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3.678 · 23 REVIEWS
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3.678 · 23 REVIEWS
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Brisbane, Australia,
Dec 22, 2016,

Pushy and abusive

I've spent quite a few years developing my fx trading and developing a system, it's taken years of steady progress and is now pretty good. My system and personal performance are now going well. I've been contacted a couple of times by TV. A couple of years ago I attended a webinar and in their follow up I discussed the system I was developing. At the time they were very pushy, trying to get me to sign up for a course and divulge the system and also pay them for the privilege. Anyhow, I decided I didn't need their service and preferred to continue by myself.

Last week I was contacted at work by Edwin and we agreed that he would call back when I was able to talk. Edwin seems a decent sort of guy and I'm sure we would have got on ok. Today, I spoke to Richard. We spoke for a while about their course, again selling the idea that I should bring my system to them so that they could teach me to codify it. I have two issues with this: First is that after many years of development I am not going to hand over a system which is now successful. Secondly, I'm not going to pay someone so that they can copy my system. At this, Richard became quite abusive and after a few minutes of insult and abuse from him I called him an idiot at which point he ended the call.

I'm happy with the development of my system so far and don't need to give it away to someone else. I also have a good well paid career and am happy with the gradual development of my system (which is now running a steady 0.5% daily, manual trading). I certainly don't have to out up with some abusive knob getting uppity because I don't want to sign up for his course and share all my hard work with him for free!

There are some obvious company reviews on this page. Personally I've found their approach is too heavy and gets abusive if they're not getting their way. Maybe their course is ok, I don't know. But they have a long way to go in terms of how they deal with people.

I leave it to you to decide for yourselves. I've see many courses and gurus come and go through the years, None of them came up with the goods they promised and certainly nothing more than you could get from a 40 dollar book.
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Reply by Trade View Investments submitted Dec 29, 2016:
Hi Sam,

If you are the gentleman we ended the call with at approx 10pm on Friday night when you called in - then please find our response below:

The conversation you had with us 2 years ago was similar to the conversation we had the other night.

You have a system that makes money and eventually once you build a track record you are looking to get funded.

We are a Proprietary Trading firm and we fund traders who can build their systems into an automated system, which is the program we discussed and you are referring to.

Unfortunately, to automate your system we will need to know what it is - otherwise we cannot help you automate it.

And - Yes the call was ended from our end but only after the abuse came from your side of the phone.

We wish you the best of luck with your trading - with a result of 0.5% daily finding funds should not be an issue.

Robert Bubalovski
Managing Director
Western Australia, Australia,
Mar 28, 2017,
Registered user

Review of TVI and the In-House Intermediate Workshop March 2017

Review of TVI and the In-House Intermediate Workshop March 2017

To start things off, I've been a member of TVI since 2014, having purchased the Online Intermediate Workshop and completing it, I found the information in there to be very detailed. Sure you can find that information on other websites but what you're really paying for is support from real traders; traders who work full time in this field, and are willing to help other traders better themselves and be successful in this extremely hard career.

Saying that, I've seen TVI grow and improve in all aspects of the business. They now have some extremely talented and hardworking traders who are passionate about imparting their experience and knowledge to all their clients. Fair enough you may be sceptical about them, but as the saying goes, 'don't judge a book by its cover'. If you had a bad experience with them over the phone, as some reviewers below claim that they're rather pushy, then maybe there's some misunderstanding going on. In those cases, how about you attend one of their free In-House seminars they hold every so often to gauge their legitimacy as a business. You'll soon realise after talking with them in person that they're genuine people whose intent truly lies with helping others. However, that suggestion isn't for everyone, and it's up to you to determine how far you want to go to clear your doubts.

