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LiteForex is a forex broker. Lite Forex offers the MT4 and MT5 forex trading top platform. offers over 50 forex currency pairs, cfds, stocks indexes, gold, silver, oil, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.

July-November 2021:  An extremely large number of fake positive reviews have been submitted for LiteForex.
October 4, 2017:  The FPA Scam Finding against LiteForex dated September 17, 2013 has been lifted.  Two of the four traders involved have received their funds.  The FPA has seen evidence that the funds of the other two have been moved to their trading accounts.  All other terms to lift the scam finding have been met.  The FPA considers this issue to have been resolved.

We thank the CEO of LiteForex for her efforts in fixing these problems.
Rajivxxx and Ala Sadeq, please use the Contact Us link.  We believe your money is waiting for you in your trading accounts.

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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 500:1
Minimum to Open Live: $50
Established: 2005
Address: Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, MH96960, Marshall Islands
Contact:, 88007072963
Regional offices:
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
ECN: Yes
Currencies: (50+)
Cryptocurrencies: (15+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (50+) Gold, Silver, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ether/Ethereum, Litecoin, Local Bank Deposits, Monero, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, Yandex Money
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ether/Ethereum, Litecoin, Local Bank Deposits, Monero, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, Yandex Money

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The right place for trading: an exceptional experience on Forex market with LiteForex

The LiteForex brand was created in July 2005 with the aim of making traders’ work in the Forex market transparent and accessible wherever in the world. We were the first to introduce cent accounts with a minimal deposit of as little as 1 USD. This unprecedented step made Forex available to hundreds of thousands of clients and changed the history of the Forex market's development.

Now the LiteForex brand brings together two companies, Liteforex (Europe) Ltd (ex. Mayzus Investment Company Ltd) (CySEC) and LiteForex Investments Limited (Marshall Islands), which provide service to traders, partners, and institutional clients in more than 200 countries. Our goal today is to ensure the highest quality of service and enlarge regularly the range of our tools and products, keeping pace with the latest technologies and using our rich professional experience.

LiteForex Investments Limited registered in the Marshall Islands (registration number 63888) and regulated in accordance with Marshall Islands Business Corporation Act. The Company’s address: Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960.

Liteforex (Europe) Ltd (ex. Mayzus Investment Company Ltd) is registered as a Cyprus Investment Firm, authorised and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and acts in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). Liteforex (ex. Mayzus) is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund, which guarantees that all of its clients’ funds are secured and insured (up to 20,000 EUR). Liteforex (ex. Mayzus) is registered in accordance with the requirements of the following countries’ regulatory bodies.


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2.355 · 216 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Bangkok, Thailand,
Mar 14, 2016,

I've being trading with liteforex during last 3 years. Service is excele t, execution is less than 1 sec. Better to use their free Vpn ( if you have lite points in their cop club) I realy like their analytics thru made an application for it, try it really helpful. Btw the changed their agreement and there is no such point 6.8 I think it because the launched ecn accounts and got new lp, seems they offer aggregated liquidity cause sometime spread is really low.
utrecht, Netherlands,
Oct 29, 2015,

i have my doubts about them. look at 27-10-2015 it has a drop of more then 1000 pips in that day. no other broker has that movement.

i would stay away from lite forex.
bangalore, India,
Sep 30, 2015,

I am trading with Liteforex from more than a yea and i see no pblm. their indian office pays withdrawals in 24hrs locally and also offers 1pip fixed spread classic account.

I am happy with their service. Now that i am endorsing them, i will as
Frankfurt, Germany,
Jun 16, 2015,

I want to withdrawal all my money. Jann Hehl, my account manager called me and offer me a swap-free account without any restriction, when I not withdraw my money. Because he know that I most traded EURTRY long for days and weeks. So I do not withdraw and traded for some month. I made big profits and then Liteforex closed my account, give me my initial deposit back and steel all my profit. They wrote: "Dear sir,
The security department of LiteForex has finished the investigation. We regretfully inform you that our counteragent has recognized your activity as aimed at the obtaining of illicit risk-free profits by the hedging of swap-free positions in LiteForex with another broker and has canceled all your trading results respectively....". Yes I hedged some positions, nobody tell me that is forbidden. Where stand this? I wrote them,they can charge swap for the period since it is swap-free, but to cancel ALL trades is not ok. They are big scammer.
Reply by Sebastian Żurawski submitted Jul 24, 2017:
I hope that it has been fixed and you are satisfied with the cooperation with the broker?
Bucharest, Romania,
May 14, 2015,

