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Updated: Dec 22, 2015
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Nathan Menon,
Charleston West Virginia, USA,
Dec 20, 2015,

I invested $250K with Rush Markets. They supposedly turned it to $948, 616.00 The cast of characters are the usual: Andrew Churchill, David Jones, John Henry.

I got $20,672 back in June of 2015. After that I haven't been able to get in touch with them. I employed a lawyer in England by the name of Neil Aitken, but he was not successful in tracing them or helping me other than stating that Rush Markets was a classic Ponzi scheme..
Mark LeClair,
New Mexico, USA,
Oct 22, 2015,

$3.196,203.30 that is what my account shows. I invested my inheritance with these criminals. If you can get this back for me you can keep the $3 Million. I will just keep what is left. I am serious! There is no response from them on either phone or email, They vanished months ago but the site is still active. I just placed 2 trades today (October,22 2015).VISA was unsuccessful at getting anything back. I started with about $25,650 and it got traded up to around $77,000. They started having issues and management changes. I have 2 emails stating that my withdrawal is in process from John Henry. We have target dates for it hitting my bank. Mr. Henry suggested I trade Platinum. So I did and I won over 90% of my trades. I am NOT that good. I traded it up to where it is now. I sent several emails to him suggesting they look at their system as it seemed to have a flaw. No response. Then the next day I could not win a trade to save myself. I had noticed that I was winning because of a 50 cent differential in my favor at time of trade. Now it was in the opposite direction. I have screen shots of all of this if anyone is interested. As a disabled individual I have very limited income. My inheritance from my mothers passing away in January was used to try to establish something for my wife in case something happened to me. I was promised the ability to withdraw initial funds once we had a few trades to replace that original amount. Now I am in a world of hurt and can not even get the products I need to take care of myself correctly. Anyone wanting to take a shot at getting this money back you can contact me anytime. (lecmark@gmail.com). I have a last known address for them in New York as they changed from what they had published on the website. Probably not there but it may be a starting point. Obviously my advice is to stay away. Be aware that the web site looks like it will still take clients. So, perhaps someone is still there.
Mark Schlitt,
Florida, USA,
Jun 21, 2015,

I opened an account on 5/14/15 with RushMarkets.com. The account was traded two days by the person I use to trade, Michael Davids, and the initial deposit of $15,000 was turned into $20,192. Due to issues I had with another broker I then tried to take a withdrawal. I was assured this would be handled and would be back in my account within a week to 10 days. After several phone calls and no results even after contacting another person, nothing has come of the request for withdrawal.