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Updated: Dec 9, 2018
3.555 · 59 REVIEWS
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Ayrex.com profile provided by AyrexOfficial, Aug 26, 2015

Ayrex is an innovative Binary Options Broker serving clients worldwide. Ayrex operates in full compliance with international laws and financial regulations. Ayrex platform was developed based on careful research and Ayrex team’s substantial experience in financial markets. By implementing an entirely new approach to binary options trading Ayrex gives its clients better possibilities of increasing their trading expertise and profit.

Practice is the most important aspect of learning. Practice makes perfect and we want to give our prospective and existing clients the chance to make educated decisions when it comes to trading. Our demo is absolutely free and requires no registration.

$5 minimum deposit is aimed to give traders a chance to start safe and build their way up as they master their trading strategies.


Founded in: 2014

Minimum Deposit: 5 EUR/USD

Minimum Investment: 5 EUR/USD

Minimum Withdrawal: 5 EUR/USD

Demo Account: Free, no registration, no expiry date

Early Closure available: YES (High/Low and One Touch options)

Customer Support: 24/5


Why Ayrex:

We created our own unique platform. That means that we can modify it faster and we are more flexible in terms of meeting our clients’ needs. We are constantly brainstorming on what we can improve and what we can offer to our clients.

Instant deal execution, no bugs, no platform freeze. A team of IT professionals works every day to ensure outstanding platform performance. One click trading is implemented for all the deals.




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3.555 · 59 REVIEWS
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Geneva, Switzerland,
Sep 13, 2018,
Registered user

Ayrex manipulated the price of EUR/JPY

Dear Trader,

Today 13.09.18 at 22:35 GMT+2 and 22:37 GMT+2 Ayrex has manipulated the price of EUR/JPY. Both my trades should've been ITM as seen on tradingview and they appeared as a loss on ayrex. I am now discussing with their support to see if they have any goodwill and will resolve this issue if they do. But for now, I am disappointed that I cannot seem to find a fair broker. Ayrex's platform is lightning fast and up until today I had no problem with them. But this is very annoying.
Aug 24, 2018,

Ayrex is a very good broker.

I think Ayrex is a very good broker with high speed charts and executions of options.
I have read at reviews complains about unavailability to trade at some times. When this happened to me, I have contacted support by live chat and they answered, that at certain times of high volatility and big quantity of trades, it is possible not to accept trading of such instruments. But this is a logical rule for every broker that offers binary options. (if I was a broker, I would do the same thing, to avoid liquidation problems).
Everything is ok for deposits and withdrawals, support is polite and illustrative.
Instant withdrawal up to 100$/€ with Skrill.
Jul 16, 2018,
Registered user

Ayrex is a SCAM

Over a year ago I deposited 250$ and earned 500$. Then ayrex started blocking my transactions, so I withdrawaled 500$ and left about 70$. After a long break, I started again, with 70$ I made 672$. Then ayrex blocked my account and canceled the entire profit. The alleged reason was breaking the rules (having multi-accounts), which is of course a lie. For ayrexa everyone who earns break the rules. That's why I would like to warn everyone about the ayrex broker. Ayrex is a scam.
INDIA, India,
May 29, 2018,
Registered user


Oh My god , this is a terrible platform . I joined because , I was asked to join thru affiliate link so I can get some signals for trading. But this platform is the worst. Its always says options not available even during the most volatile time in the market where everyone is trading. Seriously whats wrong. And when I request withdrawal , it was rejected because , they wanted me to prove that my skrill account was my own. then they rejected again because i requested multiple withdrawal. And everytime i request a new withdrawal I go back to the queue . I have been trying to withdraw my money , for 4 days now and its pissing me off. DO NOT FALL FOR THE AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWALS , IT IS RESTRICTED $100. WHICH IS MENTIONED IN THEIR SO CALLED TERMS. But not mentioned where they f**ing advertised.
feni, Bangladesh,
Feb 28, 2018,
Registered user

happy with ayrex

hello finally ayrex my partner account manager gave good news for me they will unlocked my affiliate account & will be give 250$ welcome bonus after i will earning more 100$ commission . thanks FPA also thanks to ayrex support teem.

ayrex finally locked my account they hunt my 250$ welcome . scam scam big scam broker . last 1.5 years my hard earn money 250$ not give & locked my account
i have all Clint lost proof. .

Jan 9, 2018 - 1 Star I m from Bangladesh i . working last 2.5 years with ayrex they give 25% from client lost money. 75% ayrex profit. my many client lost 2.5 yers many of fund. last 3 week my client lost amount near 2k. still they not pay my commission . i have all proof of my account partnar account. currently i send may of email to partners@ayrex.com but they not replay me.
also i sent skype request 3 weeks ago they today add me & told they reset my all earning i ask why not pay me they told 1 yers ago they over paid i ask it was 25% all time added form client lost amount they told of knock again then they will blocked me.

Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Jan 15, 2018 Hi Sujonfx,

Judging by the description, it seems that you misunderstood the rules of our Affiliate Program. Here's the basic information about it: https://www.ayrex.com/partnership#/

If you registered in our Affiliate Program, please, contact your personal manager for help. it can take a couple of hours for him to get back to you due to the increased number of requests but you will still get all your answers.

Feb 26, 2018,
Registered user

I had been using ayrex for about 2 weeks and everything was going pretty well aside from them "running out of assets to trade" on some trades I wanted to place. I gained a couple of hundred in this time frame. But on 2/23/2018 I logged out of my account in the afternoon and logged back in in the evening to find that ALL of my money had magically been traded away. I never had this problem with any broker. I emailed support and all they kept telling me to do was check my history. I only invested $150 but still most binary option sites really are scam and anyone trading should know which ones are.
Sri Lanka,
Feb 5, 2018,
Registered user


They block your account after getting a placed in demo contest. Do not invest real money or time with them
Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Feb 7, 2018:
Hi Jothi,

Sorry to hear that you've been blocked from the Contest. Please, notice that the only reason why a trader can be disqualified from the free demo contest is a rules violation. The most common reason is several trading accounts with IP intersections, which are detected and disqualified automatically.

Participation in the Contest is free and doesn't affect your account on the Real Platform. The full list of rules is available on our official website: https://www.ayrex.com/contests/rules#/

If you would like to get your account checked, please, send a request to support@ayrex.com with your registration email address.
Jan 2, 2018,
Registered user

ayrex !

i got the Withdraw it was problem from me not from ayrex
forex peace army thanks for the review about ayrex

Dec 26, 2017 - 1 Star my account in ayrex is approved i sent him all the documents and i want to WD the profits but ayrex Every day a new excuse today they told me Wait 7 days i will wait after that I'll update with pictures of the conversations the chat support with me !!!
i don`t know how forex peace army give him 4 stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!after 7 days i will update about the WD

Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Dec 27, 2017 Dear Amir,

As we discussed earlier on Live Chat, Neteller no longer allows us to make financial transactions to Israel. As they have informed us they have stopped accepting transactions from traders from this country.

We kindly asked you to consider other withdrawal methods available, such as Fasapay or Bitcoin. Your withdrawal request, which was created today, will be processed as fast as possible. Usually, manual withdrawals are processed within a business day,

If there will be any problems or difficulties, we are always ready to assist on Live Chat, support@ayrex.com or +44 20 3322 7337.
Oct 29, 2017,

I am a disabled person from a poor family. I joined Ayrex a few weeks ago on last week of September with the deposit of $10. At first, I won five times, Then I lose all again. Then I again deposited $15. I won another 10 times. But after I won ten times I lose again. Then I try my last time, I fork out $25 because it states $25 is minimum. I never won anything for the third time. I have lost $50 total in Ayrex. I thought I can have extra income for my tight financial and part-time job is not enough for me. So I decided to stop it. I cannot afford to invest again and again.
Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Nov 9, 2017:
Hi Devil (nice name, btw),

We are very sorry to hear that you had such a hard time on our platform. However, we have to notice that have never offered account management, so your trading results always depend on your own skills and strategy.

This is one of the main reasons why we encourage our clients to learn first and practice on the free demo platform as long as they need it prior to investing any personal funds and risking it.

We also do not recommend to invest more than 5% of your total monthly income into any sort of trading. More about it in our Risk Notice: https://www.ayrex.com/risk-notice/
BN, Italy,
Sep 16, 2017,
Registered user

Just stay away from them.

I get the idea that Ayrex is paying for all the wonderful reviews they get.

1st - not regulated means they do what they want, and no one can have a say ...;

2nd - if you have 8 wins in a row (I just did it a few day ago), they put your account under investigation, block any trading and withdrawals and ask you to verify your identity, right after ID verification had been successfully carried out and approved by them (it happened to me this beginning of September 2017);

3rd - they take no notice of what you write to them and keep answering to your emails with impersonal and laconic messages that get you nowhere.

I' am only talking about my personal experience: They made so much fuss about my 8 wins in a row, that I asked to close my account, and it took me several emails for them to understand my request.

Do you want to know how much money was involved into this unreal situation?
US $ 30!!! I had deposited $10 and got up to $40 in 8 trades.

After several emails from me, asking to close my account (as I couldn't take that aggravation for $30), they did close the account, obviously keeping the $30 for themselves and giving me back my initial deposit of $10.

How's that for a wonderful, trusted broker ?!?
Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Nov 9, 2017:
Hi Ermas1,

Could you tell us your registration email address so we could investigate your complaint asap, please?