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Updated: Oct 20, 2018
1.602 · 14 REVIEWS
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Umarkets is a forex broker. Umarkets offers MT4 and mobile top forex trading platform. Umarkets.com offers over 40 currency pairs, indices, commodities and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.


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1.602 · 14 REVIEWS
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Oct 8, 2018,

Good for forex trading

I do trade binary options and forex. And for forex trading i chose Umarkets. From my point of views, a lot of brokers are about the same things: conditions, regulators, support team and etc. But the main difference between good and bad one - it`s the money withdrawal. I don`t break terms of conditions and broker withdraw my money quickly. It`s enough reason for me to trade here.
Aug 29, 2018,

Broker does pay

Umarkets is not my main broker for trading. But sometimes I trade here when use special trading strategy (because of certain conditions i need for my strategy). What is main criteria for trusting Umarkets - i get my profits to the bank account without any problems. Mostly i withdraw about 1k usd each 1-2 month.
What i do not like here. Your personal manager may be annoying while trying to help you. Too much attention... I'm introvert and love to solve issues quick, without a lot of talking... But for some, i guess, it may be an advantage)
Reply by ErinS2018 submitted Sep 10, 2018:
Hi Gopastar,

I am Erin from Umarkets. Thank you for your fair review. Rest assured that we will keep doing our utmost to serve all our clients, like you, the best way we can.
Philippines, Philippines,
Aug 23, 2018,


Don't ever deposit with this broker. Scammers!

I deposited $450 with this broker and with several trading, of course sometimes there's loss. So I decided to withdraw all my remaining funds. I have been requesting for it since 1st week of August and the Personal Expert they assigned to me said my money has already been sent but until now, my money is still not showing up in my account. I have been asking for proofs so I can see that they really processed it but he cannot provide me one. So, please, do not dare to be fooled by these people.
Reply by ErinS2018 submitted Aug 29, 2018:
Hi, I am Erin from Umarkets and I would like to help you with your concern. Please email the full name and email address that you used to register for your account at Umarkets to clients.en@umarkets.info so we can check the status of your account and your withdrawal request. You can also send us the info via a personal message on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UmarketsForexCommunity/.
Mister Rey,
Aug 8, 2018,


I requested for a withdrawal last month but until now we did not receive anything. And my personal expert Josh Decker did not even made a call that he usually does. Please we just need the money back. We deposited 20,000 dollars for this. Please help us.
Reply by ErinS2018 submitted Aug 20, 2018:
Hi Mister Rey, I am Erin from Umarkets. I would like to help you with your concern. Please email your full name and/or the email address you used to register for your account to customers@umarkets.info so we can address your concern. You can also send us a personal message on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UmarketsForexCommunity/ so we can attend to you.
Jul 29, 2018,

Time-tested broker

I have a positive impression about Umarkets in general. I have been trading with this broker not for so long but the main things can be seen at once. Its first advantage is that this broker has been in the market for a long time. Dishonest brokers don't usually work long. This broker has 4 account types and the minimum deposit is $500. This is a usual thing for trading on CFD. Trading is going to be very bad with a smaller amount. There'll be no opportunity to open a lot of orders and therefore you'll risk a lot. Umarkets has a special Islamic account. I don't know the Sharia lows, but someone might be interested in this. What I don’t like is the difference between minimum deposits on various accounts. They are: $500, $5,000, $10,000, $35,000. Of course, a more expensive platinum account gives more privileges. But at least you have a goal to get it.
En general tengo la impresión bastante positiva de Umarkets. Llevo poco tiempo operando con este broker pero las cosas importantes se ven en seguida. Una de sus ventajas es que este broker está en el mercado hace mucho tiempo. Los brokers deshonestos no suelen trabajar mucho tiempo. Tiene 4 tipos de las cuentas, el depósito mínimo es 500$. Es una cosa ordinaria para el trading en CFD. Operar con menos dinero es muy mal. No puedes abrir muchas ordenes y respectivamente corres mucho riesgo. Umarkets tiene la cuenta especial islámica. No entiendo en las leyes de la sharía, pero alguien puede estar interesado en esto. Son así : 500, 5000, 10000, 35000$. Claro que la cuenta de platina que es más cara da más privilegios. Pero por lo menos tienes el objetivo de lograrla.
Russian Federation,
Jun 21, 2018,

What I think about Umarkets

I don't want to brag about my success in trading or cry about failures. This has nothing to do with Umarkets broker. Everyone who starts trading agrees by default about being warned about possible risks. Umarkets is a conscientious broker that does everything it should. It has all necessary assets: raw materials, metals, stocks, indices. There are about a hundred of currency pairs. Their spreads are fixed narrow. There's no commission. The orders are processed very quickly. This broker has some interesting bonuses. For example, when trading on a demo account the profit can be transferred to a real one. I haven't studied this bonus terms, but it's intriguing. There's an interesting program – Autochartist. It builds trend development models and does it well. I prefer trading on news though. A forex broker drawback in general is that it has cryptocurrency. Let there be reservations like crypto-exchanges to trade with it.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
The FPA recommends against accepting any bonus without carefully examining the bonus terms.  In general, the more generous the bonus, the more restrictive the terms are.
Jun 12, 2018,
Registered user

