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Updated: Jan 10, 2017
2.772 · 10 REVIEWS
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WARNING:  February 2016:  A Forex Signum client tried to complain about this company in the FPA's forums.  The owner's treatment of this complaint was highly unprofessional.  He seemed much more interested in blaming the client and attacking the FPA than in trying to look into whether or not there was any way to resolve the client's issues.  CLICK HERE to read the thread for yourself.  Under the circumstances, the FPA recommends against doing business with ForexSignum or any company related to it.


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2.772 · 10 REVIEWS
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Colorado, USA (using an anonymous proxy),
Jan 9, 2017,


I read the information about the fact that here you can not add a positive review, because at the moment I record video and add my comment. Pipsar offers a Free Forex Signals, signals are good and I would recommend. Thank you
Forex Peace Army
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5 Star rating removed.  You are using an anonymous proxy.

No one can add a positive or negative review for any company using an anonymous proxy.  In all of 2016, only 1 review for Pipsar.com was rejected.  It was rejected for being submitted from an anonymous proxy.  In 2015, 2 reviews were rejected, 1 for use of an anonymous proxy and 1 which made no sense.  No other submitted reviews for Pipsar have ever been rejected.

Before repeating a false conspiracy theory, you should learn how to check obvious facts for yourself.  Scroll down this page and also look at page 2.  You will see a number of 5 star reviews for Pipsar which have been approved.
Leiden, Netherlands,
Oct 26, 2016,
Registered user

Most terribile service ever

Stay away from this really un professional service! Their results are just fake and do not deliver what they promise. When i noticed a Big discrepancy between my results with their signal and the published results i just ask ed explanation . So in responso to that they just closed my account offering a refund . When i replied that I paid for one month and therefore i want continuation of the service to test them more, i did not get any additional Reply. So the result is that they keep the money and dont deliver the service to me anymore . So not only they Lie on the results but they also stolen my money
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Sep 7, 2016,

Polish scammers behind this project

This is the most horrible signal you can ever get. First month I made more than 10,000USD, but the second month nearing to BREXIT, everything ruined, we lost around 79000USD, My mistake was trusting them. Their customer service is the worst. Pablo Szmit is the guy who responds to your emails. I believe all positive reviews were submitted by them, just making up name and locations. They do not know proper english, and dont answer your questions. When you complain they only talk about refund, but they never refund. Do not get fooled people, just IGNORE ANY SERVICE RELATED CENSORINO. This is just a group of Polish scammers sitting behind computer and trying to rob you. Do not share your bank information with them. This is my warning and you decide at the end of the day.
Poland, Poland,
Mar 11, 2016,

After a brief enquiry by email, I started to receive newsletters from censorino.com, site connected with pipsar. I wasn't able to unsubscribe, even after a couple of emails in which I was asking them to stop they kept sending spam to my email address. I had to block the sender in email settings. As nasty as a computer virus.
, United Kingdom,
Feb 27, 2016,

I have tried seven different signal providers and this is definitely the worst.
Leading to uncontrollable losses and eventually margin.
I was testing those signals for four weeks in February 2016
Here are my results:
Start balance 5000 EUR
Current balance 4969.22 EUR
Current open Positions : - 2296.99 EUR
Equity : 2672.23 EUR
At the same time on their website they claim to make +2738 pips for this period
I was using 0.1 lot per position.
Strategy description:
Here is example of their signal GBPNZD OPEN LONG 2.21100 TP 2.50000 SL: 2.00000
As you can see TP and SL is very wide not a single trade ever hit TP, 3 of them hit SL wiping down all small profits I made early.
If after they send you signal position goes into desirable direction you get message to close position early it was usually after about 60 pips profit, If it doesn’t they let the losses increase more and more, beacause SL I so far away from open price SL is not hit straight away. So at the moment I have 8 positions opened all in red with -2296.99 EUR. It is still quite far away to stop loss once it is hit margin call will be propably reached.
I have seen many scams but this is definitely one of the biggest.
Not recommend!!!
Bal Singh,
Midlands, United Kingdom,
Feb 25, 2016,

Before I start I would like to say I am a honest guy. I felt I had to write a review about PIPSAR.COM
Ok I am based in the UK. After some looking on the net, I decided to try PIPSAR. I communicated prior to joining with the team, they always replied back with answers to my questions. The fact they were averaging 3000 pips per month is what attracted me.
So I took the plunge and decided to join, for a month and trade a 3k account. I didn’t like the fact you had to do a SWIFT payment, and the bank charges you extra £20 for doing it!
At first I was up £200, in the first week. Using, only 50p per pip.
As the website states these are medium term signals, they have a very big stop loss, as it allows the market to breath. I decided to try £3 pip, lost £555, in a week. But I didn't panic, as I know that's part and parcel of trading.
So I just stuck to 50p per trade. Then alarm bells started ringing.
The results for the day would never match what I was trading. Some days they would say they made X amount, but I knew for a fact this was untrue. I say this as I hadn't closed any trades for that day, so how could they have made those pips? My account had 5/6 trades open at this time, and all in negative equity.
When I lost £555 which was around 185 PIPS, this wasn’t even mentioned in the daily result. Also the trade just disappeared from the members open trades list. Now I knew they were massaging the figures. In the space of the next 3 weeks, I lost all my money. Could be my money management, I don’t know. The results are not realistic.
Guatemala, Guatemala,
Jan 12, 2016,

I have been trading with pipsar for a long time and the reason that I am still with them is because I earn with almost every transaction I make with them even up to 3000 pips on really good months. They are transparent with the results as indicated with the reports they publish, which comes from the market live.
Djordje Stankovic,
NIš, Serbia and Montenegro,
Jan 5, 2016,

I wanted to try out forex trading so a friend recommended pipsar as a good signals to start with. So far, I am pleased with the live mid-term signals I receive regularly to my phone. Signals are almost accurate for the 12 currency pairs they offer for trading. Full risk disclosure is also available in the website and it helps build my confidence with the company. I am sticking with them and happy with my earnings so far.
Reezza Lleen,
Caloocan, Philippines,
Dec 17, 2015,

I am a fairly new trader with pipsar and so far I am quite happy with the results. I regularly receive thirty medium-term signals from them most of which are almost very accurate! All information published their website is updated regularly and reliable.
Danca Diana,
Iasi, Romania,
Dec 2, 2015,

I joined pipsar and gladly recommended it to my colleagues at work. The company sends medium-term trading signals that I receive SMS and emails. I am satisfied with them and I have no plans to stop!