To the reviewers who seem to be very defensive about imparting their system to TVI so they can help them build their system, the simplest thing to do is to not give your actual system, but make enough changes to it that it's different. Using a MA cross with some other indicators? Just provide a couple of the indicators and different values. I know it doesn't hold much weight on the internet, but trust me when I say that TVI are not in this business to steal other people's ideas for themselves. They ask their clients to provide this information so they can spend the necessary time to think of ways to help you automate your system. It's like the famous quote: “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”. Saying that, TVI want you to learn how to automate your systems so you can become successful and create your own systems.

Referring to previous reviewer's comments regarding TVI using a third party software for building MT4 EAs, this is a case of the past. They now have their very own proprietary EA builder (developed in-house) which is extremely powerful and easy to use, in addition they also provide support and easy to understand knowledge base articles to help their clients. You can watch a demo of them building some EAs using their proprietary EA builder on their Youtube page.

Now, onto my review regarding the In-House Intermediate Workshop. It took me 3 years, since buying the Online Intermediate Workshop, to attend the in-house variant. After receiving an update from TVI that they have built their own proprietary EA builder, I decided this was the best moment to attend the In-House Intermediate Workshop. It's not easy to create your own proprietary EA builder, let alone design it so that it's also user friendly. I am still amazed at how powerful it is compared to other products out there which cost much more.

The workshop was broken down into 2 key sections over the weekend.

First day was going through some theory; trading concepts (that we all think we know and do :p), different types of trading systems, algo trading, technical analysis and other topics. Personally, I wondered how all the theory content in the workshop would be covered in the single day, and like many of you, would be sceptical. However, having personally gone through the workshop, the dynamics of how the content is presented was drastically different to my initial expectations. You'll be amazed at the sheer knowledge the head trader has to impart to the participants, ensuring that only the most important concepts are drilled into our heads (obviously for good reasons). What you get from the in-house workshop is real life experience and the ability to talk to real full time traders. By saying that, I came out learning more than I had anticipated as the experience imparted to me is priceless.

The second day is the most exciting day of the workshop. The first half is dedicated to showing how to use the proprietary EA builder, followed with an intense session where you build your EA with the help of the TVI traders. It is at this point in time where you will likely have built a prototype of your anticipated system, and in some cases, even manage to completely build it all. The final section of the workshop takes the participants through a proprietary EA analyser tool, also developed in-house, and just like the EA builder, is EXTREMELY useful. The tool allows the user to analyse how well their EA performs giving detailed information on losing and winning days, profit/loss each day of week, month, and year, and many other features. There aren't enough words to describe how good it is until you personally try it for yourself.

So that's my personal review of TVI and their In-House Intermediate Workshop. I too have read all the reviews in this thread, which no doubt brews scepticism in some people’s minds about them, but I felt my honest review of TVI was warranted as they definitely deserve it. They truly are a genuine group of people, and if you ever get a chance to meet them in person, then you no doubt will agree.
Australia, Australia,
Jun 7, 2017,

Unfortunate experience

Hi Robert,

I'm not sure why you would want to keep pushing this review back up the list, but I will address your comments.

You misunderstood, thus far only one of us has been able to admit their shortcomings in our dealings; that being, myself, and not waiting for your offline response prior to posting my review. However, given how it was handled on your end, including our conversation and your firm's threat to sue me if I didn't remove my review. The review would have been much the same regardless.

Had the offering been labelled as a beginner, or introductory, course there would have been no issue.

I gave your sales guy an opportunity to be honest during our presales phone call, when I expressed concern about the content possibly being a bunch of surface level information, with a small section tagged on the end in regards to automation. That opportunity wasn't taken, and instead was used to sell something to me that should be aimed at complete beginners.

I hope many find your educational offerings of value, and wish you and your firm a lifetime of success in this space and the markets.

Dec 6, 2016 - 1 Star Back in Feb '16 I posted a review on this companies 'Intermediate' course that I purchased. I felt it was an honest, and fair review based on my personal experience and personal opinion.