Can I rate this broker with 0?
Avoid this trader!
All deposit, no withdrawal!
With signing up, they're very supportive and calls you everyday to deposit!
Once you earn and wants to withdraw, you cannot contact their support or the supposed 'manager'.
Avoid at all cost.
Reply by ErinS2018 submitted Jun 26, 2018:
Hi coinmaster, I am Erin from Umarkets. I would love to help you with your concern. Please send your full name and/or email address you used to register for your account to customers@umarkets.info so we can address your concern.
Russian Federation,
Mar 20, 2018,

Broker with a strong 4 stars

Brokers have both, pros and cons. Let’s regard them one by one. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of available assets, I managed to trade currency pairs, indices and even cryptocurrencies. By the way, speaking of the latter, even though there’s not a lot of them, there are still the most popular ones, and they were enough for me. The verification process was also quick and I didn’t have any problems with money withdrawing. There are bonuses as well, even though it’s not really my thing, but many people might like it (personally, I don’t recommend using them by any broker). Now, speaking of the cons. I didn’t like that some cryptocurrencies have quite a big spread, although I haven’t really traded these assets by other brokers before, so it’s possible that these are regular conditions. The support team doesn’t always answer immediately in the online chat (overall, they work well, but I’m used to the 5-10 min reaction). I’d also like to mention, that I read the negative reviews only after I had already opened an account by this broker and withdrawn the first profit. If I had read it before, maybe I wouldn’t have decided to open an account. Anyways, you decide. Summing up, I’d give this broker a strong 4 rating.
Reply by ErinS2018 submitted Jun 26, 2018:
Thanks for the fair review Petr.
Feb 7, 2018,
Registered user


Please do not deposit money with this broker. Is a gotcha. They take advantage of people's ignorance and do not tell the whole truth.
First they call you promising spectacular profits. For that, they give you a credit without telling you that they will not give you back the money later. They make you sign a contract where they say that until you complete the 50,000,000 volume you can not withdraw money.
They show you a month that you can earn money, then they ask you for more, when you decide that you no longer want to deposit, they do not call you again and they stop operating your account.
Then they put it in a robot that breaks it.
End of story.

Por favor no depositen dinero con este broker. Es una estafa. Se aprovechan de la ignorancia de la gente y no le dicen toda la verdad.
Primero te llaman prometiendote unas ganancias espectaculares. Para eso te dan un credito sin decirte que luego no te devolveran el dinero. Te hacen firmar un contrato donde dicen que hasta no completar los 50.000.000 de volumen no podes retirar dinero.
Te demuestran un mes que podes ganar dinero, luego te piden mas, cuando le decis que ya no queres seguir depositando, no te vuelven a llamar y dejan de operarte la cuenta.
Luego te la ponen en un robot que te la quiebra.
Fin de la historia.
Reply by ErinS2018 submitted Jun 26, 2018:
Hi Gecastr, allow me to help you with your concerns. Please email the full name and/or email address that you used to register for an account with Umarkets to customers@umarkets.info so we can check the status of your account and address your concern.
Penang, Malaysia,
Jan 8, 2018,

I hope they return what is rightly mine!

l had traded at this brokers platform for more than a year without questioning their credibility and have not even withdrawn even once ! Then about 6 months ago their platform got me into loosing trade with faulty execution ! The worst of this happening was when l placed a pending trade on an asset that led me to a loss of more than $200USD !When tried to close that partucular trade after l felt that the direction was going against the trade l placed early but it won't close and l tried to logout then login and still not working then l quickly contact their support and there were no respond untill l gave up hoping that's an error that the trade won't materialised.After 2-3 hours later that trade automatically executed by itself and then that particular had already eroded more than $200 oof my account and the trend still going against my pending trade l placed earlier and when l complained to them they just did not even investigate and since then l kept getting trade stuck in the middle without able to track the direction of the trade l place and kept loosing and then l decided to stop trading at this broker after loosing more that half on my account! Then l submitted my first withdrawal of my remaining money a month ago and they kept ignoring my request untill now l am still waiting for my money .Please someone help me out in order for me to get my remaining money from this broker !My money is still with with them
Reply by ErinS2018 submitted Jun 26, 2018:
Hi Engchoon, I would like to help you with your concerns. Please email the full name and/or email address that you used to register with Umarkets so we can check your account status and address your issues accordingly.