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Updated: Dec 10, 2017
3.293 · 13 REVIEWS
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Atom8 is a spread betting broker. Atom 8 offers the MT4, Mobile and Atom8 Trader forex trading platform. Atom8.com offers over 40 forex currency pairs, cfds, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.


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Atom8.com profile provided by Atom8 Representative, Nov 24, 2015

My name is David Andrews, one of Atom8's founders. 

Atom8 offers direct market access (DMA) for global* retail and institutional FX traders (FX, CFD and spread betting accounts) on the leading FX platform. 

Atom8 offers traders around the world industry-leading technology, excellent service, a wide range of products, platforms, apps, and third-party tools, all at a very low cost.

Key benefits :

-        Over 40 FX Pairs & 20 CFDs. Available on Atom8 Trader Pro (Java) Or MT4 Platforms; 

·         Partnering with leading IT provider to reduce latency between trading server and location of client trade station;

·         Dynamic spread/commission policies;

·         Authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and based in London with a strong compliance culture (e.g. segregated client funds);

·         Founded by JP Morgan exotic derivatives legal & compliance officer;

·         Pure agency model broker (ECN/STP) – No conflict of interest;

·         Multiple liquidity options:

o   Private ECN – 17 Bank LPs – no Last-look window and ultra-low rejection inter-bank retail feed (servers in LD4 and LD5);

o   Standard ECN retail feed (Leverage up to 400:1) – available on MT4 and Atom8 Trader Pro (Java); and

o   We also have the ability to create private pools for high-value traders/funds.

·         Customisable trading fees to enhance strategy performance;

·         Multiple platform offering – MT4, Atom8 Trader Pro (Java), FIX API, iOS and Android mobile platforms;

·         Connections to value-added service providers (EA coding, strategy creation, education); and

·         Launching indices and commodities in Q1, 2015 in addition to gold and silver CFDs and 50 currencies

Connect on social media and follow us! 

We have no dealing desk and don't trade against you. Your success is ours! 


David Andrews 

Founder & Partner, Atom8 Financial Services LLP 

DL: +44(0)20 3405 3914 Email: [email protected] 

Risk Warning 

Margin trading can be risky & is not suitable for all investors. No communications on this site are offers or solicitations to purchase or sell any instrument or an invitation or inducement to engage in investment activity. Market commentary strictly for educational purposes only. www.atom8.com 

Atom8 Financial Services LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FRN 590299 

*Excl. US & Canada **T&Cs apply.see less


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3.293 · 13 REVIEWS
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Apr 27, 2017,
Registered user

One of the best brokers I deal with.

I have been trading with these guys for over a year now, and they seem to be a broker where you can park sizeable funds. I believe their spreads are much better than many FCA regulated brokers out there. Also I have never faced any problems with my profit withdrawals or full capital withdrawals.

I would suggest Atom8 as a broker to anyone who is tired of brokers ripping you off your pockets.
London, United Kingdom,
Feb 13, 2017,
Registered user

Their developer conned me out of $500!

So I came to these guys looking for somebody to code an EA for me, to which they pointed me to a guy they'd "been using for years". He told me the total cost of me EA would be $2000, which I thought was a bit steep, but agreed to pay $500 upfront with the rest when he'd completed it.

He said it would take around 2 weeks to code, and I tried to be in some sort of contact with him most days to see how it was going. After two weeks he said he needed more time still (his replies were getting more and more infrequent), so I agreed and eventually a month and a half on from our initial contact, he said he'd finished the EA. But what he sent me was totally incorrect, the rules were totally different from what I'd asked for. So I explained the rules again and he said he'd need another $500 to rewrite the code. I said this wasnt acceptable as it was his error that had produced the fault and not mine (I hadnt reexplained the rules any differently) when I then spoke to my contact at Atom8 he said he'd have a word - but then never got back to me.

While waiting, I got a guy on MQL5.com to code it for $100 and he'd finished it by the end of the day exactly the way I wanted it.

Now 4 months on from the initial contact and I write to my contact at Atom8 again and he says he no longer works there, and the developer has deleted me on skype. All in all this company has just conned me out of $500. Do not go near this broker!
Saudi Arabia,
Oct 15, 2016,

I have been trading with them for a while and they are not the one that you want to trust your money with. I Funded my accounts multiple times but they drained me out. They do all that the market makers does and more. They hang the Mt4 platform so that you are not able to close your trade when you are in profit especially in high volatility moves and not necessarily in news time . In Short run for your life and enjoy your money in a decent restaurant, otherwise give it to charity for the needy people. This is not my sole experience, look up the web and you will find many who share such opinion .
Hampshire, United Kingdom,
Apr 17, 2016,

