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BinaryOption2.com (Cherry Xia) Review

Updated: Dec 12, 2018
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The FPA has recieved reports of this company managing accounts without an LPOA.  If you agree to this, many brokers will cancel your trades and shut down your account.  The broker will not refund any money you've sent to BinaryOptions2.com

The FPA strongly advises against letting any person or company manage your accounts without having an LPOA registered with the broker.


Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
BinaryOption2.com (Cherry Xia)

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United Arab Emirates,
Dec 4, 2017,
Registered user

I wish I read all the reviews before investing with her, the first 2 days she was on profit and she was asking for her shares on daily basis, the third day she blow up my trading account. I invested 3000$ with her.
Mike Priest,
Texas, USA,
Jan 25, 2016,

Cherry Xia or Manfu Sun runs a trading operation where they will perform trades under your own Nadex account, guaranteeing a 90% win percentage. After the first day of trading, she increased our account $7300 and promptly asked for a %60 return, to which we agreed and sent her payment via wire payment of $4326. After 4 straight days of wins, she increased our account from $5100 to $22064. We thought we were dealing with an absolute maestro in the world of forex trading.

However, my wife and I shared some information on her company with another investor we knew and introduced him to Cherry's services as well. She was asked some additional due diligence questions by both me and the other investor who was also looking to invest.

One of the questions I kindly asked was why she was trading more than the agreed upon 2-8% of my investment in her trades. To which she promptly added that she was abiding within the parameters, but would make the multiple trades during the day at different time with no more than the agreed upon percentage. I then simply let her know, that I didn't want all the money invested simultaneously, so I do not lose all my money in one day.

The very next day, she blew my $22064 account to $33, and stipulated it was because I doubted her trading skills. She then told me that if I got my friend to invest, she would then reimburse my account, to which I promptly told her I never recommend her services to anybody, due to her spiteful attitude.

Buyer Beware, because she will destroy your account in minutes. If only I would have read up on some of the reviews we found on her prior to ever investing our money, I would have saved $9500.

Her Skype name is Cherryxia1986

Below is a brief snippet of our skype conversation, after she blew the account.
[1/20/2016 6:55:14 PM] cherry: the trades very bad today
[1/20/2016 6:55:23 PM] Mike: hmm
[1/20/2016 6:55:35 PM] cherry: we may lost all
[1/20/2016 6:56:11 PM] Mike: Wow
[1/20/2016 6:56:25 PM] cherry: we can only recover it with Rick's account
[1/20/2016 6:56:44 PM] Mike: we will not recommend Rick to do that
[1/20/2016 6:57:01 PM] cherry: i will pay back with our share on his account
[1/20/2016 6:57:11 PM] Mike: This is money we are trying to save up for and to lose everything is pretty bad
[1/20/2016 6:57:39 PM] Mike: We don't want the amount paid on his account
[1/20/2016 6:57:49 PM] Mike: Wow
[1/20/2016 6:58:04 PM] cherry: maybe im affected by your words yesterday, doubt on our trading
[1/20/2016 6:58:21 PM] Mike: Hmm
[1/20/2016 6:58:32 PM] cherry: we also lost the profits of near 10k on your account
aus, Australia,
Nov 17, 2015,

This is a total scam. They will just blow your account and then block you as a friend on Skype...lost 9.5k in and hour
Vicki Barbera,
, USA,
Apr 25, 2015,

Hi, I’m Vicki Barbera and I want to share my experience using Cherry Xia with binaryoption2.com to manage my binary trading account. I am a U.S. trader and can’t use her recommended broker IG UK, but wanted a platform where my funds were secure, so Cherry finally agreed to use Nadex. I deposited $10k. The first two days, Cherry made $6k, and I sent her the 60% commission via Western Union same day as agreed. I withdrew $5k from my account to fund future commissions on time, leaving $11k in the account. On the third day Cherry lost all $11k in the matter of about an hour. I can’t say whether she found a way to collude with other traders to take the other side of my trades, or whether the trades were just bad and she recklessly followed absolutely no risk management strategy. She was trading a platform she was not familiar with, in the Asian session, when she normally trades the European session, and longer expiries, when she normally trades 5-minute expiries, all with disastrous results.
I asked that she refund the commissions I had paid her, which I promised to be used to try to rebuild the account, but she was unwilling to offer me any compensation unless I referred friends, which of course I was, and am, unwilling to do based on my experience.
Prior to using her service, I had not come across any unbiased reviews. I am hoping the account of my experience will help others.
I have posted a video on YouTube, https://youtu.be/sp5ZLVi8HPQ, that includes the screen shots of all my Skype conversations with Cherry to document all that I have shared with you. I welcome all comments and will not delete any that are constructive and civil. I hope this helps others.