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Updated: Dec 15, 2018
1.558 · 42 REVIEWS
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July 2017: There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with IQ Option unless this issue can be resolved.

IQOption is a forex broker. IQ Option offers the Mobile trading currency platforms. IQOption.com offers over 15 currency pairs, cryptocurrency, cfds, binary option and ETFs for your personal investment and trading options.


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1.558 · 42 REVIEWS
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Dec 1, 2018,

The Rules, Before you play the GAME!!!!

a lot of people keep telling IQ Option is a scam, although all what i heard from people i decided to try, i lost a lot of money because i was not aware of most of the rules.
more than one time i chatted with customer support over there, which i found the they are super fast in replaying "thanks guys you rocks".
after i lost the money, i decided to do it again
i deposit 250 usd after 5 days i turned into 833 usd.
day trading all day and all night in forex/crypto/commod.
then i withdraw the money and i received it withing 72 working hours.
all of it without even 1 usd as a commission
Thanks guys, you ROCKS.
South Africa,
Nov 2, 2018,
Registered user


I am from South Africa.

I traded with IQ option for about 2 years. I started making constant profit since about April 2018. My first couple of withdrawals had no problems. I withdrawn money to my credit card and also to Neteller this year. After I requested a withdrawal in July for $4500, they blocked my account. Nearly 30 emails and many phone calls later, I received an email from IQ option stating termination of my account reason being:
"the Client has not reached the age of maturity in the country which he is resident or citizen."
I am 45 years old and they have all my ID documentation to proof this. If this was true they wouldn't have verified my account.


Benjie Banadera,
Oct 27, 2018,


You can never withdraw your profit and even your capital..completely SCAM..!!!!!!!!!!!
Singapore, Singapore,
Oct 8, 2018,
Registered user

Price manipulation

They will manipulate the price movements. It’s too hard to believe at first because of the winnings, easy withdrawals etc. But soon you will be addicted to it and you gonna lose everything you had. I have lost around 35,000 so far. I do recommend everyone to stay away from it and save yourself and your loved ones. Choose something better but not these binary options.
ITALY, Italy,
Sep 21, 2018,
Registered user

Changed spread from 0.3% to 21%


I think that inform peoples about IQOPTION Scam&tricks is a MUST.
Take the asset: RESMED INC.

IQOPTION use this trick - ATTENTION

1. Check the afterhours (day before today) low and high of the price. If the price yesterday closed at 112.00 and during the afterhours (on NYSE) the price touched the level 107.00, IQOption let the price today opens with the GAP DOWN (even if the first price available is absolutely not related to the afterhours price).

2. In this way all the peoples who have a BUY orders will see the account with -25/-40% loss. At that point you are not able to place a correct buy order from 107.00 since they charge all the gap movement + spread against you as new spread, so if you click at 107.00 they charge more than 21-25% (normal spread on IQoption Resmed is 0.3%) they place your order at 113.00

Changing spread from 0.3% to 21% is SCAM.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Aug 25, 2018,
Registered user

All is ok

I dont have any problem with iq option till now. I register when they partner with Aston Martin Racing. I can depo and withdraw anytime. Depo is instant. But withdraw 4 days. Sometime i email their support if any problem. They will reply 24 hours. But they bit delay execute order 2 sec because standard account. If u reach vip execute fast and withdraw 24 hour. So far no problem if u verify with them.
mohamed sabir,
nador, Morocco,
Aug 8, 2018,
Registered user

excellent suppoert , no withdrawal essus

i don't know why people says iq option is a scam i work with them with any problems you just have to add real information in your account because any wrong info will cause you problems however iq option support team are ecxellent and can help you to fix your problems , there's millions of traders prefer Iq option and i am one of them
colombo, Sri Lanka,
Jul 29, 2018,
Registered user

100% Scam Dealing desk

100% market makers.scam broker.never use this.OTC market is hell of your money so no any official price.they will making market.clearly bull****
Jul 21, 2018,

scam, very not recommended

100% scam they reduce my profit around 80% during high impact news , not recommended. when I asked their rep. the answer is that they didn't find any mistakes due to my recuded profit.
Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Jun 21, 2018,
Registered user