If I did have one regret on how I handled the situation, it would have been that I posted my review before letting the company respond to my offline email, and dispute, first. This may have been the catalyst for the proceeding events, and genuinely, I am not in the business of creating enemies in this lifetime. Life is simply too short to waste on such nonsense. I was honestly just upset with the depth of what I was provided, in comparison to the pitch.

I was, however, neither slanderous nor dishonest, or unfair, in my original review. I do believe they are doing the best they can with the knowledge they have. Aside from my disappointment, my dealings with Edwin were great, he seems like a genuine individual and one who is good at his job.

In my mind, the company still had a chance to make things right by offering a full or partial refund. After all, as a customer, I had expressed that the course was not appropriate for me and the further details surrounding this.

Unfortunately, they did the opposite of this and fought me, they rejected my request for a refund and persuaded Paypal to also reject my request for a refund. Ultimately, it is actually inconsequential, I lost - this happens. They believed I was asking for a refund because I wanted to go through their material, take what I needed a move on. This, of course, was nonsense, had I been happy with the content provided, against the pitch, I would have paid twice the fee.

However, what really put the icing on the cake in my dealings with this company, is that a number of weeks later, I received a letter from their lawyers, threatening to sue me if I did not remove my review (which is not even possible on this site), plus provide them with compensation for the cost of having their 'intent to sue' letter drawn up.

Perhaps their educational material is exactly suited to you, I am making no claim that my experience will be the same as anyone else's. I see a number of positive reviews here from happy customers, and this is great. I simply want to provide a recap of my personal experience, it is ultimately up to anyone else to decide how they proceed.

I welcome others to purchase their material if you believe it will offer what you need, as a basic course with elements of automation, I'm sure it is suited to some. It was simply not for me, and I believe the entire situation was handled extremely poorly.

Feb 19, 2016 - 1 Star Well, I had a few good phone calls with one of the traders and sales guys. From these I was made to believe that the offering in the Intermediate Course was inline with my knowledge so far, would extend on this and enable me to automate my current strategies. Unfortunately what I discovered was an utter disappointment; I cannot stress this enough. This is a BASIC course that should be labelled so.

Very basic information that could for the most part be found on babypips and other free resources online.. no discussion of any really useful price behaviours, some vague coverage of simple price action, fundamentals, risk and indicators; and a basic walk through on a 3rd party piece of EA creation software.

I am shocked at the price point for such a basic offering and startled that this passes for trading education. With the other offerings available in the market, if you know where to look, this pales in comparison and unfortunately I believe is a massive rip off.

If you are a beginner this will suit you as a starting point, if you have any experience or have undertaken any study with a seasoned educator this will be an utter waste of money.

The guys at Trade View seem like great people who are not trying to actively deceive anyone, however the offering of this course and the sales pitch I was given I feel were loose in integrity.

Unless you are an utter beginner, buyer beware.

Reply by EdwinC submitted Feb 23, 2016 Hi Nic,

As this matter is in dispute, we will respond accordingly after the matter is resolved.

Trade View Investments

Reply by Trade View Investments submitted Dec 29, 2016 Hi Nic,

Your second response is again somewhat surprising even after you acknowledge your error in posting a comment without speaking with us first.

To resolve an issue you need to speak to the company first.

As you mentioned the PayPal dispute was won by us.

We provided PayPal with the evidence needed for them to agree with us.

You told us that you wanted help to build automated systems - that’s what our program does.

We wish you the best in your trading.

Robert Bubalovski

Managing Director

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Reply by Trade View Investments submitted Jun 27, 2017:
Hi Nic,

We wish you the best in your trading.

Robert Bubalovski
Managing Director
Melbourne, Australia,
Sep 27, 2017,
Registered user

A happy customer

I wanted to say how impressed I have been so far (3 months in) with the training and support I've received from Trade View. I have attended various courses, bought several robots online but its safe to say nothing has come close to the attention Trade View has given to me.

