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Updated: Aug 21, 2019
1.935 · 27 REVIEWS
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About Tradeo.com

Tradeo is a forex broker. Tradeo offers the MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. Tradeo.com offers over 65 forex currency pairs, indices, stocks, cfds and commodities for your personal investment and trading options.


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1.935 · 27 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Frank Baker,
Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Mar 29, 2016,

Tradeo's spreads for Forex spread betting are enormous and detract from any profits you make. A £5 profit was costing me £5- 10 in spread costs. The front end interface is great but, having cut my teeth on Tradeo, I got fed up financing their spreads. Several of my positions were closed out at a loss by their "Risk Management" system after as little as one week. I lost £100 on one position, that was costing me pennies to keep open.
On EURGBP Tradeo's spread is 135 pips -I can get 8 elsewhere! On EURCHF it's 210 and I now get 30!
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam,
Mar 8, 2016,

Trade is a reputable business, better service quality and liquidity. If the liquidity faster execution within 24 hours, I think Tradeo successfully and quickly have an important position in the global
Mississauga, Canada,
Feb 25, 2016,

I discovered Forex trading and Tradeo in August 2015. Since joining Tradeo and being new to this type of trading, I also signed up for courses through an unrelated company in the USA. When I related to my Account Manager at the educational facility how my Account Manager at Tradeo is in constant skype contact with me, and has actually phoned me unsolicited, to explain and guide me in my transactions, he was flabbergasted. His response was, “that is very unusual as most brokers could care less”. I can assure you, I am one of the very small accounts. I have had several withdrawals and have received them within 5 days. I find their “social networking” aspect useful and very helpful and have had positive experiences from the networking aspect of this site. I have looked at other forex brokerages, in Canada and the USA and felt absolutely lost in the maze of difficult platforms and was actually intimidated by the website platforms they use to trade on. I have been promised a lot of “advice and instruction”, resulting in actual promises of “you will never have to worry about money again”, for a fee, from these “established and reliable brokers” while I have received on going instructional advice from my Account Manager at Tradeo for free and many times unsolicited by me. My Account Manager has informed me many times on how fast you can lose your money on a “badly placed trade” and to keep my lot sizes low, and the value of basic Forex principles. When I have had a difficulty, it was responded and resolved within a reasonable timeframe. So far, my experience has been good and educational and I have not had the difficulties that some of my friends have had with their brokerages.
Vilnius, Lithuania,
Feb 25, 2016,

I started work with Tradeo in September 2015. Company is 100 % NOT SCAM.
Like in every company there are good things and things to improve.
The main reason I joined it - it is possibility to copy traders on platform and save your valuable time.
From September I copied one trader, the results for 5 months were fantastic. Later my trader had 2 weeks bad period (it is normal) and I hope he will continue to make me profit. The most important thing is to find really good trader to copy. Before start copying on real account you must and have possibility to check trader on demo account (you can have several demo accounts and try diferent traders and strategies).
There is social feed and chat - here you can get many advices from all traders online - it is also very valuable thing.
Reagarding support - in my case maybe I'm lucky that I have really good account manager, who responces to my emails mostly by phone call and we solve all problems quickly.

Things to improve:
1. Internet Tradeo platform is often crashing, it would be very god to avoid such things. But - you can trade using MT4 platform, it is always stabile, no problems at all. And if you trade by your own - it is NECESSARY to have MT4.
2. Money withdrawal. First time it took about 10 days, later about 5 working days. If you are patient and not withdraw every 20 $ you earned - no problems. It always come t your account.
3. Traders statistic - it is not easy to find good trader using filter, I think statistic is not very accurate.