Dear Gabriel Urse,

Let me clarify for you that Transfer of funds can be extended by Company for the period up to 14 working days in exceptional cases requiring verification of compliance of trading and non-trading operations conducted by Clients with the terms and conditions of the “Agreement on the system of quotation and order of trading operations” and this agreement.
About to your request our managers do the best to complete it more fast so please be so kind to wait. You will get your funds shortly.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

Best Regards,
Mikhail Vasilyev

Financial Department
LiteForex Investments Limited

2015-05-12 1Star Chat reference number: 95627
| 13.05.2015 08:26:18 | Sergey Poturay: Welcome to client service department. My name is Sergey Poturay. Please allow me a moment to review your request.
| 13.05.2015 08:26:21 | Sergey Poturay: May I be of service?
| 13.05.2015 08:29:12 | Gabriel Urse: How ca you comment on that link?
| 13.05.2015 08:29:27 | Gabriel Urse: what does the 6.8 clause means?
| 13.05.2015 08:29:41 | Gabriel Urse:
| 13.05.2015 08:30:02 | Sergey Poturay: We do not comment any links
| 13.05.2015 08:30:07 | Gabriel Urse: I would like to become an IB of liteforex and I want to know everything
| 13.05.2015 08:30:15 | Gabriel Urse: why you do not comment?
| 13.05.2015 08:30:16 | Sergey Poturay: We have our representative on the internet-forums. He checks the most popular forums and give answers on the questions or accusations on the forums. But If you have concrete accusation, we can answer on the concrete accusation.
| 13.05.2015 08:30:34 | Gabriel Urse: I am already there
| 13.05.2015 08:30:37 | Gabriel Urse: Gabriel urse
| 13.05.2015 08:30:48 | Sergey Poturay: Because this is not job of clients department.
| 13.05.2015 08:30:56 | Gabriel Urse: I have posted that you do not give me the money I requested and I intitled too
| 13.05.2015 08:31:13 | Gabriel Urse: I have made a withdrawal request on 7 th of May
| 13.05.2015 08:31:21 | Gabriel Urse: and not approved
| 13.05.2015 08:31:46 | Sergey Poturay: You made withdrawal only 3 days ago
| 13.05.2015 08:32:07 | Sergey Poturay: Withdrawal requests are processed by the financial department manually during working hours. All withdrawal requests are proccessed in order of general terms during 1-4 hours, if we have a lot of withdrawal request it can take up to several working days. All of them are executed in the order of turn.
| 13.05.2015 08:32:19 | Gabriel Urse: 7,8..11.12.13 now, there are 4 working days
| 13.05.2015 08:32:51 | Sergey Poturay: We have to inform you that there is short delay in request processing, as soon as this matter will be solved you will definitely get your funds. We apologise for caused inconveniences, please be so kind to wait.
| 13.05.2015 08:33:03 | Gabriel Urse: you bullshit me with this explanation
| 13.05.2015 08:34:25 | Gabriel Urse: when is my request of withdrawal approved?
| 13.05.2015 08:34:33 | Gabriel Urse: the time and date
| 13.05.2015 08:35:00 | Sergey Poturay: Unfortunately I can't know exact time, I guess during this week.
| 13.05.2015 08:35:09 | Gabriel Urse: ha,ha,ha
| 13.05.2015 08:35:26 | Gabriel Urse: are you considering this answer professional?
| 13.05.2015 08:36:41 | Sergey Poturay: I am not able to speed your request because I am not from finance department.
| 13.05.2015 08:37:02 | Sergey Poturay: And I can not help if you do not want to wait a little bit more.
| 13.05.2015 08:37:21 | Gabriel Urse: what a little bit more means?
| 13.05.2015 08:37:42 | Gabriel Urse: do you consider your reasons professional?
| 13.05.2015 08:38:10 | Sergey Poturay: There are many requests for withdrawal now. Our specialists do their best, hope, your funds will be withdrawn soon, please, wait your turn.
| 13.05.2015 08:38:59 | Gabriel Urse: my turn, what do we have here, a Ponzi scheme? when you are going to the bank to withdraw money do they tell you to wait your turn?
| 13.05.2015 08:40:44 | Sergey Poturay: Usually the withdrawal requests are processed during 3 working days. Now it can takes more time, it is temporarily. Please, be sure, that soon all withdrawal operations will be processed in usual for our company and convenient for our clients way.
| 13.05.2015 08:41:11 | Gabriel Urse: convenient for your company maybe not for the clients
| 13.05.2015 08:42:51 | Gabriel Urse: what clause 6.8 means?
| 13.05.2015 08:43:50 | Sergey Poturay: This point already was deleted from term of use.
| 13.05.2015 08:44:06 | Gabriel Urse: that is why I couldn't find it
| 13.05.2015 08:44:50 | Gabriel Urse: ok, let me know when I receive the money

