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Updated: Jul 23, 2018
2.299 · 9 REVIEWS
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MaxFX is a forex broker. Max FX offers CTrader, MT4 and mobile top forex trading platform. MaxFX.com offers over 55 currency pairs, stocks, indices, oil, cfds, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.299 · 9 REVIEWS
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UK, United Kingdom,
Jul 20, 2018,

Wouldn't trust these.

Took at random call at one time and whilst I have an interest in trading I don't really have the time to devote to it. Despite this, I had a look at some options and even created an account and downloaded and installed the trading software. Didn't seem to have any un-install option and I still haven't managed to find anywhere on the website to close the account I opened. #
Callers are professional and ring back when you ask them to but the calls started getting more aggressive the longer I didn't invest any money. Eventually, I had a shouting match with a caller and even after requesting that they don't contact me again I have spent the last 10 mins declined calls from the various number which they seem to use.
Semarang, Indonesia,
Aug 14, 2017,
Registered user

Good Broker

Trade for 65 weeks, both wd and deposit are fast, signal and support is okay. Made 2 wd by wire take 2 days.
Jul 12, 2017,
Registered user

Maxfx cheat cliends funds and don't process withdraw

I have an account in Maxfx.maxfx and topfx are the same company. my Account#:27616.CySEC license 138/11. now the company compliance can't reply us any information so I can't get Complain Ref. No. I can't submit the complain to cysec.gov.cy/en-GB/complaints.com
now I haven't get any procesed about withdraw.I need your help.
I did forex trading by this account about one month, but I was maliciously charged with 21000USD commission fee by Maxfx!Maxfx also forced to deduct 8000usd, and compelled me to agree to their terms, then
maxfx allowed me to withdraw the remaining principal.This is unfair and absurd!In the beginning, maxfx customer service told me that Maxfx just charge 3USD per Lot per day for commission fee. I opened my account and started trading on May 29th. I did normal trading andwithdrew 8000USD once. On July 6th, I saw my account was maliciously charged with 21000USD commission fee! The reason is that I abuse the company rules. I just did trading by this account about one month ,but 21000USD commission fee charged by Topfx! This is a serious breach of prior commitments
! I think maxfx is cheating funds from customers!Now I have 45463USD in my account, and 21000USD was maliciously charged by Topfx! Topfx compelled me to agree to their terms ,then they just let me withdraw 36444USD.I will never accept that! I wanna help me!I hope help me coordinate this matter. Give clients a fair and secure protection
Frankfurt, Germany,
Mar 26, 2016,

Joined MaxFX because of the contest at myFXbook site.
This broker can NOT be a true ECN broker because prior and after an important news release the spread is just crazy - 20 points (200 pips) is very common.
While the spread with a true ECN broker drops to normal some seconds after the news is out, with MaxFX the giant spread stayed for some minutes and went down to normal (which is still higher than with a good broker) looooong 5 or 10 minutes, depending on the importance of the news, after a real ECN broker offered a true marked spread.
So, NO, this broker is definitely NOT a true ECN broker.

I would never join this company for this spread alone.

In general, I would never join a broker who is incorporated in Cyprus.
Tokyo, Japan,
Mar 12, 2016,

The company said that violations and profitable, and confiscate funds.
In addition, to enlarge suddenly MT4 will stop the loss and have a negative position.
It is malicious SCAM company.
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation,
Mar 7, 2016,

This company is not real ECN, they cancelled my profit and didn't hurry to return my initial deposit! The profit was only 8.70 $! They sent me a letter that my account is terminated bacuse of vialtaion something I don't know what!
Peter Williams,
Southampton, United Kingdom,
Sep 9, 2015,

Have registered with $100 bonus but Trade is Disabled. I can run an EA in response to comment below. The EA just lists Spreads - which I think are a liitle high. Sent 2 emails but no response
Debasish Phukan,
Assam, India,
Aug 5, 2015,

: I like this broker because there are no swap & or order commission.
: But, no live support provided.
: Spreads are ok.
: Didn't try to withdraw yet.
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 3, 2015,

Even though there is a bonus account for MT4, you cannot use EAs on a bonus account. Not can you use the bonus account with myfxbook AutoTrader. Having found this out the hard way, I now have a Standard account with MaxFX and the performance with MT4 and AutoTrader seems good. They are very slow at doing intra-account transfers and I have not tried to withdraw money yet.
, Netherlands,
Jul 15, 2015,

Please read the conditions of the $100 promo carefully, because there is no way you are allowed to withdraw any profit arising from the bonus, until you deposit a minimum of $200!! And even then: after this deposit, 2$ from the bonus + profit will be added to your balance when you've traded 1 lot.

So let's say:

1. $100 bonus to trade with -> $100 equity | $0 balance | No deposit bonus $100

2. $50 profit -> $150 equity | $0 balance | No deposit bonus $100

3. $200 deposit -> $350 equity | $200 balance | No deposit bonus $150

4. 1 lot traded -> $352 equity | $202 balance | No deposit bonus $148

In short:
Misleading, because you cannot benefit from the bonus at all, UNTIL you deposit $200 or more!!

This is what the bonus offer of MaxFX says:
Receive up to $100 in tradable bonuses simply by registering a live account, no deposit required!

The above statement may not be a lie, but very misleading, to say the least!

If you open a demo account, your balance is tradable too!!
Be honest MaxFX, don't mislead people.. just be straight about trading with 'demo' money on a real account.

Am I seeing this right?