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Updated: Aug 15, 2022
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Tifia is a forex broker. Tifia offers cTrader, MT4 and MT4 mobile top forex trading platform. Tifia.com offers over 35 currency pairs and commodities for your personal investment and trading options.
March 2017: Tifia is now registered with the Vanuatu Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, but does not offer services to Vanuatu residents.
2.408 • 11 REVIEWS

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Nigeria, Nigeria,
Oct 21, 2021,
Registered user

Deposit rate

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
Im in Nigeria, the dollar rate is now more than 470naira/$ but i dont know why tifia is still using 370naira/$ i tried talking this to the representative and they didn't give a reasonable explanation. Is tifia a fixed rate broker or you guys just decided to hold the rate. At least i would get a reasonable reply here because your representatives haven't given me sound responses.
Sofia, Bulgaria,
Mar 23, 2021,
Registered user

Tifia has now full returned all my money.

Service use: Live
I am updating my review to alert everyone that Tifia has actually refunded all my money. A few years later but they paid me in full.

Jan 20, 2018 - 0 Stars I traded with Tifia for a few months, Made profits, and one day they blocked my account and decided to cancel over 4000 EUR of profits. Eventually my account was unblocked but the money was never returned. I was able to withdraw my remaining funds, but 4000 EUR is a lot of money!

All my attempts to get them to return my money were unsuccessful. It seems this broker does not like profitable traders.

Reply by Tifia FX submitted Jan 24, 2018 Hello, I'm Alex and an official representative of Tifia Company here, at FPA.

The Company cancelled the trading result for some trades of the client because, as we answered this client before, his trades were not covered by the counterparty. In this case, we have every reason to think the client has been using algorithms utilizing latency arbitrage and aimed at detecting vulnerability of the MT4 system.

Also, we detected the use of non-market quotes at the opening of orders owing to the imperfection of Metatrader 4 platform’s architecture. It took us some time to detect the above problem. If we compare the chart on our server and the chart of our liquidity provider JFD, we’ll see non-existing quotes on our server. The liquidity provider declined the orders opened at non-existing prices and the orders were not therefore covered by the counterparty.

Thus, the company had to cancel a part of trades. I had to mention that the client’s trades were not cancelled entirely. A profit of 4977.22 euro was fully paid to the client along with his deposit of 5000 euro. The total payment made amounted to 9977.22 euro.
korea, Korea, Republic of,
Nov 20, 2020,
Registered user

Verification hard

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I had a hard time passing the document. They don't support translation.Ignoring global traders.
Rome, Italy,
Mar 8, 2019,
Registered user

I live in Europe, SEPA area, and Tifia on February, the 22nd 2019 debited me 64,47 EUR for a withdrawal. When I asked why this large amount they answered me "This was the correspondent bank commission.". So I asked them "Would you be so kind to tell me your National Bank Of Vanuatu Limited intermediary/correspondent?" and they answered me on March the 4th "In this case, the correspondent bank was National Australia Bank Limited.".
Be aware of these high costs withdrawal on this Broker, also Skrill costs 1% of the amount (not available for me).
I suggest you to choose a cheaper one, no reason to use Tifia.
Reply by Tifia FX submitted Mar 18, 2019:

SEPA payments works only between countries added to this zone. So the SEPA payment should be between the banks registered in the countries which are enlisted under SEPA agreement. We are a non-European broker, and you have made the withdrawal on sum EUR 4066.47, the money has been sent via bank wire from company’s bank account in Vanuatu, where the company is registered and regulated.

The commission has been charged by the correspondent bank, not by us. We do not have any commissions for deposits and withdrawals into trading accounts.

Any way you sad that commission was EUR 64,47 from the sum EUR 4066.47. It is about 1,58%, and it looks like a normal bank commission for international wire transfer. I am personally so sorry that you didn’t expect this commission, but I do not understand why it is the broker fault and why you make this rate.

You can trade with European brokers to have SEPA transfers, but you will never get the leverage up to 1000 there only up to 100 for professional traders, but usually it is maximum 1:30, you will not have a chance to trade on CFD or crypto pairs with European broker, you will never get the partner commission or any bonuses. All regulated European brokers have this limitation now. But you will have SEPA.

So we provide you the trading service, your total deposit sum was EUR 10,000.00, your withdrawal was EUR 10000.00 + EUR 4066.47 profit. Our goal is to make the trading process professional and transparent and provide the best prices from liquidity providers. If the client gets the profit our goal achieved. Your goal to get and withdraw the profit is achieved also.

