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1.69 · 3 REVIEWS
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Isaac ,
Ohio, USA,
Feb 14, 2015,

I have used iscalper and it is basically worthless. The charts look great afterwards which can be said about any chart. But in real time you can't tell from a signal that is promising and one that won't work and will stop you out. I found that I got stopped out about 8 out of 10 trades for some nice sized losses. Then you will get a win of about 10 ticks on average only to give it all back and then some on the next signal. I have tried every bar size, watched their webinars tried to confirm with higher time frames etc. nothing worked. It's basically a glorified renko bar. Stay away and save your money
Tommy Robredo,
, United Kingdom,
Jan 13, 2015,

I bought iscalper based on the promise of a $1 trial for a week. I had technical problems downloading the software and asked for assistance. They promised to go through the set up process via skype. I didn't hear from them and requested an extension of the trial as I hadn't had a chance to test it.Instead the following day they debited my card for the full month's subscription of $127. I contacted the head of this organisation Scott Morris to ask for a refund as I thought it must be a mistake. He refused despite the fact that he promised a week's trial before taking full payment and also the fact I hadn't had a chance to use it. I later discovered that Mr Morris is a marketer (and a failed one at that) not a trader and this was one of a long line of 'businesses' he is touting. No idea what the product is like as was not given the opportunity to test. Beware of this man as he can't be trusted. He's just a jumped up marketer and what he has done is basically theft.
mangalore, India,
Dec 11, 2014,

this system and grabing money from my credit card is not good. they are the cheaters. the sabscribing system is not good. first they asked for 1$ and after seven days they stealing money from 127$ from your account. if we are not satisfied with their system the refund is not in their system.