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Updated: Aug 19, 2018
3.328 · 30 REVIEWS
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FinproTradin is a forex broker. Finpro Trading offers the MT4 and Trade Station forex trading top platforms. FinproTrading.com offers over 80 forex currency pairs, commodities, cfds, stocks, indicies and EFTs for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.328 · 30 REVIEWS
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Florida, USA,
Jul 1, 2018,
Registered user

Good Offshore Broker for US Traders

As an active full time US trader with three years FX experience, I have very limited access to the small minority of honest brokers in the world. I have been with FinPro for over a year now. I have compared their spreads to the most competitive brokers out there, including prime brokers and FinPro is always competitive. Rollover (swap) fees are a little less competitive. They have an extremely low commission structure for ECN accounts. There was a pretty rough period while they were revamping their site and business model, but it seems to have smoothed out now. I had a couple of stop loss executions that were suspicious, but I can't say with certainty they were cases of stop loss hunting. I think the best policy is to use virtual stop losses or not at all or rely on other types of exit triggers. Although, Finpro offers different trading platforms, they have not added MT5 yet. When there are system wide problems, which is rare, FinPro has not been particularly forthcoming about the problems, but they have improved their online customer service chat and communication may have improved. FinPro uses Turnkey FX as a third party provider for MT4 ops. Regarding the possibility the third party is actually a market maker or camouflage for a market maker seems to be negated due to the absence of nefarious pricing and low trading costs. I have yet to withdraw funds, so I will withhold the fifth review star until I get a few problem free withdrawals completed. In summary, particularly for US traders, FinPro is one of the very few good viable brokers I have found on this planet....so far.
Florida, USA,
Jun 26, 2018,

Very Pleased

I have been with them about 6 months. I have used both the 100% bonus and the reduction of commission specials. I have had no problems with filling orders or execution. Recently I had an issue with a wire transfer withdrawal and most (not all) of the support staff went out of their way to help and get it resolved. I would say it was better customer service than the U.S. brokers I have used in the past. I initially read about them in a forum and decided to give it a try. I am glad I did.
Jun 26, 2018,
Registered user

FINPRO is a SCAM broker

Guys stay away, SCAM broker. I used BTC to deposit, then i made a withdraw, somehow my money never made it to my personal wallet. I followed hash they provided and its not to my wallet.
I contacted them, still dealing with them, they keep stalling and ignoring then they email. Almost 3 months of back and forth. You know when you get to know if your broerk is legit, is when you profit and try to take it.
I only profited couple of hundred and they are acting shaddy, i can imagine thousands. Stay away, i have used fxchoice, tradersway and many others and never had to chase after my money and be played with so much.
London, United Kingdom,
May 22, 2018,

A big YES

Trust in this market is important and Finprotrading is a trustworthy broker! Their ability to address my concerns & fix them in time is what keeps me with them. They have got the best spreads and commission, when I compare them with the brokers i've used in the past. Execution is smooth. Their live chat support is very impressive and has been a life saver on many occasions since I started with them. Deposit withdrawals are simple and straightforward and have never been an issue. I have deposited mostly through bank. Nothing is too much trouble with them and that is why I like them. Will update, if this changes!
May 21, 2018,

Excellent broker! very happy with their service, order execution, speed and cost. Client support is also informative.
May 7, 2018,
Registered user

After depositing my money using paypal to someone, they took out some money right off the bat before adding it to my account. They should have told me there was a fee or something before they added my deposit to my account. Ultra low commissions are very cheap. The cheapest commissions i have ever seen but there is some issues with the prices on charts ive noticed. All in all an alright broker, just dont put any serious money in....
Reply by FinPro Trading submitted May 9, 2018:
Hi Rob!

We welcome the positive feedback that you gave us on commissions. And we like to clarify that we do not charge clients for receiving PayPal deposits. However, there are PayPal transaction costs that PayPal charges for processing the funds between two parties. These transaction charges are borne by the client, if s/he chooses to fund via PayPal. All these terms with respect to PayPal deposits were clearly mentioned in our client portal. Please note that we never charge clients any fees without informing them.

Hope this clarifies the confusion.

