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Updated: Aug 13, 2018
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The 4XWinner MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The 4X Winner automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform uses scalping strategy. The 4XWinner.com forex robot works on EURUSD and GBPUSD.

4XWinner.com (Mark Hamilton)

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Johannesburg, South Africa,
Aug 10, 2018,
Registered user

Terrible FXMMP

I've also been scammed by these thieves. I signed up for their managed account option and deposited $ 5000. With a day they blew the full amount.

After this, they had the audacity to offer me the robot for $ 1250.00 to recover my losses. Why would I pay more for something that has proven not to work. Its ridiculous...

I refused, and they dropped the price to $ 750.00. I sill refused.

This seems to be the strategy. They get you to buy into the idea of their robot with a managed account, then once they blow the account, they suggest a discounted price for the robot. In our desperate need to recover the losses, we usually invest more in a system that truly doesn't work. And that is how they benefit. Selling you their crap robot when you're emotional.

Is there any action we can take against these guys ?

Any suggestion on how we can try and shut these guys down ?
Rune Lykke Larsen,
Viborg, Denmark,
Jan 15, 2016,

This people are the largest fraudsters. They promise they have mastered it. with a draw down 15-25% and tight stop loss and that they really are in control of their EA and they can make huge profits. I lost $ 8,400 in two days. they made six trades, and I could not do anything I could just page and look at my account was empty. they do not reply to my mails. I can not do anything other than to warn everyone else, stay away from FXMMP and the other companies they have. your money disappears.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
May 7, 2015,


Be careful, they also have different websites (mt5fxrobot.com, mt5forexexpert.com and fxmmp.com for Money Management), they say that they are based in Tokyo, Japan..but actually their email ip is from Asheville, North Carolina.

All of their MyFxBook accounts shows Track Record Not Verified
and Trading Privileges Not Verified.

They are the same people behind the Arbitrage Robot, which FPA already shows as a SCAM... just type in your browser fxarbitragerobot.com and you will be redirected to mt5fxrobot.com.

I almost paid $2.000 for their robot, but after some emails exchange and their suggestion for me to make a bank wire transfer I started to put my feet down and stopped dreaming on how much money I could make since their accounts is amazing...so why would somebody suggest to make a bank wire transfer instead of using credit card? Probably because I would not be able to do a chargeback and get my refund.

So, after investigating a little bit... I found all this information!

So do not buy their MT5 FX Robot or 4X Winner or MT5 Forex Expert
Jan 16, 2015,

Warning!! This guys who identify themselves as "Fx Robot Team" is big scammer!!

I participated in his Money Management program which presumably would use the same robot that they were selling for $2000.

They started with small 0.01 lot size in the first day just to dip their feet in the water.
However, the next day they dramatically increased the lot size by trading 4 x 1 lot on GBPUSD without a stop loss in my $2K account. The equity swung wildly and just within a couple of hours the account was completely blown out!

They were totally irresponsible and reckless in managing your account.
This greed was just gambling with your money to maximize the profit unrealistically without any regard to your account safety whatsoever.