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Updated: Oct 9, 2018
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May 2016:  Multiple fake and highly suspicious positive reviews submitted for RBinary.


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1 · 16 REVIEWS
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Sep 27, 2018,

BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UK, United Kingdom,
Jul 10, 2018,

Crooks, organised crime in Eastern Europe and Israel

The owner of this company Harel Graf is a crook, running a scam.
All the brokers are not using their real name, they are all fake, very little experience in the market.
They are like the Mafia, they are running organised crime robbing people's money. Also they use their site to launder money and pay no tax.

Below all these companies are scam and part of Eastern European organised crime

This website offers highly speculative investments, carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all traders. You may sustain a loss of some or all of your invested capital. Therefore, do not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose.

M&A Mergers and Acquisitions Consultancy LP Agent, Suite 1, 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom EH2 1JE.

Telephone number +44 208 0682 624.
Operating Address: Rackozi 24, Budapest, Hungary.
Operating Address: Algirdo g.25, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Sevilla, Spain,
Feb 17, 2018,
Registered user

Boker Scam, perderas tu dinero

Hello, I explain to you next, what Rbinary scammed me. I opened an account with a robot called HB SWisse, and they tell me that I have to open an account in their trusted broker ¨RBinary¨, ok Abro has 250 €, and in a few days they were liquidated. First I get contacted by my personal advisor an Italian named David Sylva, who no longer calls or e-mails me.
At that time, after calling me almost every day, that I should deposit at least € 2000, I was going to help and blah blah blah, I make a deposit of € 1000, and what was my surprise, only appreciate in the account 900 € So this David, (who I do not know if it's his real name) tells me he's going to talk to his boss. to add another 900 € to the account. I already lost 100 €
by a company from Shingapur ??????. Then this guy David Sylva operates with my account and makes medium-term operations for a month, he hits them. but one of them with an investment of € 200 removes it with the profits and makes it disappear without a trace, (which shows the deception, possibly a demo account, where the money is virtual, and one thinks it is real) Later on, more winning operations disappear, one of € 123, another of € 45, in December when the last winner wins, I decide to withdraw the balance because I do not like the progress of the account and the loss is already 500 €. So the account is € 1,301 and I propose you to deduct the nine hundred euros of the bonus, and send me the remaining € 401 that belong to me. and they answer me after a few days, that to withdraw the € 401, there would have to be 30 times the value of the initial investment in the account. Amazing !! Professional crooks
I plan to report them everywhere possible. And I ask you to help me get my money back. Do not approach this SCAM broker. nor the robot HB Swisse. They have offices in the UK, but hidden. People like that are a scourge for the market.
They manipulate the platform at will and our money, without having signed any contract, and they are not regulated in any place. Dangerous, WATCH OUT!!!!!!!

Hola , les explico a continuacion , lo que me ha estafado Rbinary . Abri una cuenta con un robot llamado HB SWisse , y me dicen que tengo que abrir una cuenta en el broker de confianza de ellos ¨ RBinary¨ , ok Abro cuenta con 250 € , y en pocos dias se la liquidaron. Primero me ponen en contacto con mi asesor personal un italiano llamado David Sylva, que ya no m,e llama ni me escribe correos.
En aquel momento , despues de llamarme casi todos los dias , de que debo depositar al menos 2000 € , que me iba a ayudar y bla bla bla, hago un deposito de 1000 € , y cual fue mi sorpresa , solo aprecen en la cuenta 900 €. Entonces este David, ( que no se si sera su verdadero nombre ) me dice que va a hablar con su jefe. para que me añadan a la cuenta otros 900 € . ya de momento perdi 100€
por una empresa de Shingapur ??????. Entonces este tal David Sylva opera con mi cuenta y hace operaciones a medio plazo de un mes, las acierta. pero un a de ellas con una inversion de 200€ la retira con las ganancias y la hace desaparecer sin dejar rastro, ( lo cual muestra el engaño , posiblemente una cuenta demo , donde el dinero es virtual, y uno se cree que es real) luego mas adelante me desaparecen mas operaciones ganadoras, una de 123 € otra de 45€ , en Diciembre cuando vence la ultima ganadora , decido retirar el saldo porque no me gusta la marcha de la cuenta y la perdida ya va por 500€ . Asi que la cuenta Esta en 1.301 € y les propongo que descuenten los novecientos euros del bono , y me envien los 401 € restantes que me pertenecen . y me contestan despues de unos dias , que para retirar los 401 € tendria que haber en la cuenta 30 veces el valor de la inversion inicial. Increible !! Estafadores profesionales .
Los pienso denunciar en todas partes posibles. Y les pido me ayuden a recuperar mi dinero. Ni se acerque a este broker SCAM. ni al robot HB Swisse. Tienen oficinas en UK , pero escondidas. Gente asi son una lacra para el mercado.
Manipulan la plataforma a su antojo y nuestro dinero, sin haber firmado ningun contrato, y no estan regulados en ningun sitio. Peligrosisimos. CUIDADO!!!!!!!
U.K., United Kingdom,
Feb 1, 2018,

