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Updated: Nov 15, 2018
3.47 · 21 REVIEWS
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MTrading has opened a nominee account with Admiral Markets AS, which is used to execute customers’ orders on MTrading platform in connection to Admiral Markets’ servers.  If you are an MTrading client, this is the correct page to leave your review on.

Other websites of this company include MTrading.in, MTrading.my, and MTrading.sg.  Related sites include Umarkets.com

MTrading is an online forex broker. MTrading offers the MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. MTrading.com offers over 25 forex currency pairs, indices, cfds, stocks, fossil fuels and precious metals for your personal investment and trading options.


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MTrading.com profile provided by Scott D, Aug 17, 2018

MTrading, which was established back in 2013, is an online broker that allows trading currency pairs, precious metals, stocks, indices, cryptos and fossil fuels. The company is committed to ensuring that you get the best trading experience in every type of financial market. MTrading operates in key cities in Asia-Pacific and the emerging markets of Africa and South America.

MTrading gives its clients simple, easy access to every type of financial market through state-of-the-art software, supporting them with valuable information, competitive terms, numerous payment systems, a lively community and responsive service.


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3.47 · 21 REVIEWS
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Limassol, Cyprus,
Aug 18, 2018,


There are quite a lot of companies like that on the market right now, but it's quite difficult to find reliable ones among them. That's why I want to share my experience in trading with mtrading. I should probably start with the trading conditions – this broker has standard and very flexible terms, e.g. the leverage may vary up to 1:1000, which I personally find very convenient. Besides, the spread is also quite adequate, so it's really comfortable to trade there. Speaking of money withdrawls, there are no problems with that even though I've been trading with this broker for more than half a year. I've withdrawn money via different payment systems. You receive everything on time, which is the most important criterion when choosing a briker, in my opinion. I'm generally satisfied with this company. I'll keep trading there, I hope this broker will keep growing and developping.
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam,
Jul 26, 2018,
Registered user

Good spread and excellent support

Excellent Broker.
As a trader in Vietnam, I was introduced by many Vietnameses people to trade Forex and CFDs at Mtrading.
First, the broker has very good spread including Forex and CFDs Stocks. For example, the spread is 4 pips for 100 Alibaba's stocks. Also, they have Pro-account to reduce Fx spread like only 2 pips for 1 lot EURUSD.
Second, they provide a good strategy. Everyday, they post signal and strategy on their own website https://mtrading.com/analytics/technical-analysis/. Eventhough I just a newbie in this industry, I statisfied the support from them and have a good result for my account.
I have recommended Mtrading to many Vietnamese traders for their best supporter in the Forex and CFDs life
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam,
Jul 23, 2018,
Registered user

All good accept deposit processing too long.

I have traded with MTrading for 6 months. Quite impressed with their services: Withdraw fast from 3-4 hours from Nganluong, fast executive, less slippage. And they decreased trading fee a week ago at MPro account then become lowest in Vietnam as I know (EU 0.2 pip, commission $4/lot).
But the deposit processing is still slowly, from 15-30 mins from Nganluong. Very inconvinient when account is being weakly.
Russian Federation,
Jun 27, 2018,

About tye Mtrading broker

One of my broker is mtrading. It has two types of accounts: mpremium and mpro. Min deposit on premium is $100, on pro it's $1000. MT4 trading platform super edition is convenient, in my opinion. You can download it from the website for free. Spreads aren't annoying either. You can trade many assets: shares, indices, commodities, currency pairs and even cryptocurrency. There are only 5 types of it, but it's quite enough for me. I'm not saying anything about currency pairs. There are so many of them, but the broker has divided them into the basic and exotic ones for some reason. I've traded the pair of australian dollar and swiss franc recently. I closed the order with a good profit. I was surprised myself. Mtrading offers interesting bonuses, iphone 10 for example. But I'd change the terms of the bonuses. Why would I need an iphone 10, if I'm able to deposit $5000. If I had this amount of spare money, I would buy an iphone myself.
Jun 22, 2018,
Registered user

mtrading is supereb broker. i have account with this broker. i am fully stasfied with thier services.... keep going
May 17, 2018,

Mtrading is a great broker for traders that love good service

When I started trading on Mtrading, I deposited $300 straight away, and then after a month I deposited $1k more. I'm slowly increasing my deposit. The broker is loyal to its clients, I don't see any signs of fraud. The execution is quite acceptable, both for scalping and for the medium-term orders. The terminal is convenient and the mobile versions for Android and IOS have appeared not so long ago.

About bonuses. Personally, I find all these bonuses annoying, as well as the fact that you need to work them off. I've never used it with any broker and I'm not going to. But it`s your choice to use it or not.

This broker has a good customer support. They answer any questions very quickly and informatively.

There's a demo account for beginners, and actually $100 for an mpremium account is also a reasonable amount. Speaking of mpro, the minimal deposit is $1000, but it's probably not a good idea to invest big amounts straight away. But if you are an experienced trader, that's maybe should be your choice.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Mar 11, 2018,

Before now,MTrading proof to us that,they regulated,l use the broker in Nigeria without issue,they even gave me,we miss you bonus of $100,though l lost it due to my fault. They are good to that effect.But they need to clear the area of Regulations since l am planning to join again but l want a reliable and secure broker l can stay with for a long time
Reply by Scott D submitted Jul 11, 2018:
Hello Sunday,

we have taken steps to get a better protection for our clients and as a result, acquired Financial Commission A- category license which protects your funds up to 20,000USD

Even though there was a short period of time we didn't have this protection, our clients were always our priority and as you can see from the reviews, there were no issues for clients.

I hope this answers your question :)
Russian Federation,
Feb 27, 2018,

Broker with good instruments for traders

I trade with MTrading quite a time. Recently they added autochartist to available functionality. And i want to say, that it`s really good. You can subscribe to get emails 3 times daily with market analysis. But don`t think that this tool will give you "ready to use" signals. You should combine analytics you get with your trading strategy. That`s only way to be profitable. When i only started to trade - i made this mistake and rely on other people's or services advices. I`m glad that i had a chance to test my strategy and this broker didn`t interfere me. As a conclusion, take your time to test strategy and choose brokers with good reputation. That`s the only way to have succcess in forex.
Russian Federation,
Feb 13, 2018,
Registered user

As promised. U can try

I bought into their limited time offer 0.0 2018 BTC, deposited $400 on the account, and traded eurusd, until I drained all my money on yet another retracement... But it's understandable that I got upset, but the broker didn't deceive me and gave me back 200$ as promised. So I can say it keeps it's word.
Nov 10, 2017,

Unregulated and Unsafe

M Trading has withdrawn its Membership from https://financialcommission.org.

As well, it is no longer regulated with IFSC Belize. It is removed from the list https://www.ifsc.gov.bz/licensed-service-providers/list-f/

I have done business with M Trading and never had a problem but not doing business anymore.
Reply by Scott D submitted Jul 11, 2018:
Hello Anand,

Thank you for your concerns and comments.

Everything was done to take the next steps for improving our services for clients. Sometimes you have to take one step backwards before you can take 2 steps forward. This is bureaucracy :)

If you check the Financialcommission page now, you will see that instead of our old B-Category, there is an active A-category license, which means that our clients are protected better than ever :)

I hope this answers your concerns.
Kind Regards,