May 12, 2015 - 1 Star I made an withdrawal and they are giving me the money back, sending me emails in which they tell me to sit and wait my money.
Daniel Arque,
Southport, United Kingdom,
Mar 17, 2015,

I've been using Liteforex for over 3 years now and its a great broker, I use their Non Dealing Desk account, I withdraw with them last Sunday and got paid into my Skrill (moneybookers) account in less than 24 hours and now its in my back same day
Bucharest, Romania,
Feb 2, 2015,

Everything was fine until i made a lot of profit... then i started to get delays when opening/closing trades and so on. Its pretty clear what happened so just stay away, there are better brokers out there who are even regulated.
, Nigeria,
Oct 31, 2014,

Liteforex is a BIG scam, a Thief and a Dupe! As a new bie, i deposited $109,070 to liteforex via PM. I waited for 3 days for them to acknowledge the receipt of my deposit but was placed in the dark. I then contact Perfect money and they confirmed that liteforex received the transfer. Pls Read :-
Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 10:19 AM
Dear Ihejirika Celestine O

We have contacted liteforex and they confirmed that you funded. Your liteforex account(205606) will be credited with 109,07900 within 24hrs.

It was after this they accepted that they received my money. But they never made this money available for trading on my trading platform. Rather they told me to buy vps from them to secure my deposit.As i was processing the payment, they wrote that same day giving me ultimatum. Please Read:-

Liteforex Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 6:07 PM
Hello,Ihejirika Celestine O,

We are giving you till 15th -oct-2013 to activate your vps or we will claim your money with immediate effect..
If you are finding it difficult to pay through bitcoin,you can pay through perfectmoney because we have settled with perfectmoney.Our prfectmoney account money is U3441307..

After this I processed payment for the vps but they sent another mail the same day that they have claimed my money. Please Read:-
Liteforex Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 11:17 AM
Dear Ihejirika Celestine O

We has today being the 21st October 2013 claimed your $120,000 after failing to activate your vps account also have sent letter to both and to put their signature down to be aware of our claim.


They later confirmed the receipt of money for vps and wrote me: Please Read:-
Liteforex Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 10:07 AM
Dear Ihejirika Celestine O

We have received your money for vps activation,Your money will officially be released on 1st Nov. 2013.No more fees again,you are eligible to have your money.


After this promise to pay my money, they refused to reply my mails on this issue. I did not trade with this money because they did not make it available on the trading platform. So when i now ask for a refund, they refused to return my money till date. If they could behave like that to my real money not the profit i made, then i advise all traders to RUN AWAY FORM SUCH BROKER, Their license should be withdrawn and their brokerage status deregulated! this is broad-day ROBBERY! Traders beware!!
Cairo, Egypt,
Jun 15, 2014,

I traded with LiteForex for 3 months, the reviews they got worried me in the beginning but turns out that they are not that bad. I didnt get any bonuses there and I think that sales should spend some bonuses on their big traders..
Treviso, Italy,
Jun 12, 2014,

I am more and more angry of the behavior of LiteForex!
They stole my profits (over 31.500,00 euro! - clause 6.8 is a real scam!), they made me wait months my capital and now no longer respond to my emails. LiteForex is a Ponzi scheme!
I'm still waiting for 500,00 euro for two months ...
I have created a website to tell my experience:
Stay away from this broker!

2014-03-02 1 Star Hello, I’m Luca Novello, old account MT4-F-122435 (now closed by them).
LiteForex broker steals the money of the customers:
when I ask for a withdrawal, LiteForex does not give money;
LiteForex closes customer's account;
LiteForex change the profits made by customers (see its Regulation 6.8);
LiteForex unfairly investigates its customers for recycling;
LiteForex tells lies to justify his actions;
LiteForex says to contact support, but then does not respond to emails.
LiteForex is a scam broker.
Now I will tell you about my last experience.

I noticed a couple of days ago that the account balances are not correct: they have changed the balance of my account? Have they used brute force to change my earnings?
Now I tell you the numbers that were until 20/02/2014:
Money transferred from Italy to LiteForex: € 30.505,00
Interests: € 241,83
Total Profit: € 33.062,51
Total swaps: € -453,24
Account Balance to 12/28/2013: € 63.149,21
On 12/28/2013, request for withdrawal: € 31.500,00
On 02/19/2014, request for withdrawal: € 31.800,00
After two months of email, chat, facebook, controversy, on 02/24/2014 LiteForex pays € 31.500,00 (ticket 12/28/2013)
Withdrawals now pending: € -31.800,00
Balance: € 56,10

When I asked the last withdrawal (ticket 21721091 - € 31.800,00) the balance of my account was found to be € 56.10

Now I have logged into LiteForex's site and I see the following:
Total profit: € 1.653,21 instead of € 33.062,51
Balance: € 446,80 instead of € 56,10

If there were problems with my trades, because don't they tell me before? They have arbitrarily changed the results: is this scam or correct behavior? Are these behaviors of a society fair and honest?
Dear LiteForex, restore immediately the correct balance and profit or I'll report you to the police! Do you think that an international tribunal gives reason to me or to you? I ask you to withdraw all my money! If you do not give me the money I gained, I ask you also moral damages.
Remember that I have proof of everything I say and these are not insults, they are proven facts!

