn you against working with them.
Jan 17, 2018,
Registered user

Just lost 300$ with NAS-BROKER. Watch outt hey have a rule for withdrawal telling before being able to withdraw you have to make 1 lot on each 100$ invested!
First time I got this!!!!
BUT they are very very nice helping you putting money in:)
Hong Kong, China,
Oct 14, 2017,
Registered user

This broker forbid any high frequency trading and will delay the withdrawal of money. I have waited them for already a month and still receive no notification of any withdrawal of deposit. They sent letter to me before claiming that because I use high frequency trading and will have to deduct my withdrawal deposit for their additional labour work.

Jun 29, 2017,
Registered user


Hello all,
I trade forex more than 10 years, I tried already a lot of brokers, this is the worst one,
they are professional scam.
FAKE registration, with very bad customer support.

stay away from this broker and save your money.
i gave all the documents show evrything!
May 16, 2017,
Registered user

This is a money-launder only broker, never try to trade with them are just cheating. The money left to them does not deal with any sort of criterion.
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Jan 27, 2017,
Registered user

Scam Broker, Dishonest Management. Impossible to reach their Contact

Really Horrible broker. I have deposited 500 usd via my skrill card and did some trades.After that I have given withdraw and its now about 2 months and above.In the meantime I have contacted with one of their customer service agent several times and even begged to refund my initial deposit.I called to their given number on their website and its just a show to people.But nothing change.I have given official email to them also but no response.Its my hard money and they r just doing scam to me.VERY DISHONEST and SCAM BROKER.
Jan 25, 2017,
Registered user

Dealing desk broker, market marker, trading against you broker, B-book broker)

NAS is a broker which only want to take retail trader money.

The account manager dimitri is just another lie, and this company is B-Book broker which mean that trade against you. DO NOT GET FOOL BY WHAT THEY TOLD YOU. your strategy can work like it work demo because they do not pass your trade to market. think for yourself, how can your trade be almost instant when process for a STP is from your software->mt4->bridge->market

They can take in instant trade is because it do not pass to market. They have dealing desk that is why you will be flag, ban or unable to withdraw your money. STP Do not care what you do except AML issue.

Do not listen to their fancy sales talk.
just walk away this B-BOOK Broker.


(PS: if you mention my rating to them, they will ask you. "did he mention the detail? cheater will never mention the detail to you" )
Jan 11, 2017,
Registered user

This is only deposit broker. You can't withdrawal even your deposit.
I deposited and start trading. But there were a lot of slippage and the leverage was very low. So I decided to stop trading and withdrawal my money.
They did not process my withdrawal request for my initial deposit, i did not request profit or bonus to withdrawal. They did not pay my money to me. They are totally scam broker.

They wrote in their terms and conditions:
4.37. Conclusion CLIENT money is subject to fulfillment by the Client of the minimum trading volume of 1 lot for every 100 (one hundred) USD deposit, after the last refill. Lots less than three minutes under this Article shall not apply.

4.38. COMPANY has the right to charge a monthly fee in the amount of 100 (one hundred) US dollars for the maintenance of customer accounts.
Nikita ,
Dec 13, 2016,

People let me first say never go to this company just dont do it.

They promise that they never will trade against you that is a lie if you trade manually they dont but if you use software they add latency through your orders.

Withdrawing is almost impossible I am fighting to get my money back for over a month.

The support is a big joke and also there license holder if you contact them they dont even response.

overall terrible company

I hope that this review explains enough to stay away from them.

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