BrokerXP is associated with Rbinary

Investors beware! BrokerXP is associated with Rbinary managed by the same senior Broker, Sam Goldman Email: samgo@rbinary.net
Munich, Germany,
Oct 14, 2017,
Registered user

Unethical and likely fraudulent

I opened an account with binaryoptionsautotrading.com and was referred to rbinary.com starting with an initial deposit of $250.
It all went well for a few days and then Robert Merton from rbinary.com called me. He convinced me that rbinary.com could make profits and that once I had a better understanding of binary options that rbinary.com would give me access to its API so that I could place my own trades. So I invested a further $2,500 in a second account.
The next day Stefan Rossi called and insisted that I be at my computer. He asked me to open Team Viewer application from the Rbinary.com website. This application enables another person to view your computer screen remotely. He then asked me to log into my bank account and credit card account so that he could verify the balance on my account and check the details. He encouraged me to invest a further $8,000. I found this behavior highly suspicious and immediately ended the call without committing any further funds.
The trades initiated by Rbinary.com had a terrible performance and within 2 or 3 days the $2,500 was reduced to $58. The very first trade lost $1,000 of my capital. In my opinion, this is a sign of an incompetent trader to risk 40% of the capital on a single trade.
I then sent emails on 9th July 2017, to Robert Merton and Rbinary compliance instructing all trading to cease. I never received any response and the instructions were ignored. Rbinary continued to place further trades on the account.
In early October, I received a phone call from Edward (he pointedly avoided giving me his surname), advising that Stefan Rossi had been terminated. He said that he would try to trade the now only remaining $39.25 balance to try to regain my trust. In two weeks since then nothing has happened on the account. When I asked why withdrawal requests were still outstanding after more than 2 months he advised that withdrawals were only processed for amounts greater than $100.
On 9th July 2017, I also withdrew trading authority on the first account, via binaryoptionsautotrading.com website. At this stage the initial $250 had been reduced to $215. I requested that the remaining $215 be refunded. It is now 3 months later and this withdrawal request is still pending.
On the Rbinary.com website, it says that the company is registered in the Marshall Islands. Edward advised that this was purely for tax reasons and that in fact the company operates from a call centre at 2 Lansdowne Row, Mayfair, W1J 6HL in the United Kingdom. I have been to this address and it is in fact a Citibox mail rental and virtual office. I tried to deliver a letter at this address but was advised that Rbinary is not a client there. So I honestly don’t know where Rbinary is located.
My observations and opinions are the following:
1. Rbinary.com claims to accept payments through a number of providers such as Skrill, Neteller, UpayCard. This is designed to create a false credibility. The only payment option is in fact via credit card.
2. The entry on my credit card reads “MAS*TLC CONSULTING, SHANGHAI”. I think this is a deliberate subterfuge to avoid being able to trace funds because it is extremely difficult or expensive to try to work through the Chinese legal system.
3. For me a litmus test of a broker is the performance related to withdrawals. My other forex brokers are excellent at this, executing withdrawals within hours. Besides placing conditions such as minimum amount (not disclosed on the website) and 21 day execution, Rbinary doesn’t actually execute withdrawals.
4. It is not possible to call Rbinary. When I tried calling the number provided on the website +44 131 608 1150 did not exist.
5. Rbinary operates from an unknown location. This is designed to avoid follow up or being able to trace the operators of Rbinary.
6. Rbinary does not disclose its liquidity provider. I wonder whether there is in fact a liquidity provider where the trades are executed. The so-called trading entries on my account may simply be fictitious entries designed to create the illusion of trading. I challenge Rbinary to refute this by disclosing its liquidity provider and proving that there are legitimate legal trades executed.
7. binaryoptionsautotrading.com and rbinary.com collude together to entice new customers.
I will not make any further deposits to Rbinary or deal with binaryoptionsautotrading.com and would advise staying away from these two websites.
gary lovell,
tasmania, Australia,
Sep 18, 2017,
Registered user

no matter what they say to u stay away from them.