2014-02-19 1 Star I'm Luca Novello, account MT4-F-122435.
LiteForex is a crook and a thief. My account is over € 62.000. I've withdrawn 31.000 but I am very angry because I do not receive my money. I made two withdrawals:
ticket 19494077 - 28/12/2013 - wire transfer: it is still pending from December!
ticket 20003860 - 15/01/2014 – Skrill: this has been canceled because they would not give me money not even with skrill
Have passed many days and I'm not receive precise responses. I have already written a lot of mail and chat.
Now I'm desperate. These thieves are stealing all my savings!
I have a lot of documentation which proves what I am saying.
Stay away from this broker! Look at other reviews on other forums. LiteForex is scam!
Kalimantan, Indonesia,
Jun 9, 2014,

Dear Juris,
How about your transaction in this broker guys?.
I've been making many transaction of payment with this broker and so far there are no problems. perhaps, you must check it again and correcting the parameters on your wd process.
Riga, Latvia,
Jun 5, 2014,

MT4 account number 227761
Withdrawal number (mt4 account history) 25447846
Funds deducted from MT4 1st of may this year. (01.05.2014)
Funds NOT received. Today is 5th of june (05.06.2014).

We have a withdrawal request from your account 227761. We are sorry to say but your withdrawal request is still in a queue due to lots of requests at the moment. We can’t make your requests due to our some technical issues with our bank now.

2013-04-08 1 Star
09:57Evgenia Milinite Hi, how can I help You?

09:58You hello
I got bank wire transfer
Mayzus financial services
it is liteforex ?
incoming funds

10:00Evgenia Milinite Tell me your trading account number, please.

10:00You 191857

10:03Evgenia Milinite Yes, it is Liteforex.

10:06You withdrawal - 505.36 USD
I got 457.95 where did 47.41 USD go ?

10:08Evgenia Milinite You should contact your bank. Most probably it is banking comission.

10:09You my bank took 3.69 usd
and I already took that into calculation
I got 457.95 USD and my bank took 3.69 USD from these 457.95 USD
where did 47.41 USD go ?

10:16Evgenia Milinite This comission took our bank and intermediary bank.
Qsie Edannss,
Banda Aceh, Indonesia,
May 15, 2014,

Making money in their NDD account absolutely make me falling in love with. Its response and its Execution really amazing.
radith raul,
Yogjakarta, Indonesia,
Apr 16, 2014,

I've been trading in liteforex broker since 4 years ago. and so far there is no problem and they have play so fair and never cheat us. All my withdrawn also good and never get problem..
deny dwi,
jakarta, Indonesia,
Apr 8, 2014,

Two or three month ago, lite server get trouble and make me frustrate because my fund on lose position. It makes me angry for the first, BUT this broker really FAIR and make me Impressed. They give back all my fund that lost on trade while the server error.
thanks so much liteforex. you are the best broker...
borju trader,
tuban, Indonesia,
Mar 29, 2014,

I've trading with liteforex and another broker, these are my favorite broker. lite is really great, my local withdraw is very quick and never get problems. Thank lite, every month i can withdraw more than $200. Its nice job to trade here..
HN, Viet Nam,
Mar 27, 2014,

i have just open account in liteforex for 6 months. i have balance 5K $. i still trade with them. all service is ok. i was support well by liteforex supporter. why this broker have bad new. i think we need vote again with this broker. because some other broker can told wrong about broker. it can make some trader can't trade with good broker as liteforex. this is my opinion.
, India,
Mar 27, 2014,

I dont regret that i ve opened an account with liteforex, their services has been very convincing apart from that trading platform, bonuses, payment system are very prompt and even if you have any problem, their staff will respond very positively.
, India,
Nov 12, 2013,

they are one the brokers where you can without any hazzle, very reliable i ve been trading with them for couple of years and till now no regrets..........
, Japan,
Sep 22, 2013,

This company is stable.
This company to cancel the benefit of the customer.

The company minus the $ 18,000 remainder of my balance.

