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Updated: Sep 24, 2018
3.05 · 32 REVIEWS
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September 2015: Numerous fake and highly suspicious reviews submitted for MaxPipFx.


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3.05 · 32 REVIEWS
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Arizona, USA,
May 20, 2018,
Registered user

Good long Term System

I think that this system is misunderstood. From what I can tell the author is French and there may be a language difficulty.

This is a long term hold system in which there can be many open trades for long periods of time which carry a large net unrealized P/L. While holding your positions trades can come and go netting realized P/L. The hope is the entries will yield 100% profitable exits eventually, however in rare instances the hold is cut short and some losing exits are made to adjust the unrealized P/L if it gets too big. Also the flow of the market should net closing trades along the journey to outpace the negative carry.

The exits could be based on support and resistance which would make a lot of sense (unverified).

Look at the system to be your moneymaking flow machine. Exercise patience and reserve your judgments as eventually you will be in the money and carrying in a directionless environment pulling profit out of the market.
Sep 13, 2017,

May be their trades are good or not good, but they are absolutely unricheable. I sent them 10 or 12 contact messages from their website and e-mails ,they never ever answered neither of them.When I made a payment through paypal, I was expecting to provide my phone number to set up text messages on my phone but they never responded.I would not sign for service if they would not provide text message option.They claim it on their website but they never actually asked my phone number.And never answered neither e-mails. Very strange behaviour.I allready canceled my future subscriptions
can picafort, Spain,
Sep 5, 2017,
Registered user

The signals are overall good, muy bueno

My experience with maxpipfx is positive, no problem with the alerts by email and sms, it was just at the beginning send an email to activate sms alerts.
The signals are overall very good, 2300 € profit in 5 months with a portfolio of 17000 €, I use a leverage between 0.05 and 0.7 maximum.
I would just like to have a client space on their site to manage my subscriptions and update my email and phone number information.
Semarang, Indonesia,
Jun 29, 2017,
Registered user

Good Broker

Trade for 59 weeks, signal is okay, deposit and withdrawal is fast, good support and fast respond.
dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Jun 20, 2017,
Registered user


I am one of their customers and I'm glad for them, but I don't really know on which basis or logic they provide the signals :))))) but I get good result from them, but it's not good for all !!!! good for those trades who invest min 3000 $ , once you become a member you don't have to choose big lot, that could loose your all capital so after receiving their signals you have to choose certain lot according to your initial , they also clearly mentioned this point as an important note , the bad this is you will not get result in short time , but sometimes yes you get fast result but very rear ,
anyhow I'm happy with them while now I'm in -1750 $ :)) but I know it will turn to profit soon
Francoville , France,
Feb 17, 2017,
Registered user

The best signals for me

Best signals for me, iam following this signals from April 2016. Really the best. Sometimes the signals come to late that's all.
United Kingdom,
Nov 19, 2016,

If I could give 0/5 i would. Personally I havent tried their paid services and luckily i did not! I almost did though! Prior to that I did my research and there were MANY negative reviews with a pinch of positive reviews. On their site they track their signal records of wins and losses. this is one of them:

Open Time - 2016.10.03 18:01:42
S/B - sell
Size - 1.00
Item - eurgbp
Price - 0.87391
S / L - 0.0000
T / P - 0.0000
Close Time - 2016.11.10 19:48:21
Price - 0.86823

Open time 3rd OCTOBER , Close time 10 NOVEMBER??
they had a drawdown of 500 pips! as you can see they dont provide SL so of course theyre waiting for price to go in their favour. eventually. and this is just one of their MANY signals.
ultimately, your choice people. do your own research
Marrakech , Morocco,
Apr 15, 2016,

exellent advices. The results are very good , sometimes the signals arrive a little late .
dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Mar 31, 2016,

very dangerous signal provider , no stop loss - they send you signal for example sell eur / usd at 1.129223 after one day you see price is over 1.42111, and that time your equity is - 100000000000 :)) ,
if any one need proof i ll show him , they put in theri website that the success rate is 99 % which is lie , and their results on web site are censored
Seattle, USA,
Mar 10, 2016,

Started with service on 3/9/2016. Received 5 trade signals on 3/10 two of them were losers and of course I chose one of them. As others have mentioned they don't send SL or TP but I think that should be up to the trader anyways. Trade what you can lose. Also I don't see them keeping track of losing trades. I have no rating to give yet but comment can't be left without giving one so I'm giving Maxipip and average rating for now