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Updated: Jul 6, 2015
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Melbourne, Australia,
Jun 27, 2015,

I signed up / paid, then immediately realised it wasn't what I thought it was, asked for a refund, was ignored.

I came across Rob Hoffman and Become a Better Trader after searching google and youtube for forex competition winners who I could learn from. Rob Hoffman's name came up a lot so I figured he must be able to help!

I emailed immediately after paying and trying one live trading session (it wasn't with Rob) and realising that forex was definitely not a focus. He spent all his time on other instruments - gold, oil, stocks, etc.

I sent an email saying that it wasn't for me and could I get a refund. Sure, they have a "no refund" policy, but so does everyone. I think it's fair that by contacting them straight away, some kind of refund / part refund / credit could be sorted out.

Their email reply said I should wait a week until Rob returns to see how much he focuses on Forex. I asked if we can therefore, start my subscription when he returns. This email was ignored. Surely... it's fair to agree my subscription could start a week later so I can ensure I'm going to be happy with the experience.

As it pans out, when Rob returned he spent maybe 2 or 3 minutes on currencies. But my concerns were raised further when I realised that the indicators they offer are heavily relied on in his trading. These are indicators which are custom coded by him, and you have to pay $2,000 for them!

So you have a live trading room cost, and then you have Rob explaining his decisions because the indicators told him to enter or exit, or whatever… but without spending the $2,000 on those indicators there’s no point in listening to Rob!

I never (and no reasonable person would ever) consider that the $2,000 worth of indicators are REQUIRED when learning to trade with Rob.

Besides, the indicators aren’t for MT4 and I use MT4. And, I doubt you get access to the source code which means you’re forever locked into learning his trading style, using his indicators, and that’s definitely something I wouldn’t want to pay for.

Had I known all of these fun facts, there’s no way I would have paid any money.

My email asking for a refund, and my many other emails asking for a reply, were ignored - for three weeks. So I figured it's another trading service who love to take money but provide no customer support, have lots of catches, and I spent more money elsewhere on a similar service.

Now, at the tail-end of my month's subscription, when I finally hear back from them, they're saying "no refunds". They’re saying that I didn’t research them enough to determine if the service was suitable for me, and therefore they can only offer a credit toward other services. It's difficult to accept that offer when:

1) my experience of them has been one of silence for 3 weeks. Why would I want to continue my relationship with them?
2) They're only offering a credit for 3 weeks, not 4 as they feel I "used" 1 week of their service. They were the ones who suggested I wait a week, and ignored my request to therefore start my subscription a week later.
3) I need to pay $2,000 for the indicators otherwise much of the live trading room learning is wasted
4) I've already found other providers to help me and spent money with them as I was ignored for 3 weeks.

All of this could have been avoided had they simply been willing to have a conversation on day one of my monthly plan. I may have been convinced to stay, try their other services, delay my subscription until Rob was spending more time on currencies… I don’t know… but at the END of my monthly subscription? It’s all a bit late to offer a credit. I guess their delay tactics are done in the hope I'll just give up.

Sure, I could have called (from Australia at 2 or 3 in the morning), and asked how much time they spend on Forex. However, I’m guessing they would have replied with: “Rob trades with the ebbs and flows depending on the range of motion in the markets”, which is exactly what they replied with via email after 3 weeks of ignoring me. Had I received that "no commitment" answer when I called, I still would have been unable to know how much time is spent on forex and I would have signed up as that wouldn’t been the only way to know.

And, had I called, I wouldn't have even thought to ask how reliant Rob is on his own indicators and whether I needed to buy the $2,000 indicator pack. To me, the indicators were promoted as just an optional thing you could buy if you wanted.

The final chapter here is if I don’t accept their offer within 1 working day, it’ll be considered “null and void”. And as a final sting, because I'm insisting I'm going to push with a refund, they're taking that as "threatening" (even though one is allowed to threaten they'll keep pushing!), and they've already cancelled my remaining membership entirely. I say "remaining" because I say I should have another week based on their suggestion of waiting 1 week for Rob to return and then ignoring me when I asked to start my subscription a week later.

So... I paid in good faith, was told to wait a week, my request to delay the subscription start date was ignored, if I don’t pay $2,000 for their indicators I’m at a considerable disadvantage, they ignored me for 3 weeks, offered a credit towards services I may have been interested in had they replied 3 weeks ago, cited terms and conditions to justify a "no refund" along with saying I didn’t research well enough, cancelled my membership prematurely, and said they'll ignore any emails other than me accepting what they've offered, and I have to accept within 1 working day.