It is a very good business model.
So this company is stable.
mr bean,
hcm, Viet Nam,
Aug 26, 2013,

this is good broker guys. i have trade with it for 3 years. everything is ok. they have many contest for trader. special they have many deposit menthods. i choosed the best payment for me Webmoney. deposit and withdraw is very fast
Nurul Haque,
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Jul 18, 2013,

I have been trading with liteforex for more than 2 years. Till now I have never faced any problem with them . So from my opinion they have good service
Warsaw, Poland,
Jul 4, 2013,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Grubson vs. | RESOLVED
At first everything was OK. When you making a deposits the broker is very nice to you. Personal account manager (Thomas) was calling me twice a week. My first withdrawals was made very quickly and with no problems.

But some day (about 13 and 14 may 2013) there appear problems with closing trades. It was impossible to do anything - I have got "off quotes" message from the platform. After two days of trying to close my trades, the trades was closed by stop loss.
I have been contacting with support with this case.
Than I tried couple small trades to test if the problem still exist and it did.

At 2013.05.17 I have decided to stop trading for the while (until LiteForex tell me what is happening) and I have made a withdrawal request of half of my deposit.

Then I get a message that my account is blocked and "Your profile is still under investigation. Checking may take time up to 14 working days. When the investigation will be finished we will inform you regarding to its results. "

The investigation is still not finished and there is no contact with the broker (email / chat / phone). They are not answering my emails.

Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
September 2017:  The FPA is pleased to note that this issue has been resolved.
, Nigeria,
Jul 4, 2013,

Liteforex is the worst broker on earth. I have had so many issues with lite forex. They stole my money, they stole my friends money, they stole my students money. I have been higly disappointed with them, infact if u want proofs i will show u all the proofs till date.

Lite is a scam and i will prefer u stay away...
Rondonia, Brazil,
Jun 14, 2013,

hello min for this company reeks of deception and fraud. several times to account for margin trading this ee even winning out negotiations with stopando all. I have already sent several emails with print screen and and yet never give a solution always ask to send email. use a stand here in Brazil by phone that actually serves no purpose. all that saved this email to all the stuff they asked and I sent unsolved. if I knew that they were not regulated businesses I would not have done with this broker
pandawa fx,
jakarta, Indonesia,
May 17, 2013,

my experience with use liteforex broker is : this broker good broker. each execution is fast. the cs also give me feedback fast to solve my all problem according to my liteforex account. and one important that i love to this broker, that wd made very quickly. i use local deposit dan local wd to my own liteforex trading account. so for so good, i mean their wd proccess is excellent and good service for me. :)
Chinese traders,
china, China,
May 15, 2013,

Lite transactions for three years, the withdrawal rate has been pretty good, I think this is a great development company
Warsaw, Poland,
Apr 17, 2013,

! Highest level of caution for trading with Liteforex (Straighthold Investment Group) !

I was a customer of Lite Forex. At first I was happy with the services of this company. The problems appeared when I have send my first withdrawal request.

On the Forex Peace Army webpage ( I posted the full story of my contacts with Lite Forex. You can read the summary:

- The amount of funds collected from my account in Lite Forex is over 6750 USD.
- Almost all e-mails from the company are anonymous (signed only for example “AML Department”).
- Since 18. February 2013 – the employees of AML refuse to contact me.
- A chat-operator refuse to give me the contact address to the real office of this company.
- Dial-up (phone) connection with my personal manager is not possible.
- A chat-employee also refuse to give me the contact details to the head of Lite Forex (Straighthold Investment Group).
- I determined that on the Seychelles is only a virtual office of this company.
- Lite Forex is not regulated by FSC. Only regulation is RAUFMM – self organized institution. It means that there is no external oversight of this company.
- Wire deposit operations take place through an intermediary company. It is not possible to establish the bank account details (include real address) of Lite Forex.
- Lite Forex doesn’t respect his own trading agreement. An client agreement which I signed has been broken a few times.

In my opinion Lite Forex is not trustworthy and does not focus on offering forex services. I do not recommend a cooperation with this company.
Hany Raafat,
Cairo, Egypt,
Apr 16, 2013,

Issue escalated to Traders Court M&Z vs. | RESOLVED
them canceled 667 USD profits as illegal profits
them a big scam
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
2017-07-10  The FPA is pleased to report that LiteForex has fully resolved this issue.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Apr 2, 2013,

LiteForex is a SCAM, THIEF (U can use the worst name to describe them). They are fond of cancelling profit and formulate a useless agreement quote to back themselves. But if it is loss, there wouldn't be any thing of such.
They did this to me and four of my friends. Initially, we tried to play by the rule, but they kept on deleting all our profit with different excuses even for uniform orders placed at the same time on different account.
Run from them because they are more wicked than the devil.
, Jordan,
Mar 29, 2013,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Jareer vs. | RESOLVED
The FPA is happy to report that this issue has been resolved.

liteforex canceled my 2157 $ profit and gave me 188 $ they took the rest
, Nigeria (Really Russia),
Feb 13, 2013,

I was referred to LiteForex after it opened and I joined about 3 years ago. I have been very satisfied. I like MT4 and I regularly read the news updates as I trade based mostly on Fundamental Analysis. I recommend the broker.

