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Updated: May 5, 2017
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Kalgoorlie , Australia,
May 3, 2017,
Registered user

FM Traders Brokers are Scammers and thieves

FM Trader convinced me to deposit just over $10,000 to start trading just over a year ago. a broker assisted me in trading and we apparently made some money, but the we lost it and each time i was encouraged to top the account up to keep it at just over the 10k mark , the 3rd time I didn't have the money and so asked my son to deposit some into the account for me which he did, topping it up to just over 10k again, my work changed and I have had to be working out of telephone range for just over 6 months , so they decide to charge me an inactivity fee, I decide to try and get them to send the balance of money back, Every excuse they have used and no money has been sent back or from what i can tell ever will be, They tell e they have to access my sons account via the internet to put money back, well my son doesn't want them to access his account as he knows they will just take more, Apparently its all my fault and they can't seem to do any thing to help ,
This company is a scam and have no intention of giving anyone their money back .
My last broker who was sarcastic and rude was Shaun Wells (Apparently)
Canada, Canada,
Apr 26, 2017,

FM Trader is scam. I can not get the money back that withdrawlled from my credit card. the broken always asked more money.
Auckland, New Zealand,
Mar 28, 2017,
Registered user

Do not trust fm trader. Please do not invest a penny or a cent with them. I managed to get my account up to 20000 US dollars then kept getting 10000 dollar losses. After this I was told by my stock broker bill Gerard, that I would have full trading as usual but with risk free trading. He also promised to get back some if not all of my losses. Obviously this never happened, oh and yes I put about 15000 US dollars of my own cash into this. I was at the end of my teather so stopped trading with 11590 US dollars left. I emailed saying I wish to quit and withdrawl the remainder of my cash. This was 6 weeks ago and still not a penny has been seen. They got there number 1 stock broker to call me in the middle of the morning and tried to get me back on board with an immediate bonus of 3000 dollars us. I refused. They also told me I would not be seeing my entire 11590 which is down to 1. Not reaching a required turnover and 2. They said 4000 dollars was theirs which was part bonus the awarded me. These guys are bad news. Trust me
nsw, Australia,
Feb 11, 2017,

Unethical trading by FM Trading

Fm traders are a SCAM they will ring and harrass you costantly to get bank details they are very convincing I saw them on Facebook and clicked on the link then I was continually getting phone calls . I was under pressure at this time in my life and thought it may be ok so i did open an account with $250. US Dollars once I had done this I contiually was getting calls from a senior broker named Elmer Bryant who has a conversation with you and tells you you need to deposit more money he continually calls and harrasses you to deposit more money into the account with Fm traders he gets you to trade and buy and sell on currencies until you have no money left .When you want to close the account you have to fill in a form that asks for bank details again so far this company has taken all my savings of $11,300,00 and has also maxed out my credit card . I am at a loss of what to do. I have found this experience extremly distressing and completly unethical
Jan 26, 2017,
Registered user

FM TRADER IS A BIG SCAMMER!!! I have lost a total of USD15,300K within two months. Initially, I only deposited 250 but after a couple of days, their Senior Broker by the name of Sophia Reigns called me to ask for more money, when I refused, she start yelling at me and says that I am not serious about making money. She is very convincing and everyday, she would call me to deposit. This is their trick, they will make a little money and ask you to deposit more to make more profit. She will ask me to log on to “Anydesk” and access all my bank and credit cards account and will start to make withdrawal from any account with available funds. I have requested to make withdrawals to pay my credit cards on numerous occasions but she rejected my requests and continue to ask for more. Finally, after finding out that she has exhausted all my accounts and I have nothing more to give, she took control of the trading on her own and lost all the money in the account in less than 30 mins so that I have nothing left to withdraw. They are trained/professional scammers, don’t be scammed by their sweet talks, a bunch of bu***. I have lost all my lifetime savings for my son’s education to them. PLEASE BEWARE!!!! Hope GOD will punish them for what they have done.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Dec 1, 2016,
Registered user


Please stay away from FM Trader. I made some profits and requested for a withdrawal, advising them I urgently need it to pay my rent. Instead of processing my withdrawal, the brokers would put pressure on me to trade more, insisting i'll double my money. I asked why on earth do they not listen to me and process my withdrawal but they just do not listen. they even had the nerve to say my withdrawal would not be processed for 10 working days unless I increase the trading volume. The broker then took over my account, using the anydesk application and lost my funds that I needed for my rent. I have complained but they are yet to respond to me and now I am in real deep water with my landlord. Please please stay away from this company. They only care about themselves. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM.
Ontario, Canada,
Jun 8, 2016,

This is a WARNiING !!!!!!!! to everybody to stay away from SCAMMER FM TRADER. On June 7,206,I pending processing of withdrawal of profits of $ 2000.00 CAD from the winning trades of $4 026.00.through i follow social trading. FM TRADER told me that I would be contacted by Senior Broker Adams Stefan about the withdrawal.He indeed gave me a call and asked my permission for remote desktop online access"anydesk" program on the guise of further teaching me more strategies.Since I know nothing about Binary Options and it was part of a guaranteeing educational program " that Senior Broker would guide their clients until becoming successful "when I got convinced to open an account and they always told me that they want their trader to become 'successful" I allowed him and it was the only way to learn and get hands on training.When I saw the trades he instructed me to place had caused loses,I told him to stop everything but he did not stop using the mouse he was in control and,without my consent he continued and put quite a huge chunk of amount that wiped out my account.On the guise of recovering my loses, he was saying I needed to put additional $ 6000.00,which I refused and he himself tried to withdraw from credit card on their file,without my consent.Immediately, after the losses, I got an instant message "Your withdrawal is denied due to "insufficient balance.This disaster of loosing my account would not have happened if he had stopped upon my request or instruction when I saw his intention to screw my account over. Obviously, they did it to me not to be able to withdraw and STEAL my money.