In general I am really happy with this broker. I see here big opportunities with really nice and usefull features for even not experienced traders. My Rating is Good !
London., United Kingdom,
Jan 29, 2016,

I reviewed last month about my withdrawal, finally I got my money. later than it should have been.after tens of emails which are never answered the same day, usually 2 or 3 days later, explaining that the money has to be sent by their partner as they are not an independent broker yet. very nice explanation. just like the chat, they never answered me, instead they send me an email 2 days later saying sorry we missed your chat, very helpful?!!!.
I did commit 2 mistakes when I started trading this platform, and that was it for my account manager, anything I wanted to claim was another mistake of mine. I have over 5 years experience in trading, of course I commit mistakes, every body does. That does not mean it is always another my mistake.
others issues I had were the take profit positions which were moved by mystery, a trade that should have been a winner of 150£ ended winning 2£, the take profit was moved which I definitely didnt, no explanation was given, Be careful using your phone or tablet, as the one click trade might open a position as you try to extend the screen, mysterious, well it happened, but more mysterious was that the mentioned position was closed by take profit at a loosing point which I never placed that take profit, as I decided to wait as the position was recovering. it is impossible to place a take profit by 1 click, you have to press take profit, place the correspondent number, in this case 5 digit number and then confirm, which I haver never placed. No explanation was given. my account manager had the ability to remind me of the mistakes I committed the first day of trading this platform. he assumed it was my fault again. but absolutely it was not. I did not place that take profit on that mysterious trade.

2015-12-14 1Star
Review: it has been a night mare working with this broker. finally I decided to withdraw my money and when you make the transaction it tells you allow 3 to 5 working days. after 8 working days the money still showing in my balance, they are not answering my emails to explain why the money is still in my account, as I was told that accounting has already made a request to the bank to pay me, which is evidently false as the money still showing in my balance; finally I talked to the account manager by phone using another phone number as my number was never answered after my withdraw request, He said they had thousands of clients and dont worry you will get paid, didnt say when , To clarify, the money is my own deposit, no bonus, no profit.I will review if I ever get paid.
Awful experience, never ever again.
Bardo, Poland,
Jan 7, 2016,

My problem have been solved. I'll write another review later, when I'll withdraw (or not).

2016-01-04 1Star ZERO, literally Z-E-R-O contact with support. There must be no support at all. I don't even want to imagine how withdrawal will looks like. They organised contest and didn't reward winners, a great way to waste my time. I HIGHLY NOT RECOMMEND TRADEO!
Vancouver, Canada,
Oct 20, 2015,

So far i'm unsure and uneasy about this broker, noone has posted a successful withdrawal. i'm getting close to a point where i can withdraw my funds (all gained from the 25$ free credit). I have read reviews of people in this same situation having their account zeroed out for no reason. I will update my review when the withdraw does or does not happen. My current rating is based PURELY on the experience before the withdrawal - so far!
Dublin, Ireland (Really Israel),
Sep 11, 2015,

I am satisfied with this broker.
I started with Tradeo about 6 months ago and I had no experience ones or ever in the FX market before I got started. At ffirst I started with copying a few traders but I got too scared when they had draw-downs so I pretty much lost about 20% of my account. Thankfully I got a very professional training from my account manager (Jay) and to day I can say that I profited back my losses and more :-)
Love this company and really command to others

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Bratislava, Slovakia,
Aug 18, 2015,

I tried trading at Tradeo and my feelings are confused.

On one hand, support team is kind and responds quickly. On the other hand, there were plenty unprofessional things which happened to me - the guys have WRONG account number written, so when I deposited money, the transaction had to be fixed by bank and of course I was charged for that service by the bank (on Tradeo's side). Tradeo did not refund me it (it was a small amount, but I am talking about the principle). They promise to provide 1 to 1 FX training and they called me about it - I agreed on some time and date - but I was badly suprised, nobody called me then...And the last thing, this summer they decided to change their broker (as they are a social trading layer sitting on top of some FX service) and they announced it something like 10 days before - I had to opt out and stay with the former broker as I had some open positions...

The social trading platform is not bad, but there are some features missing - empty drawdown numbers, no necessary minimum equity.

I think they are not scammers or nothing like that, but in my opinion, they should improve these things.