Moderation Team Note: 5 star rating removed.

This review came from LiteForex's offices in Russia.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.
Idris Abiodun ,
, Nigeria,
Jan 22, 2013,

I just want to report what Liteforex is doing that is not acceptable.I ve an account with them and i have been trading for about 5 months and i had made a withdrawal of $500 from my account which was successful but in December when i wanted to withdrawal $2700 from my balance,i was told that my account is not verified and every document including court affidavit that ve been submitting have not been accepted. My worry was that since i made the first withdrawal without issue,other withdrawals should not have given me problem..
, China,
Jan 9, 2013,

Stop trade with liteforex, I have an accout 74262. Made more than $ 3000 profit, when i try withdrwal these profit, they remove more than $ 2000 profit, i never join they 35% bouns, they is big scam, stop trade with them.
you can see link:
, Japan,
Dec 24, 2012,

First I'm not good at English.Liteforex is a SCAM. I was taking a large amount of money.
Personal account manager sent E-mail that gives a bonus if i make a new account came.At that time,I doubled the money the next day.So, I have $ 6,700 deposit. I look at the FPA seemed to Scam the Liteforex.So, I had to withdraw the full amount.Then the mail came.""Hello. The security department of Lite Forex company notifies you that your profile and trading accounts are in live queue for investigation due to clause 8.10 "The Client agrees that if the Company has reason to believe that the Client’s trading account is used for money laundering or the account holder conceals information or provides wittingly false registration data, as well as if there is a reason to believe that trading operations on the Client’strading account have been executed by violating this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to suspend all operations on Client’s trading account to carry out necessary checks (check of registrationdata, client identification, verification of the history of account deposits, etc.) until all the circumstances are clarified". We'll inform you additionally regarding results of investigation.""On November 16.After that,""The Security Department of LiteForex has completed the checking on your account. Due to the result of the revision by the security and risk management departments of the Liteforex Group of Companies there were found significant violations of the Reglament of the Company, on your accounts were found fraudulent transactions to get the illegal profit and this profit was cancelled. Your account is unblocked now.""On December 6.Liteforex is No evidence, No explanation. Is SCAM.
yemisi lydia inih,
lagos, Nigeria,
Nov 7, 2012,


The security department of the company notifies that the part of funds from accounts 78407,163925,115252 was written off in accordance with the "Public Offer Agreement", clause 6.8. "6.8. In case the price change is related to the difference between the last instrument price before the market closing and the first instrument price at the opening of the market, or is connected with the news release, and increases profits by more than 10% of the Equity, the Company reserves the right to adjust financial result of such transactions to an amount proportional to the difference in the prices indicated above by means of funds deduction with a following comment. In some cases, the Company can set limits of less than 10% of total deposit to the minimum profit change."
Best regards,
LiteForex Anti-money laundering department.

delhi, India,
Nov 7, 2012,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Rajivxxx vs. | RESOLVED
i am showing what happen with me under
Deposit only 100$ and start trading, make some profitable trades and reach at 145$
and when makes last profitable trade get an email after 8-10 hours of that trade about a correction

after then i enter withdraw ,they send me 100$ ,but what there is no point and thinking that this is normal broker ,they always and always canceled profits from their clients trades , with their own nonsense rules, now request to those traders who still trading under them or thinking about deposit , they can just trading under them but profits are can not for withdrawals.

i have not much time to argue with these BS brokers ,i deposit 100$ just for fun and to check these brokers, but this is also serious thing that for FPA these are crooks are still in their good books. really strange
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Rajiiv, we believe that your money has been returned to your account.  Please contact the FPA to confirm this.
Ala ,
, Jordan,
Oct 29, 2012,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Ala Sadeq vs. | RESOLVED
i open 3 accounts with lite forex first 1 i deposit 700 $ and i lost the money and am sore they was very happy the second one i deposit 500 $ and lost it too, the third one i deposit 700 $ then i start making some profit then i withdrawal 700 $ and trade again and make make profit again and when i ask for another withdrawal the cancel all my balance 1781$ and sent me this email:
The Security Department of LiteForex has completed the checking on your accounts. Due to the result of the revision by the security and risk management departments of the Liteforex Group of Companies there were found significant violations of the Reglament of the Company, on your account 882085 were found fraudulent transactions to get the illegal profit in bonus program. Illegal profit was cancelled.