At first I was unsure, how could I build automated systems without any knowledge of coding or programing - I must admit I needed some convincing. On this note, I must say, the traders who I spoke to were all very pleasant with me, never pushed me and provided me with all the assurance needed. I particularly enjoyed watching Edwin's youtube videos and one of his webinars (related to Breakouts). I realised their tool would allow me to build my own robots and the guys told me they would offer 'unlimited support' to help me do so. I've heard the offer of support many times in the past and on more than one occasion, but it was never delivered. However, I felt a level of trust with Trade View and they have certainly stuck to their word. I know whenever I give them a call, one of the traders will be more than happy to help me out (usually something simple).

So I am now three months in since starting with the Online Intermediate Program and now have my two robots running in a demo account. I will allow another month or so in a demo before trading them live and I'm incredibly excited. I've been really happy with the results so far. I've already referred some friends to Trade View and will keep recommending to anyone looking to work with a professional team. Thanks guys :)
Melbourne, Australia,
May 18, 2018,


Beware. A trading company that works this hard to squash negative reviews of it's dealings (see self–proclaimed “head trader” Robert B’s efforts in this thread) should be treated with caution and scepticism. Clearly Trade View Investments is hungry for more customers and knows that Forex Peace Army is a place many people look when considering MT4. I strongly recommend anyone thinking of spending money with them to ask yourself why do they need your money? If they are the red–hot “prop trading company” they profess to be then why don’t they just trade for themselves and stop bothering you? Why do they need to “assist” you so badly? Because they “care” about helping you? Really?
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Reply by EdwinC submitted May 22, 2018:
Dear Pete,

We kindly request that you send an email to with your full name and contact details so that we can look into your complaint.

Please enter your FPA name in the email for reference.

Thank you
jakarta, Indonesia,
Jun 5, 2018,

very good knowledge and helpful

Hello & thanks you to the team at Trade View.

I am completed the Online Intermediate Workshop from them and it has showed me how to make an EA using their software called EA Lab that they have developed - you do not need to do any programming, it looks like it can build almost any strategy but is easy to use.

The content of the course is very good because they show you how they do it and the indicators and types of strategies they use themselves - this really point me in the right direction because there are many paths a trader can take and before I did not know which one was a successful one.

I am very grateful to them for the support they have shown me and any time I have a question of what to do, they will help me. You can get help inside the platform and they reply to you with email or skype.

Online I am learning a lot and have built some really good EA’s so far I am running on a demo and they are working nicely.

After trading for more than 5 years, I have seen many trading courses and I know from the time they take to help and the information they give to me that these guys are the real deal and they certainly know what they are doing.

Again, thank you.
California, USA,
Sep 6, 2018,

I wanted to explain one of the workshops I attended about algo trading recently.
I did a bit of research online, including this site and I saw some positive and negative reviews.
I watched some videos and webinars by Trade view and decided to give them a call and find out if they could help. Like all, I am a little skeptical.
I’ve been trading for about 3 years, time was always a problem as I missed a lot of trades (sleeping, working, going out, basically living a life) so I came across automated robots and like everyone else my brain was ticking overtime so I wanted to know how to automate some of the strategies I was trading.
I spoke to trade view a few times and to be honest at first, I wasn’t sure, but the one thing that they kept on telling me was that I needed to put the work in to create good models (this I wasn’t sure if I can do).
I started the online program and realized I how little I knew about trading and automation.
After completing the online program I was able to build my first model.
After about 5 months I decided to attend the workshop in Melbourne so I flew all the way from the US (I had a family trip to Australia anyway, so I was in the neighborhood ).
The workshop at their office completely blew my mind.
My review is simple, WOW.
New Zealand,
Sep 11, 2018,

Holy Hell. What just happened.

Somehow a link for Trade View came to my junk folder, So I thought I'd have a look at Trade View. I enrolled in a webinar and never attended due to the fact I thought it was just going to be more BS. So I did some research and found FPA reviews plus several others on other websites. Mostly negative.

