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Updated: Jun 28, 2018
4.077 · 4 REVIEWS
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The VortexTraderPro is a forex expert advisor. The Vortex Trader Pro automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on a live accont by Forex Peace Army. The VortexTraderPro forex robot is not a scalper, not a grid trader, not a martingale system.

VortexTraderPro.com (Doug Price)

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StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Vortex Trader PRO+2.6126.4+2,473.17

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4.077 · 4 REVIEWS
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
May 7, 2015,

I think it´s very good! So far so good... I started in Feb. with Pepperstone and by comparing my trades with Doug´s trades, sometimes I had more trades than Doug and sometimes he had more trades and sometimes when we both had trades mine had better open position than his, but sometimes he had better ones. So for the pips to not be too different he implementend a Copier, so we can copy all his trades...so I decided to use this Copier and so far so good.

We had 2 big loss in April, but I was luck to start in Feb., so I had time to make good profit before the big loss, so that did not impacted me that much.

When I did purchase the Rev Trader Pro, before the Vortex, I did not like and asked for the refund and had no problem to get the refund....but not sure what happened with our friend here Kuah who is complaning.

Doug´s support is also good for me, always replies to my emails.
Ralph MacDermott,
Nova Scotia, Canada,
Apr 29, 2015,

I purchased Vortex in March and it started trading on March 20 with $1495. As of April 24 the balance is $3227. No losers so far. Trading .5 lots.
Doug has been very good with any concerns I have had. Very happy with this product and Highly recommend it.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Apr 16, 2015,

Hi, I have bought this Robot and have been tracking the movement between Doug and my MT4 trades to ensure what Doug does is same as what happens in my MT4. It does work exactly the same. I also noticed Doug is very professional in trading and he really keep an eye on the trade to figure out the best time to trade and to keep the losses to the minimum. What would I say so. He opened a trade on the 16th April 2015 GBPUSD Buy. The trade went downtrend and had spent a long time to bounce back to the Buy starting line. Once it hits the line, Doug executed the trade immediately and it went downtrend again. He tried his best to save up our money even though he has 70k in his account. I really admire his professionalism in trading and his robot really works best and real, I highly recommend this robot to anyone who doesn't believe in this product. I guarantee this work and really bring profit to you. If you are interested to purchase this product, you may click this link.



Don't waste time for more hesitation, the more hesitation you have, the more profit you lose from Doug's Trading Strategy - Vortex Trader Pro.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Mar 31, 2015,

This is how this scam operated!!!! He refused to comply with his refund policy.... and when the victims shout in the discussion area at MYFXbook.... he'll BLOCKed them. That's easy! For the NEW traders who plan to BUY any of Doug products :


I've been requesting the Refund for up to 4 weeks now & still refused to make that refund. He always came up with excuses that he got lots of emails to response to. But it's not even 5 minutes to complete a Paypal if he really honest about refunding.

For those who already bought his EAs, if you've more than 4 loses twice.... it'll wiped away your entire account 80%. Because the stop loss is to wide just to get a small profit. You need to Start to request for your REFUND while you still can. Whatever you trade or which broker you trade... even SynergyFX (this is the broker he uses), YOU WILL NEVER GET THE SAME TRADES WHEN YOU COMPARE THAN HIS.

DOG is manipulating the trades or the history records to be green just to trap peoples & make money from your purchase. When he has that money in his hands, he will never give that money back to you NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

This Doug is not HONEST..... & he is not the one who he claimed to be!!! I was blocked after few posts asking about my refund,. TRADE WISE FELLOW FRIENDS!!!

FOR YOU DOUG, I just want to tell you that you won't get away from stealing peoples money & than feed your family with it!! That money will bring you & all the people you fed DISEASES. You will die like rats!!!

As I said..... I will expose this CRIMINAL ACT of yours DOG!!!! In every FOREX FORUMS you can imagine. LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!

I doubt that Doug is even his real name. Alotta Scammers like this nowadays. If I need to enclose my purchase proof, I will do so. Please let peoples know that don't judge the Good Trades from the result in the myFXBook.

One thing that I know, he is selling the EA. EA is supposed to be Auto Advisor. But he didn't fully trade Auto in his account. We will never know his both ea's Entry/Exit rules but he does. His promo just to get the money out of your pocket. When you hear about these two EAS of his, please beware:
REV PRO trader & Vortex Trader PRO.

Don't do the mistake I did. His ea's aren't cheap though.

Take Care