Best regards,
LiteForex Anti-money laundering department. )

i have my orders history and am sure that they cant prove any thing of what they saying
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Ala, we believe that your money has been returned to your account. Please contact the FPA to confirm this.
, Indonesia,
Oct 2, 2012,

liteforex cancel my profit, and i cant WD my initial deposit...

they say my profit illegal, but can't give some clear explanation and proof...

my post about my case, can refer here:

singapore, Singapore,
Aug 29, 2012,

i have file scam case against lite forex, after all fake promise by lite forex people, i still not get any contact and not getting my money back. they scam people, no regulation!stay away!

Can refer here:

2012-08-17 1Star On 2012.07.30 i have traded with Lite forex with account 874548 for $500+$150bonus, and there's a point i think my trade is losing, hence i would like to rescue my trade by buying the opposite direction as my losing trade. I did check with the live chat operator Alexandr Viassov from Lite forex,to make sure if i open a buy position a day before, can i trade a sell position for same currency, and i was told i can do it, and double confirm if this hedging is allowed, and again the answer is Lite forex acclow hedging without restrictions, if deal's duration of orders is more than 2 minutes, and triple confirm is hedging is allowed even with a same currency pair, and got the answer 'Lite forex allow hedging without restrictions'. Hence i decided to open an opposite trade,which is different amount as well, because i would like to add on my trading amount. However the market turn another way and my account 874548 which initially losing now earning, so i request withdraw, and Lite forex said i tried to steal their 30% bonus by open opposite trade. I have checked with Lite forex operator that hedging is allowed, and a screenshot can prove it. I didn't steal the bonus and in fact, i lose $2300 in my opposite trade. Also, Lite is not canceling my order and profit only, they just took away my account from my profile and take my deposit straight, pretending that i never open the account and deposit. I don't get reply from them when i asked them to explain the situation. I highly suspect that's the trick that Liteforex scam away client deposit and profit.
, Japan,
Aug 26, 2012,

Liteforex is the best broker,
----simple opening account
----welcome bonus
----Swap-free trading accounts
----online support is very nice
Mumbai, India,
Jul 25, 2012,


I have been with liteforex since 2005, since i was newbie into forex. They were are strong company , honest and integrity no doubt.

Actually they were the pride of the russian's for people only doubted that a russian broker would be a scam, but they only delivered and payed promptly.

I stopped using them later in 2008, as i found other broker with better conditions, nothing to be bad about LFX.

The problem can i think in 2010 or 2011, when they introduced me to back to try them with the $200 bonus where we had to complete certain 20 lots to unlock $20 bonus at a time, with their new pamm account.

This bonus is where the big mistake of this company came into my view as everyone had the big complaint of slow server, re-quotes, invalid prices errors and also the please wait that waiting never end. I do use default deviation by 100pips to avoid re-quotes as i know it, but still the issue.

It was sad to see that the broker had now gone bad, maybe because they have too many clients than they can handle or dont know, maybe the breakup with UWC broker have made them lost interest in

Another big problem is they seem to have some fake ticks plugin on all the instruments, especially forex. Where the price actually fake moves 2-3pips up and down (maybe to not fill scalping orders or maybe to deliberately create re-quotes) I check the prices with 6 other broker platforms and Liteforex is the only one where the price is making fake moves of 2-3pips up and down when the price on others didn't actually do that.

Also, i had referred hundreds of people in my newbie days in 2005 to 2008, i thought i will get rebates all my life when those guys start trading in LFX, but suddenly all my referrals are gone! I ask them and they say, from now on you can only earn IB rebates for a period of one year from a client. I was so disappointed, i brought clients for nothing... did social service.

The only good is the liteforex indexes, which only liteforex has them that are pretty good for checking currency strength and weakness in real-time charting form.

Anyways, I really cannot recommend or use this broker for any serious trading reasons, unless they are honest with their server and the plug-ins they are using to make trading unprofitable

I wont leave a rating as i don't wish bad of this company, but as of whole presently its been a disappointing experience to work with them.

2010-10-02 5Star Liteforex is such a old broker. Their my first mt4 brokerage when i started trading forex 5years ago, i used to use marketiva platform before i got introduce to mt4 thanks to liteforex.

They have been a strong, trustworthy and solid broker despite all the investor fears due to them being not NFA regulated and stuff.

Well i must say they do have typical broker issues like the usual requote, average server and average spreads and stuff. But overall their a solid trustworthy broker for a Russian Market maker.

I also need to tell you their the pride of RUSSIA, they have made people learn that RUSSIAN businesses are good, honest and reliable. Most people are worry about Russian mafia operating on the internet.