i have been with rbinary from janurary 2017 and broker [ dave lasker ] placed 2 trades when i told him not to do so, he knew i needed to withdraw money for house repairs, he placed these trades for 6months, they matured on end of july in my favour, as soon as money was in my account i made a withdrawal for money and within a few hours of doing so as i had changed my password lasker broke into my account and changed my password again and placed 2 more trades to mature at end of december, after a lot of requests to cancel trades and return money to my account , but i may as well be talking to a fencepost, all of which was done against my wishes and seems they dont want to give back money before its all gone, i have copies of messages to them to make good with my money but no reply to anything.....

Aug 15, 2017 - 1 Star rbinary will call when they want money,,i made a deposit and the broker[[ dave lasker ]] used my account without my permission and placed 2 trades for 6months when he knew i needed the money in just 1 week for repairs on my house,, at end of july 17 the trades closed in proffit,, i made a request for withdrawal after i changed my password, he broke in changed my password again so he could put most of my money on another 2 trades this time for 4months all without my permission or knowledge,, i have sent several emails, no reply ,live chat well i may as well be talking to a fencepost,even though 2 trades in place my withdraw is still pending...

Aug 15, 2017 - 1 Star rbinary will call when they want money,,i made a deposit and the broker[[ dave lasker ]] used my account without my permission and placed 2 trades for 6months when he knew i needed the money in just 1 week for repairs on my house,, at end of july 17 the trades closed in proffit,, i made a request for withdrawal after i changed my password, he broke in changed my password again so he could put most of my money on another 2 trades this time for 4months all without my permission or knowledge,, i have sent several emails, no reply ,live chat well i may as well be talking to a fencepost,even though 2 trades in place my withdraw is still pending...
Ben Smith,
London, United Kingdom,
May 18, 2017,

MY £50,000 ALL GONE

OMG I invested £50,000. I was promised the earth with outstanding profits. All my life savings went into this RBINARY. They told me that I would make huge profits & that I'd never have to worry about money again. Well, they have place all my money on trade & now it's all gone. I have reported them to the FRAUD Credit Card Department. I'm in tears & lost for words. I have truly been done & all my dreams smashed. I'm in total despair
Genova, Italy,
Feb 22, 2017,
Registered user

Rbinary SCAM

Cannot withdraw my money loked by a unlikely bonus of 200%
Rbinary allow only 35% how could happen ???

I was carried to htis trusted broker from ( ROBOT ).

Asked many times for delete the bonus with no success.
Still pending my withdrawal request.

Feb 20, 2017 - 1 Star Mee Too
I'm struggling to get my money back.

I got approved ( not by me ) a bonus of 200% impossible to redeem.
I was driven to this (trusted broker) from BINARY option AUTOTRADING
Soon I realize that is not working 4-5 trade a day 1 win and 4 loss. BAAAAAAD

UK, United Kingdom,
Dec 27, 2016,

Like others I deposited 250 pounds and ,after Gemini 2 had placed three losing trades,decided not to continue and requested withdrawal of the remaining balance-that was on the 18th November!Several requests made since with no response,I have contacted CySec and reported them as yet another scam binary option brokerage as I believe that Rbinary are seeking an operating license from CySec.No bonuses accepted and compliance documents provided-they would probably point to the fact that I refuse to provide my telephone number having had my life made a misery by daily calls from other scam binary companies,The sooner our Government outlaws non licensed and unregulated companies from operating in the UK the better!
Stamford, United Kingdom,
Oct 24, 2016,

RBinary are Scammers.

I naively clicked on CashFormula.com and was directed to RBinary. The operator would not give me a minute to think and persuaded me to invest £500. I then received an email from my credit card company to say my password had been changed which rang alarm bells. Next day I emailed to say I had changed my mind I don't want to trade I just want my money back, that was 4 weeks ago. They don't answer emails, they asked for my ID documents they said they need verification for withdrawal, and then I got confirmation that my account was open to trade.
I have been chatting on live chat everyday, same thing someone will call you back. Finally someone did when I threatened to report them to Action Fraud UK.
So I think that is what I will do..also if I can make a suggestion everyone who has been scammed post on their Face Book page.