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Updated: Jan 8, 2017
3.881 · 6 REVIEWS
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3.881 · 6 REVIEWS
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, Norway,
Mar 15, 2016,

I really don't like FXaltareeq. He posts all around the net, but all he posts are his winning trades and he "forgets" his losers. He moves his stops without letting his members know. But what is most objectionable about him is that he stole his setups without giving credit. Not only that, he also tries to steal customers from the people who helped him grow and he speaks badly about others for the sole reason of getting more customers. He has a terrible lack of respect. One day his arrogance and overconfidence will turn against him.
, South Africa,
Oct 19, 2015,

I only see positive reviews here, yet I have tried repeatedly to submit a REAL review and it is not published. Let's see if this is any different.

You have tried to submit your "REAL" reviews for this company as "Adam, , United Kingdom", "Mark Watson, , United Kingdom", and "Connor Mcleod, Johannesburg, South Africa".

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.

malaga, Spain,
Oct 18, 2015,

on Myfxbook equity has gone from +68% to -28%......thats basically -100 if you had started at the highs.....whats gone on ?
Rohan Kale,
Sturrgart, Germany,
Oct 14, 2015,

Abdul is one of most patient trading mentors I have ever met. His trading style is simple but very highly effective. His customer service is incredible and he gives various mediums to gain knowledge (videos, forums,viber, email) . His ability to read the markets is incredible. I can only recommend everyone who wants to trade for a living to join his services (Mentor programs and/or trading signals). You will get enormous value for all the money you pay (which is too less to what others charge). He send charts and explains why he does what he does and that's how beginners can learn to trade in the market.
Hats of to you Abdul brother!!! Keep on the excellent work :)
, USA,
Oct 14, 2015,

I've been using fxaltareeq signals for 3 weeks and I can say they are powerful! On the one week trial period I made over $700. That more than covers my subscription! He doesn't just give you the signal but also a video and chart fully explaining the setup making it a full learning experience.
I highly recommend signup for the trial period.
, Canada,
Oct 13, 2015,

I have tried a few signal services in the past that claim to make you money but they don't. Fxaltareeq is definitely different and the real deal. They have a high win rate and I would recommend them to anyone.
, Brunei Darussalam,
Oct 13, 2015,

I enrolled in Abdul's Mentorship program and he rocks. He knows what he is doing as a trader.

Plus, he gave step by step detailed lessons when teaching me how to trade.

Abdul also shares his trade signal and I believe he offers this service.

Oh boy, his trade signals are mostly green pips.

Try his trade signals for a week, if you don't make money, that may not be from Abdul.