I've been using Atom8 for approx. 8 months now and am extremely happy with them. They have top notch platforms along with fantastic execution. What really impresses me is their customer service which I have to say is the best I've seen within the industry. I would highly recommend them.
Gabriel Udoh,
Abuja,FCT, Nigeria,
Dec 22, 2015,

I have searched for a reliable broker for years until I found Atom8.No conflict of interest,fast execution,excellent customer support,easy withdrawals.I recommend them to anybody who sincerely wants a good trading environment.
Vienna, Austria,
Dec 10, 2015,

Waiting on my WD for more than a week - it sounds it will be more than a delay ! They approve to send my money latest up to today - but I see it already in MT4

I think we have to open an case!
Reply by David Rapp submitted Dec 14, 2015:
Dear Tom, You submitted your request for a withdrawal on a Sunday. We attempt to process all withdrawals within 24 hours of receipt. As Monday was the first business day we saw your request this would give us until Tuesday to process your withdrawal. Your funds were sent on Thursday for which we have already apologised to you for as we were in constant communication over this time. At worst your withdrawal was delayed by 2 days, not for over 1 week as you have stated. Kind regards, Atom8 Support
Poltava, Ukraine,
Nov 19, 2015,

Disgusting running support !!!
10000 times think before opening an account.
Reply by Atom8 Representative submitted Nov 24, 2015:
Hi Roman & other FPA readers The supporting documents submitted were not approved by our Compliance team and we had emailed you about this also. We are an FCA regulated firm and have arguably more stringent requirements for Account opening than other Brokers. We will continue to support you Roman in finding a solution and hope to serve your trading soon. If you have any issues with our support, please provide evidence of what you felt fell below standards and we will investigate. Best wishes Atom8 Support
, Singapore,
Nov 19, 2015,

I have opened FIX API account with them for my engine requires very short market order fill latency for high frequency trading.
> 95% of my orders are filled within 10ms!

Good customer support experience too!
Sep 28, 2015,

The Best Broker ever.Best execution,Best customer support and the best ever.fast withdrawals.
D. Nisbet,
UK, United Kingdom,
Jul 19, 2015,

I've been interested in financial trading since 2001 and have been exclusively trading forex since 2004. I was in fact one of the very first people to leave a review on this site way back when it was known by the less PC (but far more honest) name of ForexBastards and when the owner-cum-ordained minister, Dmitri Chavkerov, was still going by the pseudonym, Felix Homogratus. In this time I've experienced the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of trading systems, regulatory bodies, other market participants and yes, brokers. It's a cut-throat world, full of false promises and chicanery.

Hard as it is to find a consistently profitable method of trading, it is by no means the only hurdle which needs to be overcome in order to be successful. Up there with sufficient capitalisation and 'having your sh** together', psychologically speaking, is the necessity of finding a brokerage which will work with you as a client in order to fulfil your ambitions, not against you. This may seem like a bizarre concept for newcomers to the markets: "aren't ALL brokers in your corner?", you may ask. The answer is a big fat NO! They want you to sign on the dotted line, they want your deposit and they want you to trade often so they can live off the spread and/or generated commissions, but the overwhelming majority don't give a rat's ass about whether you sink or swim. I've been through more brokers than most people reading this have had hot dinners. It doesn't matter what type of broker either, as I've run the gamut from third world market makers to the biggest and (so called) most prestigious prime-of-prime operations. I've been through so many simply because I am good at making money and when I win, either my broker or their liquidity provider loses. Unsurprisingly, they don't like this and so I have had to lead a gypsy existence, hopping from firm to firm and being responsible for great swathes of the Amazon rainforest to be torn down in order to supply the paper for all my account applications. That was until I discovered Atom8 at the beginning of 2014...

They'd only been in operation for a for a few months when I found their website. Actually, this isn't quite true. A friend of mine from Poland (thanks, Hyoobz!) was the one who found them and who informed me of their existence after having read an online interview with their CEO. I am very glad that he did find them, for in spite of my world weary cynicism and general contempt for all things brokerishy (not a word, but my review = my rules, ok?) I decided that I'd give them a go. My thinking at the time was that as this was a new company they were probably still very green and that I'd be able to ... how shall I put this delicately.... 'screw them blind', before being kicked out! That was my thought process going in. But these buggers had to completely shatter my worldview by being the one thing I never expected from any brokerage anywhere in existence - decent human beings. I learned humility very quickly and have nothing but praise and admiration for the Atom8 team. From the range of platforms and leverage to the ease of withdrawals and deep liquidity, they provide nothing but excellence across the board. Most remarkably, I have finally found a place which really does allow me to trade unhindered and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I don't give out faint praise; Atom8 are in my estimation the best brokerage on the planet and I feel very lucky to have a trading account with them.