Hopefully, you will change your opinion and would not mix up the brokerage trading service and bank commission when you evaluate our service.
Pernik, Bulgaria,
Jan 29, 2019,
Registered user

SCAM and FAKE contest, stay away from scammers

Fake contest with ferrari!!! Fake and scam contest was arranged by this broker, winner was just a fake winner. No any proof on their website that Ferrari was given, NOTHING, this is just scam and fake contest, they manipulated people,
I have all proof, that contest is fake and want to inform all traders stay away from Scam broker
Reply by Tifia FX submitted Mar 18, 2019:
We have a winner from China, and we are really proud for this trader.

The awards ceremony took place as part of the gala dinner in the city of the winner of the main prize. We started the organization of awards ceremony right after the winner has been determined and we have made a gala dinner in the winner’s hometown Guangzhou on 1sh of March.

We have sent the invitation to all our clients to join. You can see the photo report, video and winner interview in the NEWS section on our official web-site https://tifia.com/company/company-news/id/1354

Also a lot of photos has been posted on social media by us and by all participants during this gala dinner.
Bandung, Indonesia,
Mar 20, 2018,


Scam contest, manipulasi with quotes, Hati Hati Hati scam scam.
I trade this broker and can see many manipulate and want to warn all traders skip this broker and wd money immediately
Reply by Tifia FX submitted Mar 28, 2018:
Hello! Please specify which contest do you mean? Our company holds a lot of demo and live contests in different countries, all the prizes are real and we can provide evidence as comments winners.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Mar 11, 2018,

Good broker but need to resolved some issues raised

The broker is good when it comes to deposits and withdrawal, very fast, but they need to look into some issues which can bring them down like,when you place a pending order and the execution price is different from your order,and trade push to another level before executed, this is frequently happening, l don't know if they are aware.That is one.Secondly, at the close of market, especially on Fridays, if you are in profit and lock trades,you may end up being stop considering the wide spread at the close hour and when the market is opened,this does not goes to normal immediately until after a while, which can sometime be injurious to your account as stops are usually hit.Stillnl don't know if they are aware also.These 2senerio had affected but l think it will stop but still persisted. I have lost money due to these issue, although l had not made any complain until now.Please look into these,as l am still interested in dealing with you if all these issues are resolved.
Reply by Tifia FX submitted Apr 11, 2018:
Dear @Sunday, our company is constantly working to improve the quality of service.
To clarify the situation, please specify your trading account number, transaction/order numbers and describe the specific situation. After that, we can find out the reasons and help you.
Feb 1, 2018,
Registered user

bank comission absurd

I made a withdrawal from this broker by wire, in site the fees say " Your bank 's commission ".
I no that my bank doesn t charge comissions to receve money.
So i made an withdrawal of 3875.33eur first appear the first comission 38.75 EUR so "your bank´s comission" doesn t apply.
I ask in chat, why this they say " The commission depends on the country of the beneficiary's bank and EUR 38 is the commission of our bank " and "Yes, commission size depends from both banks" .
I say a little expensive but made the withdraw, when arrived to my bank, I was speechless just 3800 eur. so i go to the chat and ask why, " this is the commission of the intermediary bank. We have transfer you all amount." .
So now have intermediary bank again 38.75 eur comission for a transfer between two SEPA banks.
So an withdraw of 3875 eur i just receve 3800 eur, so in site says " Your bank 's commission " but should say commission from our bank and more.
Reply by Tifia FX submitted Feb 5, 2018:
Thank you for having found this error on the site! It’s been already corrected and the right commission amount is specified.
We are ready to compensate you for the difference of 38 euro. Please, contact us via online chat on tifia.com or by email to support@tifia.com.
We apologize for this misunderstanding! The company makes every effort to reduce withdrawal commission amounts in the nearest future!
jember, Indonesia,
Nov 10, 2017,

Bad broker . They held a scam live contest with some fake winner on top position and give the real participat the lowest prize. I join some contest with them.
Reply by Tifia FX submitted Dec 28, 2017:
Hello! Please specify which contest do you mean? Our company holds a lot of demo and live contests in different countries, all the prizes are real and we can provide evidence as comments winners.
Bangkok, Thailand,
Oct 30, 2016,
Registered user

Tifia one of my brokers with nice conditions and good contest for Thai people.

I'm still not pro trader just have 1+ year experience at forex trading.
Currently I am traiding with 3 MT4 brokers. Tifia one of them.
I can tell about this broker only good words because still don't meet any problems while trading with Tifia.
My first deposit was 3500 THB. For try as I do for try first. For me money deposited fast. I traded for 2 weeks and added 7000 THB ($200) more.
Then asked for profit and deposit withdrawal.
Was okay.
Execution the same as at other my brokers. Seems fast no delay. I cannot say perfect or not. Just okay without any problems.
They have contest for Thai people. I want to try. May be I will be lucky winner :-)
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