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Updated: Jan 12, 2018
3.759 · 6 REVIEWS
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3.759 · 6 REVIEWS
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, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 21, 2015,

I had a very bad expereince with bullandbearishm . My account got crashed because of her signals the third month , i lost my whole capital and even worst i paid her 100$ . The laye called Monique who runs the service , she never disclose her own account of trading , i doubt that she trades with her own money . So please avoid taking any signals from anybody not even if it is free...
I have the myfxbook chart and the skype conversation to proof what really happened.
, United Kingdom,
Sep 7, 2015,

Have been using Monique's trading services for 5 months now, i have obtained far more knowledge about the how forex works than any other resource/course i could find. She's always available to talk about current affairs, trading, account management, and has a great attitude day in day out that is guarenteed to change your perspective of the markets.

An important aspect with her services is proper risk management techniques, which is always priorirty with her strategy, and i dont get why the review below me is suggesting otherwise. Most importantly it has taught me how to trade succesfully! Up over 80% on equity in 4 months, even with bad market movements, you always feel secure with the strategy.

There are people in this industry who offer good mentorship and service, but then as with any industry you have people who offer a remarkable overall package, Bullandbearishm is one them.
average joe ,
, South Africa,
Jul 21, 2015,

deposit merged, not once but twice!

risky trading, long periods of high DD
Nico van Rooijen,
IJsselstein, Netherlands,
Apr 13, 2015,

A year ago I was looking for an opportunity to learn about the forex market and deepen me in the possibilities and dangers that this market certainly carries with it. On one of the social media sites I discovered bullandbeaishm and almost instantaneously I was made curiously by her approach to the forex market. After reading some work by Monique Boshoff it seemed to me my time has come to try her service for a few months. I have not regret it ever since. I can safely say that her forex market attitude and techniques have made a positive impression upon me, and I can actually say that her woman's touch is an enrichment to the forex horizon.
FX trading 4 a living, Canada,
Apr 13, 2015,

Up over 50% with >10% MAX DD for the month. The Risk position sizing is more up to the trader but you will be properly setup and guided what size is best for you in using the signals.
Very much low risk entries with trend and highly accurate! Provides plenty of signals for the money. Support is very prompt and helpful. The trades are all balanced out usually so the exposure isnt too weighted for one side giving you extra risk. No doubling up, averaging in, no martingale BS, just pure logic entries based of a trader who clearly knows the market well.
Olaf Tank,
Osnabrueck, Germany,
Apr 13, 2015,

excellent service! very professional and comprehensible also for the beginner - and - most important: very successful!