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Updated: Dec 17, 2018
4.013 · 20 REVIEWS
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4.013 · 20 REVIEWS
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Timehri, Guyana,
Dec 13, 2018,

Good service, great customer support

While using this service for my personal trading I have experienced great results and better than any other forex provider for signals. I am quite experienced in trading. They are the undisputed kings of the GBP/JPY pair. For those who trade this pair, your gonna love it! I don't know how they do it. Their other signals which they give for all pairs are also really accurate like GBP/USD, USD/CAD, EUR/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF, NZD/USD. Good signals and service in all regards. Affordable price for anyone and good work and support from the team staff. A++
Roger Doyle,
Mississauga, Canada,
Nov 9, 2018,

Perfect signals provider

Powerful profitable signals. I got more than what l was looking for. Convenient interface and perfectly ocustums all market sessions. I have found my bread and butter finally. For traders who wonder if such a service exists you have your answer and l am living proof. Dux Forex is great!
London, United Kingdom,
Oct 9, 2018,
Registered user

Exercise caution

I have subscribed to this service only recently and must agree with others who suggest extreme caution. I have been trading the FX markets for almost 10 years and I am still showing a profit, albeit a rather small profit - mainly becuase I am super cautious.

The one thing with Dux is that the first TP mark is only about 10 pips away from the entry point, so this is more a scalping alert than a true FX trade alert.

It is still early days but I am prefering to trade live using the system I have developed over the last 10 years!
Reply by Dux Forex submitted Oct 12, 2018:
Hi Cooperman1956,

Thanks for your review and it is great to know that you are benefiting from our signals so far. What matters at the end of the month are that our signals make a PROFIT and that is what we do... MAKE PROFITS. Dux Forex has been the most successful signals providing service for years. If you can make a minimum of 10 pips per day consistently, there should be no reason why you shouldn't be happy. Many traders are only looking to make a few pips in a day and stay out. We have been in this industry since the 90's and I can tell you that making ANY amount of pips consistently is something to be grateful for.

We provide 3 TP'S, you have the choice to either use TP1 to break-even and aim for TP2 or you can exit with a profit at +10 pips. In either case, our signals make a profit whether it is 10 pips or 74 pips and above.

Please contact us and we would be happy to show you a strategy to maximize your profits with our signals. :)
Lodz, Poland,
Oct 5, 2018,
Registered user

Screenshot Proof of Dux Massive Losers!

Hello Cedric

Firstly, I am absolutely not a 'hater' and bear you absolutely
no ill will. It would take more than a loss of $4.99 to make
me hate someone. I wasn't even complaining in my initial
review - the big losses I incurred through following Duxforex
were all on a Demo account so I have no axe to grind.

All I would say to anyone reading this, is there are massive
losers, but by all means try it out for yourself, but I would
urge caution!

Usually TP1 is hit, but the problem is when the entry price
is sometimes hit, opening all three positions, then
promptly reverses stopping out all three TPs - in these
cases you will typically lose around (-120 pips ).

So typically you will win 10 pips when TP1 is hit - this
probably happens most of the time, but just a couple
of losers can set you back (-240 pips )


The only point I am really alerting FPA readers to, is to
ignore the fabricated YouTube results.

Actually, in fairness, most of the results are more or less
accurate, it's just the major catastrophic losers that
are conveniently ignored.

As regards my being a 'Fake' and a 'Liar', well, why don't
we let the readers be the judge of that. they are welcome
to view my screenshots proving conclusively that your
service does incur some massive losers if you trade
TP2 and TP3, and you can't possibly profit just trading
TP1 with your 4:1 RR ( meaning, winners make 10 pips,
losers lose 40 pips )

Let us be clear on one thing - you have a vested interest
in trying to paint your unprofitable service in the best
possible light. I on the other hand, am simply presenting
a totally unbiased review which can be backed up by
screenshots. Readers are welcome to compare all my
previous reviews which are all equally fair and unbiased.

but as regards 'fake' membership:-

Smith Cedric RECEIPT Number 4U943725K4169764U effective date 04 Sep 2018

No, I am not a fake or a liar, I simply recommend extreme caution if
anyone wants to trial your service.


Sep 18, 2018 - 1 Star The danger with 4/5 star ratings is that so often
they are submitted by green as grass newbies
on the basis of a couple of wins

DuxForex is a very clever marketing ploy

yes, $4.95 is very cheap, and yes, yes they hit the
10 pip tp1 more often than not but tp1 and tp2 are
very unprofitable.

On 14.9.18 gbpusd buy signal, entry was hit but
price quickly reversed and stopped out all three
positions -61, -61, -61 total -183 pips loss
but no sign of that result on their Youtube channel.

on 18.9.18 they had another stab at gbpusd, another
buy signal, same thing happened, this time -40, -40,-40
Total loss -120 pips but no sign of this result on their
Youtube channel.

when disaster strikes, it strikes badly!

and even if you just trade tp1 it doesnt help - a few
10 pip wins followed by two or three 40 pip losers

this is the problem, you need the 4:1 RR to get the
high winning rate but when you lose it wipes out
all your small wins!

Frankly, if you saw (-183) and (-120) on their Youtube
channel I doubt that anyone would consider joining.