IQ Option Scam Platform

First of all, I will offer a brief presentation about me:
My name is Nestor David Benitez, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
My IQ Option account is No. 11466182.
Below I will detail everything that happens with this Broker:
Although before in a separate point, I want to comment that this is not the first opportunity I have problems with this broker, in the middle of last year (2017) I suffered an unwanted income in the account (hacking) by a spam email I received and I naively review and by this means they entered my account and made operations in it and emptied my account for a total of 500 usd in the first instance after that I made the corresponding claim and they said that they would not be responsible for said operations performed outside of my consent, however I was reimbursed $ 375 after this, I stopped using the broker for a while.
Until again, the one that my account manager Lilian Castellanos called me telling me that they would give me a 50 usd bond with which I could trade and the profits I got could be with the bonus, I made several transactions with that amount, with it I got a total of 90 usd and after that I deposited a new account 200 usd, to operate for larger amounts and get more benefits, but to my surprise the next day the same thing happened to my account and they made operations outside of my consent and in this opportunity the broker no longer made me any kind of refund and at that moment I decided to delete my account in order to prevent this type of situation from happening again, and I passed to another broker called BD Swiss, which in a short time I left to use because this only allowed operations for a maximum of 500 usd in binary options and I wanted to do operations for higher amounts in order to maximize my profits.
But, as previously they had entered my account without my consent (hack) I decided to implement certain security measures in order to have better control of my privacy in my account so I hired a vps, which allowed me to host my accounts in a place physically away from my geographical position and I could enter the same account by logging in remotely to the vps and use it with greater security this method is implemented in the use of other brokers, after the hacking of my account in IQ Option, these brokers were BD Swiss, ETX Capital, Core Liquidity Markets, Solidary Markets, Highlow, etc., and although all are good brokers, I was often changed because each imposed limits on the maximum number of possible transactions in binary options from 250 usd to 500 usd per transaction and this made it difficult the power to obtain greater benefits when operating.
Therefore, request again the reopening of my account in IQ Option, and this may be the worst decision I could make in these circumstances since from that day I began to have an innumerable amount of problems, which I will be detailing in this section , from the point that I contacted again by email to my previous account adviser of IQ Option called Lilian Castellanos, this in a short period I managed to enable the account again simply by requesting some basic identity documents after this make a deposit of 2500 usd to apply to a vip account after this normally operate until you request my first withdrawal for 5050 usd which was what I got with my deposit, however this took a long time to process, not as indicated by the page that for traders vip withdrawals took 24 hours , unlike this, my withdrawal takes 5 days to be processed, after this make more deposits and more withdrawals a withdrawal that you request for 8656 usd achieved with a deposit of 5000 usd, took 10 days to be processed however I continued using the platform, although at this point request the change of my account agent Lilian Castellanos, a new agent named Mercedes Lopez, and this achievement accelerate In a certain way, my retreats although my account already presented other problems, such as the fact that it did not let me operate at certain times, which were already usual for me, from Tuesday to Thursday between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Argentina time, it would not let me enter operations for any amount, claim fact and after 3 weeks with the same problem was finally solved, after this make a deposit again and one more withdrawal, the last, although I must include a last deposit for 4000 usd, up to this point my account added a total of 36,274.67 usd in deposits together with a total of 44,455.45 usd in withdrawals and a total profit of 12,130.03 usd, but to this we must add a benefit of 2505 usd, which was what I got with my deposit of 4000 usd, adding a total account of 6505 usd, however when requesting the withdrawal of this balance, the withdrawal was frozen, and after a couple of days passed, and before the incessant sending of communiqués so much by the chat platform but also by conventional means such as emails, I received a call from my account manager Mercedes López, who told me that my account was being revised because my account showed unusual activity afterwards. it took me two weeks to tell me that the account would be completely blocked and that both my deposit of 4000 usd and my profit of 2505 usd would not be reimbursed, keeping them not only with my earnings but also with my deposit, all this because they, my account presented unusual activity being in this moment in which I indicated for the first time to my new manager of accounts Mercedes Lopez that I followed the signals and the advice that a person provided through the social network Facebook and that my operations were the results of their services, although this fact was not alien to the company because before requesting the reopening of my account communicate this information to my previous advisor Lilian Castellanos next to the fact that I used a vps to protect my personal data in the event of a breach in the privacy of my account, and she had indicated to me that this did not imply any inconvenience for the use of his platform, however, when he communicated them for the second time and after demonstrating the high profitability he had, this act was only a trigger for them to say that I committed an illegality when