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Updated: Apr 6, 2016
3 · 19 REVIEWS
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3 · 19 REVIEWS
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, Malaysia,
Apr 1, 2016,

I have received several emails promoting Lion Fund with their website addressed at: www.lionfxfund.com and email addressed at: traders@lionfxfund.com ..... and their Global phone no at: +45 36 96 45 83

I have already signed up, and I am about to deposit an amount of US$10,000/= in a few days into the account.

Soesman of Netherlands, can you confirm that Lion Fund is the same as Fortress Fund?

If they are, then it would be unwise of me to go ahead and deposit the US$10k/= into my account, as from what I have read about Fortress Fund in this thread: http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/knight-capital-markets-fortress-fund-warning.42436/page-15

it would not benefit me in any way..... and will most likely lose all my money in no time at all.
, Netherlands,
Mar 28, 2016,

FORTRESSFX FUND is a scam! They stole 15 million dollar investors money in december 2015! Fortressfx fund is now
LIONFX FUND! They are working close with there scam ponzi providing broker Knights capital markets!!

, Spain,
Feb 12, 2016,

I probably cannot help you to make money but if I contribute to stopping you from losing money.....its worth it. These people are thieves. Money wiped in one hour. The justifications they give are like cartoons. If need proof...let me know.

Review Moderation Team Note: Please open a thread in the Scam Alerts folder of the FPA's forums to share proof.
Sydney, Australia,
Feb 1, 2016,

Hi, I deposited a moderately large sum of money with Knight Capital Markets with a MAM agreement with Fortress Fund. In less than a month the so called manager intentionally blew the account. I'm a trader, I watched the trading activity on the Mt4 platform. It was totally different to the trading history as verified on myfxbook. These so called managers Bought at resistance and Sold at support in a downtrend. This demonstrate a violation of even the most basic of trading skills.
On the 16th and 17th of December they made their lot sizes in my account, over 70 full lots on a 10k account in two days (16th and 17th Dec 2015), just a minor retracement would have wiped my account clean and that's exactly what happened. That's not all on the close of the day of 21.dec.15 these massive lots WENT INTO POSITIVE. They had plenty of opportunity to quickly close the trades to prevent this disaster, but they didn't.
Of course the 10% saved by their nonsense capital protection measures kicked in but no use because they won't allow you to withdraw the funds with the excuse that trades are open. Although they had 3 days to withdraw the funds since the 28th to the 1st of feb (when no trades were open) they didn't fulfil my request.
Now they will have the opportunity to say that over again as of this morning 2nd of Feb, Fortress Fund made more trades despite the fact that it's been since the 26th of January that I've sent Fortress Fund requests to stop trading my account.
Ethan Cooper from Fortress Fund had the gall to contact me saying asking me to request Knight Capital for the withdrawal even though I had made multiple requests for them to stop trading my account. They blew the account on purpose then play between the two of them in order to prevent you from withdrawing any funds. IF THIS ISN'T A SCAM I'd lilke to know what a scam and fraudster is.
Paul Durand,
, France,
Jan 5, 2016,

I deposited $3000 in October, 2015 on Fortress Fund and now my balance is $300. For me Fortress Fund is a scam.
TANGERANG, Indonesia,
Jan 3, 2016,

FORTRESS Fx fund, is not a Managed Account but a Dirty Syndicate, to steal every investors money,
With Knight Capital Markets broker they play dirty tricks to robber investor money. Never hope that you can take your money back.
Fortress Fx Fund and Knight Capital Markets must be punished for their crimes, There are so many victims out there,...pity!
Surrey, United Kingdom,
Jan 1, 2016,

Luckily I didn't invest but got nothing but dodgy vibes and responses from them. This is a scam run by a serial crook for heavens sake stay away.
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 1, 2016,

Complete SCAM run by ruthless criminals. Even the myfxbook.com monitored account is fake because we all lost 100% of our money and not 90% they dressed it up to look like. They actually went back and entered trades that did not occur to bring my account up from $-3000 to Zero.
, Poland,
Dec 28, 2015,

This is a total scam, stay away, many people lost their money with them.

Look at http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/knight-capital-markets-fortress-fund-warning.42436

is is also worth noting that forexverified.com took an active part in this scam, stay away from their tests/emailings and do not trust anything You see there.
London , United Kingdom,
Dec 28, 2015,

Complete scam run by criminals. Guaranteed to lose your deposit. See myfxbook.com account. ALL POSITIVE REVIEWS ARE FAKE!!! STAT AWAT!!!