Here is our conversation after I found FPA review. You can also see how the salesperson is attacking me for enlightening him about bad reviews. Anyway, you can make your own opinion.

On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 7:41 PM.wrote:
Hi Matt,

Thanks for all the info however I feel with my experience and knowledge Trade View wouldn't offer me anything new. Perhaps a backward step.

I also did an internet search and found several web pages that were very critical of Trade View. Below is one.


Response by Trade View.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your feedback.

I am sure, as such a successful and intelligent individual as you are, you recognize that a few negative reviews are the make up of any business.

The website you are referring to also displays some incredibly positive reviews (the two most recent ones in particular).

Anyway, back to the topic, if you are way above a professional trading firms level - may I ask, what were you doing registering for a free automated scalping webinar?

FYI, my boss and owner of Trade View, Robert, never registers for or attends such events as he is busy seeking Trade View's next level speaking to HFT firms in America.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Matt Shirtcliffe | Sales Trader
Trade View Investments
Level 8, 3 Bowen Cres
Melbourne VIC 3000

My response.

Re: Trade View Algo Trading Conference Insights

Matthew Shirtcliffe (

Dear Matt,

Your response absolutely validates the aggressive arrogance which has been reported on other websites about Trade View. So I'm not surprised at all by it. In fact, I may even waste some time and post it as a back up to the other posts.

I was curious to see what you were selling and obviously clicked on your link. After chatting with you and researching your company it became blatantly obvious that there was no value for me. You couldn't even give me a monthly % gain. Which tells me your trading returns aren't that great. These days there are way too many charlatan educators over the internet. If you are unable to provide proof of the trading results then I'm afraid Trade View is in the same bucket of rotten apples as the rest.

Remember, it is Trade View that's selling products and it should be your disclosure to provide proof that they in fact work. I'm not selling anything.

You are welcome attacking my trading which you know nothing about apart from me registering for a webinar which I never attended for the above reasons and don't forget your email was found in my JUNK folder where it belongs.

I have already deleted myself from your mail list and would be greatly appreciated if you deleted my email address.

Enjoy your day.


At the end of the day if a company selling systems products etc and will not provide any proof of real live trading results then is quite obvious what's going on.

All performance history verified with authentic account statements. Long track record of success and consistent performance. Easy to follow trading advisory. If they can not present this information. STAY AWAY.
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Reply by EdwinC submitted Sep 13, 2018:
Hi Paul,

We wish you the best in your trading future.

Trade View
Oct 22, 2018,

Not match

The subscription is totally not worth. The sales person annoying and just not fix the problem. For a trader who didn't have own trading model is not advise to subscript, it will become a waste. Not advise China based Client to further for this service which restrict from China.
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Reply by EdwinC submitted Jan 7, 2019:
Hi Hippo,

Our Trader Development Programs include an Unlimited Software & Support subscription which enables traders to receive as much assistance as they require to build good quality trading models.

There are over 80 videos in our weekly Trading Talk series that demonstrate working functions and models that traders can build, test, analyse and trade themselves.

To the best of our knowledge, our website and Trader Development programs have not been restricted in any way in China and we do have Chinese clients using our service.

Please feel free to contact me directly via email with any questions regarding your subscription and / or if you would like support to build trading models.

chesterfield, United Kingdom,
Feb 26, 2019,
Registered user

bad broker

every time my open position gets into positive, they cut the trade tickets,tabs, so your locked out of the trade. you cannot even move your stops.

so i voted with my feet and withdrew my money.

scam broker
Reply by EdwinC submitted Mar 4, 2019:
Hi Placer12,

It appears you have confused us with another company - we are a Melbourne based prop trading firm and do not offer any brokerage services.

You definitely have not placed any trades with us as it is not possible to do so.

To avoid confusion, would you mind removing the review please.