using this service from a third party, alleging that this person obtained information privileged and in this way their signals were of an illegal origin, but they did not clarify at any time what was the specific reason, only giving me an ultimatum that based on their suspicions would block my account and I would not be paid a refund even from my deposit, therefore I gave myself the task of looking for some point in the same terms and conditions where indicated, that using external advice implied the breaking of the points exposed in the same, but without a doubt the search yielded unexpected results, since it said the opposite saying: "The Company will not provide advice on investment, taxes or negotiation, unless is specified between the Client and the Company in a separate agreement. Our services include "execution only", which means that the Company will act on Client's instructions and will not advise you on any transaction, nor will it supervise your business decisions to determine if they are appropriate for you or to help you avoid losses. You should obtain your own financial, legal, tax advice and other professional advice. "Being the final part, the most interesting since it states that the client must obtain their own financial advice, this being an external service to which one as a client must access, thus invalidating the aforementioned by my advisor, also in section 17 of the terms and conditions, called "Duration and Termination of the Contract", states the reasons and actions to take in case of termination of the contract, which will cite continued: "17. Duration and Termination of the Contract1. This Contract is celebrated for an indefinite period.2. The present Contract will come into force when the Client accepts it and makes an advance payment to the Company.3. In case of discrepancies between the text of the Agreement in English and its translation in any other language, the text of the Agreement in English as a whole will prevail, as well as the English version / text of any other documentation / information that has been published in the website.4. The contract may be terminated in any of the following circumstances: A. Each Party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time, giving notice to the other party, in writing, 15 (fifteen) days in advance. During the period of 15 days of notification, the Company may limit the services available to the Client, however access will be granted to remove the remaining balance. The Company shall have the right to terminate this Agreement, block the Client's account and return the remaining funds (if applicable) immediately and without prior notice, in the following circumstances: I. Death or legal incompetence of the Client. II. If an application is made or an order is issued, or if a meeting is convened, an agreement is approved or measures are taken for the purpose of bankruptcy or liquidation in relation to the Client. III. The Client infringes or the Company has reasonable grounds to believe that the Client has infringed, any of the Client's obligations under and / or in relation to this Contract, and / or if it also infringes any of the guarantees and representations made by the Client. in this Contract. IV. If the Company has knowledge and / or if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the Client has not reached the age of majority in the country where he lives or of which he is a citizen. V. If the Company is aware and / or has reasonable grounds to believe that the Client has become a resident or citizen of the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Palestine, Japan, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Korea North, or any country of the European Union, VI. If the Company has knowledge and / or if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the Client is or has become a Russian citizen or resident and, in such a case, if his Account was registered after July 1, 2016. VII. When the Client is guilty of malicious conduct or gross negligence, fraud or fraudulent means or is involved in a fraud scheme in relation to the execution of this Agreement. VIII. If it is known and / or there are reasonable grounds to believe that the Client is guilty of fraud or using fraudulent means or was involved in a fraud scheme in relation to compliance with this Contract. IX. The termination of the contract must be exercised by virtue of the applicable legislation. X. In the event that the Client receives 2 warnings about verbal abuse against employees of the Company. XI. If the Client did not deliver the KYC documents to the Company within 14 days from the moment this Contract was accepted. XII. In the event that the Client uses and / or there are indications that lead the Company to reasonably believe that the Client uses different IP addresses from different countries and / or through the use of a VPN during the course of the execution of any transaction (it is ) through the Operations Account and / or during the provision of the Services. Whether the Client has notified the Company of any change in its IP address and / or that the use of a VPN is irrelevant.5. The Company shall have the right to terminate this Contract immediately, without giving prior notice, if the Client does not deliver to the Company its KYC documents ("Know Your Customer") within 14 days from the moment this Contract was accepted, which therefore implies that your Account is an unverified Account. In the event of termination of this Agreement for a reason set forth in section 17.4.b of this Agreement, the Company will not be liable to the Client and will not be obligated to pay profits to it.7. In the event this Contract is terminated for any reason indicated in Sections 17.4.a of this Agreement, the Company will have to transfer the remaining balance to the customer or give the Customer the opportunity to withdraw the remaining balance. In case of termination of this Contract for any reason indicated in section 17.4.b thereof, the Company will have to transfer to the Client the remaining balance, excluding any profit. "Even if I publish the complete section, the reasons to be taken into account according to my case and those that may