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TradeItSimple.com (Martin Janson) Review

Updated: Nov 20, 2018
4.727 · 10 REVIEWS
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TradeItSimple.com (Martin Janson)

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TradeItSimple.com (Martin Janson) profile provided by IK Trade It SImple, Jan 21, 2015


IK Trade It Simple provides free Forex education on their website tradeitsimple.com. With over 50 educational videos on YouTube channel TheTradeItSimple they focuse on delivering the information in a simple, easy understandable and fun way. Videos ar made with white board animation and has something to learn either you are a beginner or advanced trader.

By high request from their current followers Trade It Simple recently launched E-mail Signal Subscription Service. Delivering real time Entry, Take-profit, Stop-loss details along with Trade Updates.

Trade It Simple continues to develop and is working on an Online Forex School which is launching in early spring 2015.

Other ways to follow:

Facebook: tradeitsimple

Twitter: TradeItSimple


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4.727 · 10 REVIEWS
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Sauliai, Lithuania,
Mar 24, 2017,

Best forex signals

Best signal provider ive been with. Signals are easy to follow and to manage as tehy are long term.

mike T,
, USA,
Mar 21, 2015,

I have been with Martin for about 9 months now and with his signal service since beginning in December. Martin uses careful risk management. Growth has been slow and steady but beats losing. The only complaint I would say is that the take profits are sometimes too wide. Once it hits first target, often doesn't go to second target. We move stop loss to break even and usually a nice profit goes to break even.... He answers my email in a timely manner and respectfully and honestly.... I have been with many signal services that promise the moon and deliver pain. Martin promises nothing and delivers a good steady return. Thank you!!
Rīga, Latvia,
Feb 9, 2015,

I found Martin and tradeitsimple.com through their educational videos on youtube. It helped me a great lot so I decided to try his trade alerts. Till now I am very satisfied.
Midlands, United Kingdom,
Feb 8, 2015,

Good and honest service which I have used for a couple of months. I have had winning and losing trades but as they have good risk management I am up overall with good profit. I can recommend the service as there are no false claims and I use this as an addition to my own trading.
Riga, Latvia,
Feb 1, 2015,

I have been with trade it simple for a month and so far have only had winning trades. I agree with everyone else here, that they have great money management. Unlike other services I've tried, they also have good customer support. Never wait longer than hour for an answer to any question I have.
I really do recommend this service - its a great value for money.
Riga, Latvia,
Jan 27, 2015,

Their signal service is really superb. Martin helped me personally, when I was just gambling, instead of trading, I've learned so much from him, especially about managing risk and being consistent with it. I started following his trade ideas before he started the service and I don't think he's had more than 4% DD in all this time
Geneva, Switzerland,
Jan 22, 2015,

I have been following Trade it Simple for 2 months only and haven't been very constant with positions taking so far especially at year end.
I agree with Agnes with the fact that there aren't many signals as I don't trade every currencies, but it's not what I expect from such a service because I know by experience that slow profit are safer than aggressive advice.
I like very much how their ideas are described with simplicity, picking up only major fundamentals news and without trying to justify with heavy technical analysis explanations. To me, Trade it Simpls is consistent and credible.
Enyi George,
Port Harcourt, Nigeria,
Jan 21, 2015,

I've been using their signal from the first day they started and am really impressed with their signal, their money management system is the best...
Nottingham, United Kingdom,
Jan 21, 2015,

Started following trade it simple more than half a year ago, before the signal service. Liked trading ideas/strategy straight away. I am a follower of naked price action trading myself. In time it proved itself and now makes a great addition to my trading and with trade it simple and its signal service my trading improved a lot.
Thanks for the service. Keep it up!
Riga, Latvia,
Jan 15, 2015,

I have been with trade it simple since the first day they started their service, but have been following them for about half year.

The first month I lost 1% of my account, but in the second month I haven't lost even one trade and my account is up by 4%.

There aren't many signals, but those that are there usually bring in hundreds of pips. I also follow closely their risk management and it's mostly about safety instead of tons of profit.

To sum up - it's slow but steady and I guess that's what I am looking for from this kind of service.