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Updated: Nov 18, 2017
3.29 · 6 REVIEWS
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3.29 · 6 REVIEWS
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Nov 18, 2017,
Registered user

i played about a week with their system of trading and figured out that they need much faster excution system for 5 min forex binary option trading. It takes almost 20 to 30 sec. to get an excution for market or limit order if it fills but if it is not then i have to spend another 10 or 15 sec to do another order... which means it takes about 1 min to do all... and as you know, the market will not wait for me to get in with my price range that i like cuz it is a fast moving market.... ofen times, i could not get a right price that i wanted to get in with... so end up losing pretty much every trade. Yah, for hourly and daily or weekly, i don't think the time matters for excution but for short period trading, every sec means very important cuz your profit will be in lost evey sec..
chicago, USA,
Sep 27, 2017,
Registered user

might be ok but business practices and customer support suck

ive been trading nadex on and off for awhile. i havn't been successful and lost hundreds of dollars. cant say it's their fault but one thing that bothers me is i asked for a reload on a demo account and they told me it would take 2 business days. that is the biggest croc of sh** i ever heard of. Take hundreds of real dollars at any time but a reload on a demo takes 2 business days??? sounds shady. i will wait though. posting so everyone knows how they operate. also remember this was my first reload also. POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE.
Jul 23, 2017,
Registered user

My experience with Nadex was good and putting money in and taking money out was fast and easy and didn't cost me anything . They are regulated by The CTFC. There is no reason for someone in The US to try and trade binaries with a foreign broker with Nadex in The US. Plus Nadex provides you with the proper tax form at the end of the year.
The One,
Everywhere, USA,
Dec 2, 2016,

nadex is legit

Probably one of the only legit binary brokers that even exist, If you want to gamble on the markets thats one thing. But do yourself a favor don't gamble with a "broker" running with your cash. With nadex offereing REAL options, there is NO reason to even attempt to use other "brokers" I feel with nadex your deposit are safe and you can focus on your trades, instead of worrying you've been had.
Darrell Martin,
Fort Worth TEXAS, USA,
Nov 5, 2015,

Ive been trading on Nadex for years. They are a solid exchange not a scammy bucketshop broker. I have zero issues with deposits or withdrawals for getting trades filled.
Florida, USA,
Aug 9, 2015,

I have been trading with NADEX for approx. 1 yr. and have had no complaints. Their platform is fast and responds to exits instantly.
A small learning curve is required but they also help with tutorials and free webinars through Trade with Precision. Apex investing also gives classes but they want you to sign up for a $200.00/mo. program. I dont use their charts, but you can they are ok. I use Think or Swim