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Updated: Aug 9, 2018
3.188 · 31 REVIEWS
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WARNING:  August 2016:  A representative of Censorino/ForexSignum contacted the FPA claiming to want to reach a resolution and have the warning below removed.  Instead, he ended up repeating the same action of attacking the client, this time with a different story.

The issue has now recieved an FPA Traders Court guilty vote.  Unless this problem is resolved, the FPA strongly recommends
against doing business with ForexSignum or any company related to it.

WARNING:  February 2016:  A client tried to complain about this company in the FPA's forums.  The owner's treatment of this complaint was highly unprofessional.  He seemed much more interested in blaming the client and attacking the FPA than in trying to look into whether or not there was any way to resolve the client's issues.  CLICK HERE to read the thread for yourself.  Under the circumstances, the FPA recommends against doing business with ForexSignum or any company related to it.

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3.188 · 31 REVIEWS
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Oct 9, 2016,
Registered user

Money down the drain

Tried this signal. There are 2 options. The free option is to register with one of their sponsored brokers. Then you have to deposit a minimum of $3000.

Well, it started losing money right from the start. Lost $300 in 4 days. Then I quit.
Costa Rica,
Sep 30, 2016,
Registered user

I contacted forex signum which is sister company of pipsar with a couple questions as you can see in my attached email below and you can see the response they gave. Flat out told me to look for another service. What a bunch of crooks.
Thank you for your speedy response.

Could you a answer the following:

If Free copy service at your broker:
1) Minimum deposit and What currency?
2) How are lot sizes determined?
3) Maximum Draw-Down experienced?
4) Risk per trade on the account?
5) Does my capital stay under my control?
6) Is the account under a PAMM or MAM structure?
7) Will I be able to close a position myself?
8) What maximum loss will be allowed before trading is stopped?

If a paid subscription and linked to my Broker:
1) How is monthly fee paid?
2) Is a trial available?
3) What is your win percentage?
4) Approximate number of trades per week?
5) Average duration of trades?
6) Suggested maximum risk per trade?
7) Average wins and losses in Pips?
8) Is a money management strategy included or at least suggested?

I hope you will pardon my list of questions. Just trying to make the correct decision for a long term commitment and not waste your time or mine.

Response from them:

Access rejected


Please search other service.

Have nice weekend

Best Regards

Team Forex Signum

verona, Italy,
Jul 1, 2016,

Customer service is bad, they punish you as soon as you do something wrong, after four months they realized that I was using my own account on two different computers,,, one at work and one at home I did not know you could not do, , just a Meta4 although this is the same account, it is absurd in practice I can not follow the results of operations if I am away from home, they suspended me the service even though I had already three months' paid, they told me to find another service. Rude and impolite without kindness. the results of 5000 pips per month? a dream .... in 4 months perhaps I made 2000 pips, perhaps ---
Muhammad Farrukh,
London, United Kingdom,
May 15, 2016,


This guy is definitely a scam, from opening account to everything.

I spend last 2 days in opening the account as per the instruction on the website that if you open a Forex account with Hot forex or XM you will get free access.

"There are two options. First option: Free Access opening account with one of the brokers HotForex or XM. Second option: Pay for access and use the signals with your broker."

Once the account was opened and I have deposited $500 usd, ForexSignum replied that they are my IB and now I have to 3000 euro/usd for standard or 12000 eur/usd for VIP package OR else I have to pay the monthly fees.

I would have paid him if he wouldn't have done this scam just to earn rebates.

If the start is so dodgy the end will definitely be horrible.



, Italy,
Feb 26, 2016,

Ok, so after posting my review I got an anonymous email (from Marcin obviously), that I have to :"shut up". Later another one, much, much more rude. This guy is neurotic and F***ed up. He is nice unless you pay and don`t ask any questions. Stay away from him, stay away guys!!! P.S. Marcin, how could you think, I would not immediately recognize it was you? You are the only one so rude and arrogant. You can buy other feedbacks, but I want to protect other people from scammers as you are.

2016-02-18 2 Stars Hello, I tried their EA for a month and obviously I finished without any profit. That time I used IronFX as they recommended to me. After one month I decided to quit. I wrote to Marcin (support team) again and I asked for any independent proof of their results. Obviously they don`t provide. He said IronFX is a scam (yes they cooperate only with scam brokers so they can get their kick backs I am sure). The results on their web site don`t show any equity (how many traders have fantastic balance but equity is 40% of the balance or less). later I learnt that if you pay for signals, you will get more of them if you pay fro them than if you take them for free. Marcin immediately gave my account data to one of their recommended broker so they started to call me. What is the reason, the broker wants you so badly to make 5000 pips a month???? The answer is obvious.. When I asked too many detailed questions, Marcin became very rude. Really arrogant, unprofessional service. They don`t care about you. Stay away from them, sooner or later you will lose your money. P.S. By the way, have you spot that all good reviews are written by "people" using the same level of English??
Paris, France,
Feb 14, 2016,

Using the service forex signum of 4 months, I think there is no better service, access can receive for free. 100% Recommended
John Mario Duque Reyes,
Bogota, Colombia,
Jan 21, 2016,

I recently signed up with forexsignum, the easy to use receive are almost 80% accurate and allow me to make realistic expectations with transaction.
Fastiv, Ukraine,
Jan 13, 2016,

I am a happy customer of forexsignum because of the guaranteed set of pips I receive every month. Customer service is super and professional, they always answer my queries quickly. There are no hidden charges when I make transactions with forexsignum. I am very pleased using Trade Copier and the 10 currency pairs available for trading.
Ulianovsk, Russian Federation,
Jan 9, 2016,

I was enticed to open an account with forexsignum, after a friend mentioned about HotForex. I am so glad I did because I received the 100% bonus after I opened an account with them when I made a deposit for as low as $1500. Not only that, but I receive accurate forex signals every day. If I continue earning good amount of pips every month, I might upgrade to VIP in a couple of months, thanks.
Doha, Qatar,
Dec 29, 2015,

Trade Copier is the feature that convinced me to sign up with forexsignum and I have no regrets! It keeps my account secure and my mind worry-free. After trying out as a regular member for 2 months, I grabbed a special promo to be a VIP member and never looked back. Being a VIP member allowed me to earn more and gain access to very accurate forex signals. I am still a VIP member with no plans to stop anytime soon!