FinPro Support
Chicago, USA,
Apr 30, 2018,
Registered user

This broker had the potential to be good... they however have not lived up to expectation. When I opened my account they said that Debit card funding was temporarily "down" but should be up again very soon.... that however was many many months ago and they're still telling the same story. Visa/Mastercard still appear on their website but in reality its just a scam. If they can't be honest and competent to even have Debit card funding available how can anyone possibly trust them with actual trading funds....
Apr 19, 2018,
Registered user

I am only rating order execution as I have already rated the very poor in house platform. Poor order execution with slippage as much as .5 pips. Example, you have limit order to sell EURUSD at 1.2350 and order is filled at 1.23495. The same occurs on market orders IF you don't get requotes. Maybe should change the name to Requote Trading.

Sep 8, 2017 - 1 Star Please allow me to change my review from below, love the spreads and execution but their platform is DOGSH#T!!! Absolutely blows!

Sep 1, 2017 - 2 Stars I happened upon this broker thru this web site and love the execution and spreads but THE BIG PROBLEM is their platform fails on many levels, hence the two stars. I won't go into all the problems as I am sure they are aware of what they are and where the improvements are needed. If you have an alternative charting package and just looking for execution then this place is great.

Reply by FinPro Trading submitted Oct 18, 2017 Hi mwash!

We are glad you like our trading conditions but are sorry to hear you have issues with Trade Station. Finpro offers standard platforms, MT4 and Trade station , to clients for trading used by 95% traders from around the world. However, if Trade station is not the platform that fits your trading and charting requirements, we’ll suggest that you try MT4. Please get in touch with our support agents on Live Chat, should you require more information.

South Africa,
Feb 22, 2018,

Stay away

My experience with Finpro Trading has actually been quite poor. I paid for back office setup for a white label with them only to have problems after problems firstly it took them two months longer than there specified 5 weeks delivery time and payments of comms was at times up to 2 months late. A whole year later and still I had no payment portal functioning unless you call skrill paypal and neteller email addresses to use as a sort of moneygram deposit method functioning. My google and facebook signups were not working and never did. The phone number in the confirmation email was my South African cell number with +44 as oposed to the actual London office number I had given them. On top of this the back office was down for months while they blamed my service provider. Not a very legitimate company at all. They are registered as a software provider in the UK to dodge the FCA regulation while still accepting deposits while also part of the finvasia group in india though they wouldn't advertise that as the license conflicts with forex trading. I would recommend staying far away from this broker as I am sure the authorities will eventually shut them down.
Reply by FinPro Trading submitted Feb 28, 2018:
Hi Dylan!

There seems to be some confusion. Firstly we'd like to clarify that we do not hold client payouts. You've been with us past year and a half and your payouts have always been processed on time.

Regarding the white label payment portal issues, the concerned team confirmed that the set up was delivered to you on time. You've been asked on multiple occasions during the set -up phase to test the portal and let us know if there are any pending issues but we did not get timely replies for the testing requests.

We'd also like to clarify that a White Label takes care of his/her payment integrations (Skrill, Paypal & Neteller), unless the client request for this additional services to be added to his white label set up. Payment integrations come at an additional cost and no request/payments were received from your end for this particular service. All the services you availed for your White Label and the associated terms are written in the White Label set up contract that we mutually agreed to and signed.

And the back-office issue that you started facing after few months of set up was from your email hosting provider's end and it was sorted after they intervened.

We find it very unethical of you to blame FinPro Trading for the issues that were never from our end or for the ones that have been resolved. What surprises the team is that we always had a cordial association to the extent that you were never asked to pay a monthly White label maintenance fees for past one year, in consideration to the fact that your White Label was not able to pick up steady business. This charge levied by all prime brokers on their white labels irrespective of the fact whether their WL is profitable or not.

We consider that the comments you made above are in bad faith with the sole aim to blackmail FinPro Trading and claim reimbursement for white label client portal set up.

FinPro Support
Gurgaon , India,
Jan 30, 2018,

Very competitive when it comes to costs & conditions

Finpro is awesome. Two reasons I trade with these guys are - one is the ability to trade certain instruments, such as the stock indicies and currency pairs that allow me to simply to diversify risk. The opinion among all my colleagues who trade them that they are truly the best in the market when it comes to costs and conditions. I've been with finpro for 2 years now with no issues. They offer much better conditions than those offered to me in the past. And thier chat app is very handy when you need help