I also feel so special when i lost their birthday bonus deposit and the re-credited the bonus to me writing "NICE SURPRISE" in the comments, they also sent me free 5$ OKPAY to try and test it with them

Overall i will rate them undoubtedly 5/5 stars and i urge all those in doubt you can trust LFX 100% with your trading and your funds.

2007-11-29 04:51 4 Stars I have been using the liteforex broker ever since last year and never found problems, i own like 7 accounts in them some with 1:200 some are 1:500, cents and dollars accounts. What makes this broker special is their Liteforex Index which has helped me make a hell lot of better decisions in trading.

I would only recommend this broker for light trading with anything less than 2k-6k or the cents accounts, this is seriously not a broker or for that matter any kind of broker thats not regulated or market makers for investing 100k and expecting to get a 1million dollars tomorrow, most likely whether liteforex or marketiva or any such broker would rather dump your account that pay up such amounts.

Its one of the only choice brokers for people who have problems with wire-transfer to like for people from India who cannot wire transfer abroad due to national bank restrictions ect.

Its good enough if u want to make a living from trading and plan on profit takes lower than 2-5k on a monthly basis.
Guramanpreet Sharma,
Sirsa, India,
Jul 13, 2012,

never go with liteforex when there is fast movement of pairs then if we try to open trade it stuck at please wait etc... and took about 45 seconds to open that trade in those seconds u can loss if ur scalper its s*** broker ever i seen very very worst broker i am saying full truth about them never go with them
, Nigeria,
Jun 18, 2012,

i placed a buy order on thurday 14/6/2012 and it was profitable. i closed my PC and later opened my account and found my order turned to sell order with lots of negatives. i complained and there was nothing done to it..... please becare with this broker!

, Slovakia,
Jun 13, 2012,

If u`r profitable LiteForex technical problem is comming up to clear your account.u can do nothing enter, no exit, no modifying... just ,,off quotes,, ... claiming? THE JOKE .... SCAM
Faith Chinke,
, Nigeria,
Jun 7, 2012,

Made a bank wired deposit to my account, spent 11days and it was never reflected. Contacted several of the representatives, spent hours and days of fruitless chatting with them. Situation not resolved, blamed their banker for the delay. I feel so sad because my country men warned me not to go close to this company. I have heard so many negative complains about them, now am a victim. Please stay away from them, dont regret later as am doing now.
shah alam, Malaysia,
Jun 2, 2012,

its been 2 years i trade with them.. this is the 1st time i experience this problem.. after the recent update.. i cant adjust my tp/sl because it takes a very long time to proccess and at last it says off quotes.. i send email to their support center but never got any respond(maybe because i only have a small account) :P same goes to when i try to open a position stuck on "order in proccess" for awhile and then its either requote or off quotes... before that liteforex was superb to me until this problem came.. i hope they can fix this problem its only my real account like this.. when i play with demo account everything is perfect!
Eric ,
Taipei, Taiwan, China,
May 25, 2012,

I’ve been trading on Floating Spread with Liteforex for a while. In my experience, their client support is great and their execution and spread are ok for me. Requotes happened sometimes but acceptable. The only drawback is that the speed of withdrawal for bank wire is very slow !!
I’ve deposited lots of money into their UWC bank account so far. I decided to make a request of withdrawal for all my funding due to my personal financial plan on this Wed. However, they kept to tell me that my request withdrawal is always in queue for in the past three days. I’m a bit worry this time cos it is plenty of money. I hope that Liteforex representative can help me to speed up sending my money to me. The following is my withdrawal detail:

Date: 2012-05-23 09:25:41
Ticket: 8425545
Amount: USD 50,714.92
Account number: MT4-63606

I will update when I receive my money. Cheers!
, Egypt,
May 25, 2012,

Very good broker ,we already Make good rebate offer for this broker you can check full offer here
Cairo, Egypt,
May 24, 2012,

" Off quotes " "requotes "

just few words , this is not a technical problem and I'm completely sure that you do it with the profitable accounts , i sent my logs as the online support told me and no thing solved from 2 weeks .

my profile :
all of my accounts in my profile have the same problem .

Frequently Asked Questions

What leverage does LiteForex offer?

Lite Forex offers a leverage size from 1:1 to 500:1 for both their Classic and ECN accounts.

What is the minimum deposit to open an account with LiteForex?

The minimum deposit to open either Lite Forex Classic or Lite Forex ECN accounts is $50.

Is LiteForex regulated?

LiteForex is registered in Marshall Islands, it is currently not regulated by any regulatory authority.

In other words, there is no designated government or non-government body to supervise the activities of LiteForex or to resolve complaints.

Does LiteForex allow scalping and news trading?

Lite Forex allows scalping and news trading for their ECN accounts.