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Updated: Feb 7, 2019
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August 19, 2016:  The Bulgarian Financian Supervision Commission has issued a warning against UT Markets, CFD Global LTD, and STP Markets for not being allowed to offer financial services in Bulgaria. CLICK HERE to downlaod a copy.
November 25, 2015:  The UK FCA has issued a warning against UT Markets for providing financial services in the UK without authorization. CLICK HERE to verify.
It is a broker but appears to focus primarily on managed forex.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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Consumer Reviews

Dubai, United Kingdom,
Feb 9, 2017,

UTMarkets forex are a big stealer they vanish after taking my money plz Dnt trust them they are the thieves from Israel it's a big gang beware
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Feb 7, 2017,
Registered user

UTmarkets -Never Trust them. Cheated!!!

I have invested in UT Market an amount of 30000$ and unfortunately they collapsed soon after that, Many of my colleagues including me have taken loan to invest in this as the investment sounded very promising which huge returns of 22.3 % monthly. This was the biggest mistake ever to trust them and transfer the money, Th money I transferred was via MoneyNetInt to Unicredit BulBank Ad in Sofia. Soon after the trading stopped and several colleagues of mine and their clients asked to terminate the accounts. I made withdrawal requests too but these were ignored stating that they wont be able to process any request. They were reported by many clients and lawfirms which made UT crash(thats what they say). The trades stopped then from August 2016 approx and now they say that they have to show trades to the authorities to release cash and process terminations, or withdrwal requests. Hence they started with huge negative trades. My account has faced 4500$ in one day followed by similar small negative trades. In January they made negative trades of 500$ which is usual for forex trading but unusual for UT with high profit returns as promised and barely any negative trades in the history. There are no more managers working in the company. All the watsapp no. s were removed. The office that were located in Bulgaria is not there anymore. They deny to give their current location.
I am wondering if anyone here can help me atleast get my initial investment back. I am also going to approach MoneyNetInt who is believed to protect money and prevent it from frauds, But the company seems to liquidate all the cash and steal all the money and run away. I have all the documents of money transfer as a proof with me, UTmarkets should never ever be trusted.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Sep 6, 2016,
Registered user



I opened a Managed FX Account with UT Markets earlier this year and on 18th of May 2016, I funded my account with $20000 (74000 AED) plus a $250 (925 AED) account opening charges amounting to a total of $20250 (74925 AED).
On 5 August 2016, I already have a profit of $5935.63 and decided to withdraw $2500 on the 6th of August 2016 and received the withdrawal request confirmation email from UT Markets. This withdrawal ordinarily was supposed to get to my bank account within 14 days as stipulated by their terms.
Till 19 August 2016, I didn't any alert from my bank and then wrote UT Markets concerning this and got a reply that most of their pay cheques bounced back due to exceeding their payout limits. I wrote again and again after many days and finally got this reply:

We hope this message finds you well.
At this moment we can’t give you the exact date, when we are going to release the money, because every day we are negotiating with different payment providers and banks.
In every single moment, we could have bigger daily limits and to release your request faster.
As soon as your requested amount is released you will receive email confirmation with all information included ( IBAN, Amount etc.)
With Best Regards,"

As it is now, it seems to me that I've invested in a wrong place and I seek help on how to get my money back. Till now I have not closed my UTM account which still has in it a total of $23435.63 plus the $2500 they have already deducted from my UTM account. Should I close my account this moment or wait? Please I need help on what to do to recover my money from UT Markets.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Oct 4, 2015,

Hi guys, have anyone heard about utmarkets.com? I live in Dubai and there are a lot of people opening FX managed accounts with them, the initial investment is $5K and the return is about $1.400,00 per month, so in about 3.5 months you get your initial investment back.

Ok sounds very good yeh? I spoke with one of the staffs and I asked for regulations and certifications to prove they are allow to work as a managed company, he said they are verified by visa/mastercard and they get the liquidity from international banks and he said they don't work under any regulation for managing accounts, because there is no regulations for managing accounts!

Excuse me? Is this correct? I don't think so.

Their FX managed accounts are not verified by myfxbook.com or any source of verification, he gave me a word copy of last months trades, and for me this is not acceptable, anyone can do that.

They provide an investor password, so you're able to check the trades, which is the only good think they could provide me.

And at the end of the conversation he said I should trust on my colleagues, as they have accounts and are happy with the results.

There is no such thing as trust, most of the ponzi schemes are based on trust and word of mouth, he said I have all informations needed and it's up to me to open or not.

To me this is not a away to talk to someone that wants to invest in your company. I walked away and I'm not gonna open.

What do you guys think about it? Anyone has invested or is thinking about investing in this company? Now their website page is not showing $5K managed account, it just shows to fill up the form of the manged account. Something doesn't smell good here.

Looking forward to here from you guys. Take care and don't fall in a trap.