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Updated: Mar 1, 2024
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iOCBC is a singaporean stock and forex broker. iOCBC offers securities, derivatives, leveraged forex and futures trading. iOCBC offers iOCBC desktop and mobile platform for stocks and forex trading.
2.579 • 2 REVIEWS

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Alex Tan
Oct 28, 2010,

Have been trading on iOCBCfx since August 2010.

But unlike CK Tan mentioned a few years ago, the trading application is not web based. It is an application that has to be downloaded and installed.

I find iOCBCfx easy to use and the spread actually not too bad. The Dow Jones news is still there and the charting is quite acceptable for me.

While the ID and password are still sent by snail mail, I find the overall experience dealing with them quite OK. BTW, they are now even 2FA enabled.

Oh yes, they still charge commission. But after weighing the pros and cons, i.e. they do not have a prop desk trading against me, and I do get some dealers to speak to when I need to. I decided to open account with them.
CK Tan
Apr 16, 2007,

This broker is a bank-backed brokerage house by OCBC Bank, one of the largest bank in Singapore so you can be assured that your money is safe with them. However, if you look at the website, you can tell it has not been updated for years. This lack of support for a website may make you wonder why would you want to trade with them. Makes them look sloppy and unprofessional. Once you have opened an account with them, which can take a long time, you will receive your id and password by snail mail. When you do log in, you think that you have step back in time when online trading first came on in the nineties. Of course, you can be nostalgic about things but heh, you are trading your money. It has the basic charting system and news from Dow Jones. The spreads are wide and they still have the gumption to charge you commission! Well, anything for safety of funds. What can I say? If you want your money safe and sound with a reputable broker, this is it. But if you think trading cost and good platform is your requirement, please stay from here.