Reply by Dux Forex submitted Sep 24, 2018 Hello Mickey9,

Thanks for your review, but you are another LIAR who just wanted to post a negative review and it is so obvious that it almost sounds FAKE. You are LYING about so many things that it's unacceptable. There was no -183 or -120 loss on ANY of our trades! This is a total LIE, you made these numbers up and you are misleading and deceiving traders into believing something that is NOT TRUE!! Firstly, the monthly price is $4.99 not $4.95... you don't even know the price of our service yet you post a review...

We keep our price low because we want everyone, rich or poor to benefit from our service because we are one of the only good guys in this industry that are not about ripping people off and yet we have users like you who try and spoil it for everyone else with UNTRUE reviews.

You clearly have NO IDEA what you are talking about and are CLUELESS! You are saying that the GBP/USD buy signal was hit and yet you got stopped out of 3 positions?? How can you get stopped out of 1 position and lose on 3 positions? That makes no sense and even a newbie would know that. And they never were -61, -61, -61, -40, -40, -40? You just made those numbers up!

It is a fact that 98% OF OUR SIGNALS ARE PROFITABLE. That means that 98% of the trades reach TP1 before retracing back. TP2 is around 89% successful and TP3 is 80% successful. You have the option to either exit with a profit or you can move your SL to entry and ride the trade and prevent the loss. We mention that in our "Pip Locking Strategy" but if you are unable to follow the simple rules of managing a winning trade, then that is your fault.

All of our results are posted on our YouTube channel and we can send performance statements on MT4 to PROVE everything. Sometimes it takes a few days for us to upload the video but it always gets uploaded! We are VERY HONEST about our performance and we post all of our P/L's for the day. Anyone is welcome to contact us and we can send verified MT4 stats on that particular day. If your results are different that means you never used the signals correctly and that is not our fault. That is yours!

No matter how good any service is there will always be a few complaining haters like yourself that blame the service when their losses are a result of their own actions.

We do our best to make sure our traders get the best results and we work very hard to do that. We have done things for our subscribers that no other provider does and we will continue to strive to remain the best.

We have thousands of happy subscribers worldwide so that speaks for itself. Our Forex Signals are PROFITABLE, ACCURATE and RELIABLE. We have proven that for years!

- Dux Forex
Ignacio Soria,
Córdoba, Argentina,
Jul 20, 2018,
Registered user

Dux Forex=GREAT signal's provider.

After searching for a good Forex signals provider I found that many traders raved about this company.

Well, i subscribed to a monthly plan and after just a couple of signals I know it was the right choice. They hit the spot with 2 signals in a row!.

Now, do not expect to get lots of signals, in fact you will get only one each day, but rest assured it's going to be a solid one, and that's all I need to make a nice profit.

Their app is nothing else than a mobile signal's alerting app, plus they send you an email with the newest signals, so there's no way you will miss them.

I successfully trade the news, now with the accurate signals Dux Forex are giving me I'm more than happy with my earnings.

If they keep up the good job I'm buying a longer plan, it's well worth my money.

I highly recommend Dux Forex.
Milton, Canada,
Jun 21, 2018,

I will start out by saying their signals are highly accurate. The service overall is easy to use since its email mobile and web based. Prompt support. Glad to have found them.
United Kingdom,
Jun 6, 2018,
Registered user

Thank you for great service

How often can you say thank you for doubling your money back within 3 days of buying a forex signal service.
I have never managed to say this in over 10 years of trading until now.
Thank You Dux
Ottawa, Canada,
May 30, 2018,

Useless Signals...

Far from what they claim to be.

The entry points of those signals are very very far, so you probably have to wait couple of days for such entry points. On top of this you only get 2 signals in a whole entire week.

Not so sure about accuracy, but having far entry points and only 2 signals a week is pretty much useless.

Only good thing is that they are $5, so no risk in paying them $5, let them have it. There are much better free signals out there, and even better use your own signals from indicators.
Reply by Dux Forex submitted Jun 1, 2018:
Hi Ihab,

For your information, what you're saying is a lie. The entry points are NOT far from the market. 99% of our signals get filled within a few hours or even less. You get between 1-5 signals per day or more depending on market conditions. Not 2 per week! Some days there are no signals if the market is consolidating or is slow or bank holidays. It is for the protection of your account. We provide the "highest" probability of winnable trades because we CARE for our subscribers and want the best for them. We know what we are doing and that is why we are the top performing signals service. You say you are "not sure about the accuracy" and yet you post a negative review?? We are one of the only signals providers that actually stand by our word and deliver what we say which is unheard of. We keep our subscription prices low so that everyone can get a chance to benefit from the forex market without paying high fees. We rely on word of mouth and not spammy advertising to drive awareness to our service. OUR SIGNALS ARE ACCURATE AND WE DELIVER PROFITS! THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS! We are occasionally attacked because what we offer for less than $5, other similar services cannot offer for 20X the price and that is a FACT that we have proven many times. So either you have been paid off to post this review or you have no idea how to use the signals because what you are saying is not true at all. You also never contacted us even once with any questions. You signed up with an invalid e-mail that is constantly bouncing! If you think you can use your indicators for signals and if its working for you then good luck to you. We have PROOF of our performance and we can provide a risk-free trial to PROVE that Dux Forex is the top forex signals provider in the industry. Thanks for the review!

- Dux Forex
Jan 10, 2018,

Terrific signals. Best choice l made subscribing to these guys. Very accurate and kind staff.
Dec 20, 2017,
Registered user

Here are the results of my one month experience with Duxforex. I considered only the second target price.
PERIOD: november 15, 2017 - december 15, 2017