be considered applicable to my account are as indicated in point (6) those listed and that are in the section (17.4.b) and although my account has incurred the lack of one, which I do not know, because I was not notified and they did not tell me if my account applied to any of them, this being already a violation of this contract, since they only blocked and deleted my account in an arbitrary way, this must be included in the point 7 where it states that if the contract is terminated by some of the points expressed in the section (17.4.a) the company is obliged to pay the remaining balance of the account, this must include deposits plus earns However, if the case is the opposite and the company must terminate the contract for what is stated in section (17.4.b) the funds to be returned would only be deposits excluding any profit, although I do not know the reason for the which account was eliminated in the first place and which of these cases is the one that applies to what happened with it, at no time says that they can or should stay with both the deposits and the profits and apply such arbitrariness in these cases, but it should not come as a surprise since Mercedes Lopez advises her, used such ridiculous assumptions to express what they were doing with my account, mentioning reasons such as the fact that following the signals of this person specifies which provides signals not only for the broker IQ Option but for the broker which the client wishes, indicating that they were illegal because these were winners in many opportunities therefore they suspect Although this person somehow had access to privileged information and these suspicions were sufficient to catalog the signs of illegals, he also always maintained the idea that using signals was illegal on his platform, even when he repeatedly told him that Before requesting the reopening of my account to the previous manager Lilian Castellanos, I mentioned that for my safety I used a VPS and that I also used the services of a third party signals, and on repeated occasions when my retreats took 5 to 10 days I asked them to inform me if there was any irregularity in my account or for my part and she told me no, however when changing the manager, all this problem arose, even though this differed from the fact that I blamed her for what happened, the evidence to deny me the withdrawals and the reason why this happens. are revealed or clarified, and much less send me some type of email indicating the same or a document that indicates that these reasons are expressed in the terms and conditions, while the execution of this act was only based on assumptions and was only communicated to me through words through telephone calls, leaving a trail almost impossible to follow and as little documentation of it as possible, doing everything or possible to make me look guilty of a completely unlikely act and make it appear that the one who is in the breach is me, and it is exactly this that leads me to presume that this is a mere conflict of interest against the broker that is of the Market type Maker, since this works as a counterpart of the client therefore its liquidity is maintained by customers who lose their operations and not by those who earn, being my profits harmful to them and causing damages to me for this same. Although to close with I would like to mention that I claimed this situation in the electronic wallet that I used to make deposits called Skrill, and according to my understanding of the situation, they pressured the broker enough for him to contact me and under the promises to return my deposit went to request information about the person who was providing this service, which I do not doubt To do, from there they took the trouble to tell me that they would enable my account and that they would give me a withdrawal of 1000 usd in principle and that for this I had to sign a document which they would provide me, since this document would be necessary for the reopening of the account and lift the blockade, act in which I naively believed, and as the document came in English and I do not use this language as a native language I only communicate through it using tools such as the "google translator" sign said material , and this expressed something like "that by signing such documentation the company in good faith would give me a total of 1000 usd and be transferred to my electronic wallet but by this act I refused to submit any claim against them" and at this point I handed them the final material so that with this they would refute my claim in the company Skrill and through it they only returned 1000 usd, although I did not know of those mentioned in the paragraphs of the contract immediately but several days later when they processed my retirement my adviser Mercedes López contacted me again only to emphasize that with the document that I signed I refused to make any claim and that they with that document were covered against any complaint that I could make against them. Being that the situation that I lived with them has many misfortunes unfortunately did not come to fruition since I lost my money and my financial difficulties I can not even pay a lawyer to represent me against them, at this point I only need to warn people that this company is just one more of the bunch and that the methods they use to keep our money can disguise as they want but they are still the same tricks as any fraudulent company therefore I warn people more if you are profitable to take care of your capital and not to invest in such murky companies as IQ Option since your capacity as a professional trader will not be enough to protect your money from the jaws of this company. I add materials such as my deposits, images of the blocked account, which at present does not allow me to enter in any way, as well as the signals that I received from this third party that are in par / price / and input format and that must be executed at the discretion of the client and manually, I also attach a list with the set of operations performed in the aforementioned broker. link of the page where I have published the bad experience that I had with this company-IQ Option: www.iqoption-suplataformadeestafas.tk/